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What brand are my socks? White ankle socks w/ a blue P on the toe?

They are womens white ankle socks with a blue P on the toe. Think I got them out of town at a Target last year. The P logo is very familiar but I can't place it. Google searched for an hour and can't find it. I love these socks and need more. Please help. (And yes, I've tried Target website, not on there). Thanks

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Anything I could do for a black and blue toe nail?

I was playing basketball and I stopped very quick and my toe slid and hit the end of the shoe. Obviously I need a new pair of shoes.
If my toe slid to hit the end of the shoe would my shoe be to big or small?? I can see it both ways. I'm having trouble figuring it out because the shoes feel fine.

I havent had a black and blue toenail but i have trapped my finger in a car door before and my finger nail was black for a couple of weeks. I dont think there is anything you can do for it. I just covered the grossness with a plaster. Really, it is just a bruise that you have to wait to go away.  (+ info)

what causes one toe on left foot to go numb and turn slightly blue?

I have been having problems with this particular toe for over a year now

I can't believe it took you a year to look into this. You don't want it to die off and be a dead toe they have to amputate.
Anyway, it could be anything from small shoes to a pinched nerve to a genetic disease. Seriously. So get it checked out by real doctors who can actually take a look at you and your medical history.  (+ info)

What medical conditions were they trying to correct in the babies that had blue baby syndrome and why?

I posted this on the other question but just in case you didnt see it here it is again... Do you know someone with Blue Baby syndomre aka a Tet Baby? Also have you ever seen the movie "Something The Lord Has Made".. It is all about "blue babies" and the surgery used to help fix it

The condition is called Tetralogy of Fallot. It is a heart defect which includes 4 defects. 1-The aorta if in the center of the heart as opposed to one side 2- there is a VSD present (a hole between the lower to chambers of the heart) 3- Swollen right side of the heart and usually 4-pulmonary stenosis is present. My son has a form of this defect called Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, meaning that on top of the 4 typical defects he also was born with no pulmonary valve. so he is not even 3 years old and has already had 3 heart surgeries. The surgery to "correct" this defect was not around until the 60's so anybody born before that would be blue for their entire life and die at a very young age, usually before the age of 10... Luckily Techonology has come very far and my son is doing amazingly.. But before he had his full corective surgery he was exactly as you described it a "blue baby"
The reason why they turn blue is from lack of blood flow to the lungs because the oxygenated blod anf non oxygenated blood mix in the heart due to the placement of the aorta and the hole between the chambers.  (+ info)

My pinkie toe is swollen and is blue, could it be broke?

I ran into the bakers rack and the bar went between my last two toes and its now blue and swollen. I heard the doctor doesn't do anything really for broke toes. I am not about to dish out cash and nothing can be done! Any ways to help it heal?

I have broken my pinkie toe before,if it is swollen and blue it more then likely is broken. I taped my last toe to the toe next to it, that is about all you can do. It should heal in no time, just do not do what i did it healed and i hit it again. So be very careful. Good luck !!  (+ info)

where can i buy the shoes Rosalie had in twilight? thee blue peep toe heels that she wore the whole movie.?

if you notice, in twilight Rosalie has these high peep toe shoes with diamonds, and they are beautiful. i'm wondering where i can buy them or at least what brand they are!

Just so you know, they're 8 inches high because they wanted her to be significantly taller than Alice.  (+ info)

what is the blue rubber bleb syndrome?

How does it spread, and how does it affect the human body?

"Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome (or "BRBNS", or "blue rubber bleb syndrome, or "blue rubber-bleb nevus", or "Bean syndrome") is a rare disorder that consists mainly of abnormal blood vessels affecting the gastrointestinal tract.

BRBNS is a venous malformation, formerly, though incorrectly, thought to be related to the hemangioma. It caries significant potential for serious or fatal bleeding. Lesions are most commonly found on the skin and in the small intestine and distal large bowel. The causes of this syndrome are unknown. Not more than a few hundred cases have been described worldwide.

It was first described by Gascoyen in 1860. In 1958 William Bennett Bean described the lesions further and came up with the term BRBNS, chosen because the 'cutaneous hemangiomas have the look and feel of rubber nipples'."

At the bottom of this article there are links you can click on for more information.  (+ info)

36 weeks pregnant dropped something on my big toe nail and now it's all black and blue?

I'm in pain big time, don't have alot to take for it and don't really know what to do!! Any ideas? My whole right foot is swollen and yeah it kills.

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I think I broke my big toe and my toe nail is blue, will I lose it?

I dropped a heavy can on my big toe and the top half of my toe is all red and swollen and my toenail is completely black and blue. When I stand or have my foot below heart level it begins to throb. I tried draining it a little by poking a needle through the top of my toe under the nail, but it doesn't seem to be any better and still hurts unless I'm elevating and icing it. Will I lose the toe nail?

yeah it will fall off this will probably take about two months or more it depends on the person.it will eventually grow back though and be normal again, i know from personal experience.you still should see a doctor for this just to make sure though.but until you can get to one you should try not to stay on your feet as much and keep icing it for swelling.you should also try to put some mini cast-like thing on it(not a bandage...that will only hurt it more).maybe even take some pain killers but definitely see a doctor because he can give you something to make it not be in pain while it is still healing and trying to fall off. happy trails:)  (+ info)

dropped something on my big toe over a month ago and its still blue?

i dropped this heavy crystal glass on my big toe around christmas time and my toe is still blue (like inside the nail)! then today I was playing in my field hockey game and got hit in the same toe and now the nail is cracked AND blue.

will the blue go away?!

This is known as a Subungual Hematoma, which is blood under the toe nail. The Nail will either fall off or the discoloration will grow out with the nail. However, Toe Nails take the longest to grow, so you will be looking at a few months more of discoloration.  (+ info)

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