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I am 22 and am pretty sure that I am in the early stages of Blepharitis. Is this possible, as I know that usually it is uncommon at such a young age.

Blepharitis is not entirely an age-related condition, and it doesn't progress through stages. It can be caused by several different things - some causes are treatable and some can only be controlled. Its possible that you you just have an ordinary infection that has symptoms similar to blepharitis. Its a good idea to visit a doc to find out whats going on.  (+ info)

Who should I see about blepharitis and irritation from contacts?

I am planning to see an eye doctor about a few different minor problems, as well as a routine exam and new prescription. I have had a continuous problem with possibly blepharitis and tiny bumps on my eyelids. Should I start off with an optometrist, or would an ophthalmologist know more about this?

Last time I went to an optometrist he didn't help me much to solve my contact irritation problem. But maybe I just need a better one. I do not have insurance, so I'd like to just go to one or the other, not both.
I do not have insurance at all, so I don't have a regular doctor right now. Will an ophthalmologist see you without a referral?

I got pink eye (conjunctivitis) about 3 years ago but it seemed to never completely go away. Turns out I had blepharitis (in both eyes) and the doctor said it never goes away and I'd have to "wash my eyelids" every day forever. I thought she was crazy. I tried the baby shampoo with Q-tips, even bought the Occusoft, neither one of which worked.

Then I was at my eco-crazy sister's place and she had this face wash that smells funny but I needed to wash my face. I woke up the next morning and opened my eyes without feeling like there was sand in them for the first time in 2 years.

It's called Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi) and it's made by Desert Essence. You can get it at Trader Joe's or online.

I've been using it for over a year and the only flare-up I've had since is when I ran out of it and used regular soap again. My eyes are never red anymore AND I WEAR CONTACTS.

Try it! and Good Luck!  (+ info)

Is Blepharitis caused by food alergies or any other kind of allergies?

My son for the past 5 months has been getting really bad blepharitis on-and-off on just his right eye. It's usually the upper eyelid but right now it's the bottom. He washes his face and eyes daily but still manages to get it. We are all starting to wonder if this is a food allergy or if this is an allergy from pollution or someting outside like flowers. Anyone know? Thanks.

Blepharitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection, rosacea, dermatitis and malfunctioning oil glands, AS WELL AS allergies. So, you could be right.
Try using a baby shampoo to wash his eyelids and eyelashes several times a day, as this is the usual treatment and maybe have your doctor do an allergy test to determine if he has allergies to certain things. If you think he has obvious allergies, then maybe treatment is necessary.
Hope this was helpful.  (+ info)

How do I get rid of this blepharitis that i have been dealing with for years?

I have had blepharitis since 7th grade(now im in 11th) and want to try and see if anyone has any ideas that could help me. I get dry skin and redness around my eyelids. The skin drys up right on the tip of the eyelid closest to the eye(right where the eyelashes go in to the eyelid) Sometimes ill pick it off and i'll just get redness. If any educated person could help me out it would be so awesome!

Have you seen an ophthalmologist? Are you sure that is what it is? I think you may need an antibiotic for that. You could also try the following:
Wipe the insides of each lid with a mixture of water and baby shampoo on a Q-tip. If this is uncomfortable, you can just use water w/o the shampoo. Do this 2-3 times a day. You should feel better fairly soon.

You may also have something called "ocular rosacea".  (+ info)

Question for those who have blepharitis and wear contacts?

I have blepharitis and because of it I see double and halos and glare with contacts. Does anyone else have this problem? I heard that people with blepharitis can't wear contacts because they hurt but that is not the case for me, I just have double vision. I wear contacts anyway because I look better in contacts than glasses. What do you guys do to treat your blepharitis? Are you able to wear contacts? What kind of contacts do you wear? I have gone through many many brands and none seem to fix the problem of double vision.

