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What is the easiest way to break a bone?

This is not for me, this is for my Health class.
Can any one help me answer these questions
What is the easiest bone to break?
What is the easiest way to break your wrist?
What is the easiest way to break your foot?
What is the easiest way to break your leg?
What is the easiest way to break your ankle?
What is the easiest way to break your arm?
What is the easiest way to break your coller bone?
I need these to be completly true answers. They can even be the way doctors break them.

This is from my personal experience, as I have broken all of these but my leg.

Easiest bone = Any finger or toe.
Wrist= Fall down *hard* on it, with a majority of your body weight being supported on it.
Foot = I dropped something on it. Terrible really, it was an Easel.
Leg = I've never broken a bone, but my best friend landed on his feet from a 10 foot drop and broke both of his legs
Ankle = Falling down and shattering the bone on cement. Lovely really, hurt like hell.
Arm = Again, land on it with a majority of your body weight on it without proper balance. I fell backwards out of an above ground pool, and broke my arm this way.
Collar bone= play any sport. I was smashed into another player in soccer, and I broke my collarbone. It sucked, don't ever do it.

I did have my ankle re-broken by a doctor once. However, I was passed out and he merely said that he "just re-broke it". Lame answers, I know.
Most bones are broken because there is not any proper weight distribution on it, and smashing always, *always* helps.  (+ info)

My husband has a bone on his foot that has been hurting? Possibly a bone spur? How do you treat these?

My husband has a bone on the top of his foot that has been hurting him. Could this be a bone spur? If so what is the best way to treat it? He works in retail so he is on his feet constantly.

By going to a foot doctor and haveing it treated, Ice can releave pain in some instances but the long term effect will always be there The SPUR Itself. SO get it fixed as soon as possible, then simple, NO more Problem.  (+ info)

What is the thickest bone in the human body?

I heard from someone that the bone in front of your brain (frontal bone) is the thickest bone in the body. But I would think I would be something more like the femur or pelvis? Is this true?

It depends on where the measurement is made, but yes, the femur and many other bones are thicker than the various bones that comprise the skull.  (+ info)

Why is a chicken bone bone in lemonade flexible faster then ine in vinegar?

Why is a chicken bone bone in lemonade flexible faster then ine in vinegar. I did the project and used lemonade and vinegar. Why did the lemonade go faster?

lemonade is acidic  (+ info)

What is the best otc bone and joint repair medication?

I have a grandfather with serious arthritis in his knees and it's getting really hard for him to walk. He wants to know which is the best bone and joint medicine out there that you can get over the counter.

MSM and glucosomine. Also, my Mother, while waiting for a hip replacement, used Devils Claw, which is an herbal remedy available at any drug store. She stated after about one month, her pain levels did reduce.

Of course, with any OTC, make sure they don;t react with any medications your Grandfather may already be taking. Best to ask a pharmacist or his Physician to be sure.

Good luck!  (+ info)

How do you remove the bone from a chicken leg?

Hi all, for christmas i am planning to make chicken legs and put stuffing on the inside of them, but in order to do this i have to remove the bone and i am clueless of how to do it. Please will someone hlep me with how to do it. Thanks

Have a great Christmas!

The only "good" demonstration that I found online was here:


And this page gives a description of how to do it:


Make sure you have a really sharp knife!  (+ info)

What is the difference between bone marrow biopsy and chromosome analysis?

Bone marrow revealed neutropenia and nurse said that they dont know what's causing it. Tested for every virus and negative. Waiting on chromosome analysis and what does that show?

"Lab Guy" has a superb answer.
C'mon Pedal7. You know these tests are completely different.
And you also know that it is impossible to test for every virus.
There are many hundreds of viruses. No one checks antibody levels for every one.
Relax and wait for the test results.
Be happy that no evidence of any type of leukemia was identified on the microscopic marrow examination.  (+ info)

Why does my right collar bone start to hurt when i do pushups?

I'm a guy and everytime i do pushups my right collar bone starts to feel like some sharp pain...

my left one doesnt..

By the way i just started doing pushups like 2 weeks ago.

And it only starts hurting after 2.

Because it isn't the bone that is hurting you, they have no pain receptors and can't feel pain, it is the muscle around the bone that is giving you the pain. You have to release the muscle to get rid of the pain and here is how to do that:
While sitting up take your left hand and put it up on your right shoulder about midway between your neck and end of your shoulder. pull down and kind of forward with pressure and hold it there. Now relax the rest of your body. After about 30 seconds you should notice the muscle releasing and your hand getting closer to the bone. Keep holding for at least a minute or however long that you feel it still releasing and if you are still noticing any pain. When you have held it until the pain is gone just release and you should be good to go.  (+ info)

what happened to the little bone on the lamb joint?

when i was a kid, my parents used to buy a big lamb for sunday roast. once it was cut, my brothers and i used to nash on the big bone and my sister used to enjoy nashing on the little bone. you don't see that little bone anymore. does anyone remember?

do u mean the knuckle end? i love that too! havent seen one recently though.  (+ info)

How much ham do I buy if it is bone in?

We are hosting a lunching for the 90th anniversary of our church. It is a pot luck but we will be provided the brisket and ham. We are buying precooked spiral sliced ham from Sam's and since it is buffet and people will be serving themselves we are allowing 5 ounces per person.
HOWEVER, spiral sliced ham have the bone in them so buying per ounce is tricky? Does anyone have any idea how much to allow for the bone?
Opps! I did leave that little detail out didn't I? We are expecting 400 but we will be serving brisket as well as ham. I'm allowing 5 oz per serving so have will be brisket with 65 pounds and I need 65 pounds of ham. I just don't know how to allow for the bone in the weight.
FYI: Just in case any of you want to know I did call Sam's and the butcher told me to allow between a 1/2 and 1 pound for the bone! (In case you are wondering why I didn't just call to begin with; I did and had to hold for a coon's age. Twice. This time I just happened to get in!

im no ham expert, how about asking Sams?

sorry i couldnt help myself, but really ring Sams

i hear iowa ham is good, had it smoked in Rome once and not bad but tasted to much like salami and to little like ham to me,

ring a butcher or Sams

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