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What happens to the bone site where bone is taken for bone augmentation?

I have read here that if bone augmentation is required for dental implant it is better to get from the patient's own bone - chin or lower jaw as there is no rejection. What happens then to the site where it was taken? does it grow again to gain the original that was taken (even for
older patients)? Also how big usually is taken for sinus lift/bone augmentation on the upper jaw both sides-and is it safe if this is done
in the dental surgery and using local anaesthesia as general will have
more complications? Thank you.

I got an implant and they used cow bone, and it was fine.
So I'm not quite sure about the answers to your questions. It's best to ask your surgeon.   (+ info)

If you hit a bone hard, is it normal to form a lump on the bone? How long does it last?

Long story, but a few weeks ago my dog's head hit me on the bone beneath my eye REAL hard. I put ice on it almost directly after it happened, so luckily I didn't get a black eye, but it did swell up. Once the swelling went down, I noticed that the bone seemed to form a bump. It is still sore if pressure is applied and I'm hoping that it didn't do anything to my sinus' (although I have been having weird allergy like symptoms since). Is the bump on the bone normal? I heard that if you hit a bone hard, it forms calcium deposits to help it heal.

I would definitely see your regular medical doctor, but I hit my knee very hard once while skiing and it had a knot on it that never really bruised and it was there for quite a while and then disappeared. You probably have deep tissue bruising but something that will probably heal over time. Best to go to the doctor though to alleviate your fears. Good luck  (+ info)

What is it called when bone regrows back?

It's not just about bone growing back. The thing I would like to know is when bone grows back after hitting an object without stopping until your knuckle bones crack. Then when this happens new bone is replaced in where the bones cracked then strengthening your knuckles allowing them to last longer. I would like to know what the word for that is. I know it has one I just forgot what it's called.

the bones (phalanges, metacarpals) involved in the knuckle joints do not actually crack... the cracking sound is from air pockets in the joint capsules that pop. No idea what you are on about with new bone forming on your knuckles - if that actually happened you would soon not be able to move them.

New bone formation is called just that - the first stage is woven bone, and when healed and remodeled it is called lamellar bone. This can happen for loads of reasons - fractures, periostitis, various other infections such as TB or syphilis... the list can go on and on.  (+ info)

What are the differnces between bruised bone or broken bone?

My symtums are a swollen foot, pain but it dos not feel hot like when you break a bone. I stubbed my toe a few weeks ago.

Not a lot of difference from the standpoint of pain and length of time for healing. But with a fracture, you may have displacement, so you should have the bone xrayed to rule out fracture. A bone bruise can take months to heal, just like a fracture.  (+ info)

How do bones grow?, What Happens when a bone separates through a growth plate?

I'm 14 and I'm doing a report on an injury that I experienced and I would like to know how bones grow and what happens when a bone separates through the growth plate. Please don't answer unless you know your stuff. Also, make it easy to understand!

Connective tissue

if a bone is broken it will connect the tissues. thats why doctors give you casts- the bone rebuilds the tissue  (+ info)

How painful is it to give bone marrow to someone that needs it?

I like to donate blood when I can, but now I am starting to consider donating bone marrow too. Is there anyone on here that has donated their bone marrow before and can you tell me how painful it was, and if you believe it was worth it?

Any detail will be helpful.


it hurts like hell but's it worth it to help a poor soul in need.  (+ info)

What's the difference between bone plugs and screws for ACL reconstruction?

I recently learned that when reconstructing an ACL, surgeons can secure the new tendon to the bone with bone plugs or a biodegradable screw. So far, I have not heard of a difference in surgery outcome except that (maybe) patients with screws are on their feet faster after surgery. Anyone out there know anything more? Thanks.

If you want to know for sure you should ask your surgeon.

I'm just guessing there might be a difference between the two because one might be stronger than the other and there might be a lower risk of re-tearing it. But ask your doctor just to be sure!

Good Luck  (+ info)

Is there a bone disease that is more present in African Americans and it causes your bones to ache?

My son is African American and he is adopted. We recently found out that he might genetically be predisposed to a bone disease that occurs more often in African Americans. The symptoms start in children and your bones ache at night. I can't find anything on the internet about this. Does anyone know?

In a college class i learned that African americans genetically do not absorb calcium and vitamin D as well especially if lactose intolerant. it could just be growing pains though. Those really ache and hurt if you are rapidly starting to grow.  (+ info)

What Bone in your body is the fastest to heal when broken?

I don't want to break a bone, i am just wondering because I know that most bones take about six weeks. Are there any that heal faster when broken?

unsure. Probably the thinest bone in your body.  (+ info)

How long does bone marrow stay in the bones after an animal dies?

We had this substitute science teacher and he says he gets a science magazine or something or other and there was an article about the smithsonian museum and it said that there were some dinosaur fossils and they put them out on display and someone started smelling something funky and the scientists there cracked the bones open and there was still some bone marrow in there!

Your teacher was pulling your leg. Soft tissue protein has been found in bones, but only after chemical processing to uncover it. Right now people are still testing the material to make sure that it's really part of the original fossilized animal, and not the remains of bacteria that lived in the fossil.

You can real more about it here:
http://scienceblogs.com/notrocketscience/2009/04/dinosaur_proteins_cells_and_blood_vessels_recovered_from_brachylophosaurus.php  (+ info)

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