Blepharitis can stem from a number of causes, but all will cause difficulty wearing contacts. Of course, you'll need to treat the underlying cause of it before contact lens wear will be successful. Initially, blepharitis may need an antibiotic/steriod ointment treatment to get things under control. The run-of-the-mill maintenance treatment (which you may have already done) then consists of lid scrubs, warm towel compresses, and artificial tears. If it's bad enough, Doxycycline oral antibiotics may be a good option for you. Homeopathically, you need to INCREASE things like water intake, Omega 3 fatty acid (fish oils, flax seed oil) intake, sleep, and exercise. DECREASE stress, caffeine, Omega 6 intake (meats, cooking oils), stop smoking if you do, and try to watch your environments and stay away from dirty dusty places.

So, after getting your doc to treat your lid problems, I'd stick with Dailies for contacts. They're a little more expensive but also the best for allergy/dry eye/bleph trouble patients. I'd start with the Acuvue 1 Day Moist 9.0's, depending on your eye shape.

But, see your doc for the final treatment decision. If it's been a big problem, see if he/she agrees with a Doxycycline regimen for you. I've treated many tough cases successfully with that  (+ info)

Does blepharitis really cause a lot of pain all around the eye?

I have blepharitis, diagnosed at Morefields eye hospital London and confirmed at Westfields eye hospital London. I went for a second opinion because I couldn't believe this could cause so much burning pain behind my left eye while showing no redness or gunk.

My eyes are clean and infection free, I've had a month of anti biotics and follow a cleaning routine - with baby shampoo. But my left eyes still hurts all around especially behind it. The eye pain is worse during the night. Is this normal?

No blepharitis is to all intense and purposes merely a condition affecting the lash margin of the eyelid. It is generally more annoying than it is painful and it never causes pain behind the eye. It does sound as if you have another problem.  (+ info)

Is there any treatment for Blepharitis and dry eyes?

Is there any treatment Blepharitis and dry eyes. Is it possible to get dry eyes because of stress.

blepharitis has to do with your skin type, so you can't fix it but you can control it. in the morning and at night get a hot wash cloth, put it on your eyes for about 5 minutes and that will help break up the bacteria on your eyelids. after that, get some baby shampoo or Ocusoft lid scrubs (sold at drugstores) and scrub it and that will get all the rest of the trash off. You should do this twice a day for a month or so and then do it once a day after that. Your doctor can give you eye drops if that doesn't help at all. Dry eyes has a great drug now called Restasis which helps your eyes produce more tears. It's a prescription only but if you choose to get over the counter stuff, get things like Refresh or Optive, NOT visine or murine or anything that "gets the red out" - they make the blood cells in your eyes angry and you end up with redder, dryer eyes than before. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How do I remove a blepharitis fatty oil pocket under eyelid?

Under my upper eyelid, I often get a fatty tissue oil pocket which develops. It swells up and when I wake up, my eye is totally sealed shut all crusted. This lasts about 1-2 months and eventually goes away. I know its related to blepharitis but how do I remove the tissue that develops under upper eyelid? or is it best to wait it out instead of trying to remove the oil pocket myself?

dont attempt to remove it yourself. consult with a plastic surgeon. there is a procedure called an upper lid blepharoplasty where the pocket and redundant skin is removed. most insurance providers will cover this procedure if it is significant enough to impair vision in one or both eyes.  (+ info)

Can blepharitis lead to vision impairment?

I went to go see my doctor because my eye was blurry and I was seeing weird lights like floaters, bright lights in the corners of my eyes, and things that looked light flies flying by. She checked out my eyes and said I had blepharitis. But the paperwork I got and everything I looked up said it was dry eyes and didn't mention anything about seeing strange lights. Is it something the doctor passed up like retinal tear/detachment?
Yea I forgot to mention that I did have dry eyes.

Blepharitis is dry or inflamed eyelids. Many people have mild blepharitis, usually mild enough to not even notice. Are you sure you heard your doctor right?  (+ info)

How can a spouse protect his/her spouse from getting blepharitis, which I think is contagious?

Should lysol or a bleach be added to the wash when washing towels used by both?

It isn't contagious - blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids - usually chronic.

Are you sure you don't mean conjunctivitis - which can be contagious.

Either way - you don't need to add lysol or bleach to the wash - just wash them in soap. Keep hands washed and practice good eye hygenie.

If you think you have conjunctivitis - you can go to your doctor for antibiotic eyedrops.  (+ info)

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