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Is there a specific name for blindness? What type of different blindness-es are there? How do you get it? When do you know you have it? What are the symptoms? Can you get blindess through family relation-
EX. Let's say your mom is blind. Can you, her child, be blind too through birth/family relation?
What are the disablities of being blind?

May you please link a website for this information?
Thank you for helping.
Is it possible for a girl to get blind through hereditary not when she is first born, but when she is a middle schooler/teen?

1) Blindness- Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors.

2) Types- I mean I have moderate visual impairment but with contacts I can see just fine. Without them...I can't see your hand clearly even if it's two feet away.

"Various scales have been developed to describe the extent of vision loss and define blindness.[1] Total blindness is the complete lack of form and visual light perception and is clinically recorded as NLP, an abbreviation for "no light perception."[1] Blindness is frequently used to describe severe visual impairment with residual vision. Those described as having only light perception have no more sight than the ability to tell light from dark and the general direction of a light source."

3) Cause- Most visual impairment is caused by disease and malnutrition. According to WHO estimates in 2002, the most common causes of blindness around the world are:cataracts (47.9%), glaucoma (12.3%), age-related macular degeneration (8.7%), corneal opacity (5.1%), and diabetic retinopathy (4.8%), among other causes.[14] "

4) You know you have it when your vision is impaired. Trust me hun. If you're blind you either cannot see or have severe trouble seeing.

5) Can it be hereditary? Yes.  (+ info)


is everything just black to the blind or does the sunlight do anything? do the blind like bowling? what are things to do with the blind?

There are varying degrees of blindless. You may have heard the term - legally blind? That doesn't necessarily mean that they can't see something, like shadows, shapes or light, it means that they can't see well enough to function in everyday life.

Have a read through this article:
Suggestions for Recreation and Leisure Activities

Then visit the National Federation of the Blind:
http://www.nfb.org/nfb/Default.asp  (+ info)

How would someone describe blindness in their eyes?

I just want to know, no disrespect to anyone that you know that has blindness.

But would they describe it Dark, Bright? Obviously probably the only people that can describe it are the people who had their sight taken from them.
Say what n what what?

Blindness in their eyes? Rather than blindness in their ears or nose? Get real.  (+ info)

What is it in homebrews that causes blindness?

I've heard that different homebrews, specificly wiskeys can cause blindness. I'm wondering what causes it? Shady ingrediants? Unsanitary practices?

Alcohol content mainly. Some homebrewed hard alcohols can be 99% alcohol or 198 proof. By comparison, a bottle of Jack Daniels is 80 proof or 40% alcohol.  (+ info)

What are inoperable eye diseases that slowly cause blindness?

I'm writing a story in which the character is slowly going blind because of a disease in his eyes, but can't have surgery to fix it.

Or it doesn't even have to be blindness. Just something which causes him to have difficulty living the same life he used to because of the inability to see properly.


Macular degeneration.

Untreated syphilis.  (+ info)

I am experiencing sudden blindness for about 3 seconds when I feel dizzy. Who knows an explanation for this?

I have been experiencing this for a long time already. Whenever I feel light-headed I experience this sudden blindness which usually occurs for about 3-5 seconds. Please help me, does anyone know an explanation for this?

:S it happen to me too !!!!! especially if i lie down for i long time and then i want to stan up or sit for a long time !! and when it comes to me i really become blind for secods and i hold my head then everything goes back to normal!  (+ info)

How can I protect my eyes from blindness?

My eyes are getting a bit blurry, what kind of ways are there to help prevent close-sightedness/blindness?

Go to an ophthalmologist... The eye specialist will tell you what you should do :)  (+ info)

How can corneal Abrasions lead to blindness?

How severe must a case of corneal abrasions be, when left untreated, for it to lead to blindness?
Which are some situations in which a case this severe is most likely? I have heard that infection following corneal abrasions may lead to blindness, is this true?

Most corneal abrasions heal very rapidly, but there are some times when this normal healing could be complicated by infection -

The example that springs to mind would be ulcerative keratitis, which can lead to blindness. It's caused by a normally harmless bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa, but if it gets into the cornea and is allowed to sit there (think, putting a contact lens over it), then it can lead to a very rapid (24-48 hours) infection and then blindness.

That's why individuals with corneal abrasions are prohibited from wearing contacts. That would be the only immediate cause - as they do heal quite quickly. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

How can I avoid becoming blind or developing some eye blindness over time?

I worry about things like this all the time, and it does drive me CRAZY to THINK about what if this, what if that... And blindness is one of those things! How can I take care of my little eyeballs/eyesight?

Take care of your eyes. Like wear glasses if you have to unlike me, I'm supposed to, but I don't. I really see better without them. Who knows about later. Something my eye doctor told me was put a warm, wet washcloth on your eyes for a few minutes each day.  (+ info)

How do you tell your 4year old nephew about your blindness?

How do you tell your 4year old nephew about your blindness?

i like some tips

i say to him "you now i cannot see like you" he says i no.

i want to expline how do i tell him some how simply!

he nows i use a white cane i dont think he nows why he just now i cannot see like him.

any adive would be great he fullly sighted.
i like the idea sounds good any more would be great.
Hi, i have some vision! i'm blind in my right eye

i use a screen reader jaws.

i find it hard to tell him like if he leaves toys and things all over i wont see them and will fall over them.
hi my friend gest what! he nows how to use my white cane lol he take it with out me now.! he nows how to use becouse he seen my loads of times useing it..

Kids are very accepting! Just tell him you can't see like him and he will be your best friend ever! Tell him to shut his eyes and show him how to use your stick! I bet he will thoroughly enjoy that! My kids think Nana's glasses are the funniest things people have to wear, and I'M old!  (+ info)

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