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How do you donate for a bone marrow registry?

I have thought about donating my bone marrow just in case someone needs it, but not exactly sure how to get myself in the registry. Anyone know? I do know I have A negative blood type and am a female.

Contact you local blood bank. Where I live, they do the registry and I am listed on it.  (+ info)

How to make your chest bone more evident?

I love how the chest bone, right beneath the collar bones, looks. Are there any exercises I can do to make that bone stick out more so? Or anything I can do?

I don't think so. Just become underweight and it will probably pop.  (+ info)

Can steroids or androstenediol change a male bone structure to a female bone structure?

I read the negative side affects of steroids and its percursor, andro. They do "feminize" men and "masculinize" women. For men, can they change their bone structure to a completely female bone structure and people would think it's a woman? Can women get a completely masculine bone structure as well?


What makes a bone marrow donor a match for a patient?

Is it blood type, DNA, iron count, etc.?
I'm writing a story that deals with bone marrow transplants and I need to know if a character could be a bone marrow match for another character.

It's down to genes unfortunately. Donor and recipient ideally should have the same human leukocyte antigens (a specific group of genes).  (+ info)

What knife or saw should I use to cut through a marrow bone?

I bought my dog a few marrow bones from the butcher for christmas, I would like to cut them in half as they are quite big for my dog. Originally I thought of a hack saw however I plan on giving the bones to her raw and don't know if that will contaminate the bone. Is there a relativily cheap saw or knife that will work or will the hacksaw work?

I would stay away from using a knife as the possibility of breaking the bone and leaving sharp edges is too high. I would hate to see the pooch get injured. I would try a band saw if you have access to one (I use one for most of the large butchering that I do). Otherwise if the hacksaw is the most accesible saw for you it should work just dandy.  (+ info)

How long does a fractured bone take to heal?

I've fractured my left thumb and it's gradually getting better. I think the bone underneath the thumb bone is fractured. So how long would it take to heal? Does drinking milk help in healing?

I know the time would probably vary depending on the amount of chipped bone, but can you just give a "guesstimate"?

first of all do u know for sure that its fractured did u go to the dr. for x-rays if so im guessing they should have told u at the hospital but a couple of weeks  (+ info)

Where do i report a unknown bone i found in a bag of tyson honey batter breast tenders?

I found a small bone that looks like a animals tooth or claw.Where do i take this to find out what kind bone it belongs to?I would contact tyson but all they would do is replace it with another bag and i don't want anymore of this product untill i find out what bone it is.

If you take it to the store, they will send it to a lab to be tested and you will have a report of the incident. That is the best way to go.  (+ info)

What is the treatment for a chipped bone in the shoulder?

I have a chipped bone in my left shoulder that is visable on an x-ray and I was wondering what type of treatment there is for this kind of problem?

To be honest, it entirely depens on whereabouts in the shoulder the damage is, whether it goes into the joint etc.
Usually the initial treatment is immobilisation with a sling of some description. After that, patients often have a course of physiotherapy to get things moving normally.
Don't forget pain killers if needed.  (+ info)

Does getting a tattoo across your collar bone hurt bad?

I have a Big Backpiece Tattoo already and was wondering if a Tattoo across my collar bone would hurt bad!?
I already have a whole back piece, koi fish and a phoenix, but im curious to see how a tattoo would feel right under your collar bone across your chest. I was planning to get my kids names.

Maybe, Maybe not. It just depends on which parts of your body hurt the most or least when you get tattoos. On me it hurts worse the fattier the area is. When I had the tattoo done on the back of my left shoulder it didn't hurt at all. When I had the one done on the back of my right hip, it hurt the most when it got down closer to my butt cheek. The one on the inside of my left hip that I just got today didn't hurt that much at all anywhere.  (+ info)

How do they get that piece of bone into a can of salmon?

And why would they choose to put it in there? They can make tuna without a huge bone in it.

Tuna is hugh enough, and the competition in canned tuna is hot enough, that they avoid the bone. Salmon is smaller so it is harder to avoid the bone...and they are getting a very good price for it.  (+ info)

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