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How long is the recovery for a bone spur removal or a joint replacement?

I am having a bone spur removed in my big toe and maybe a joint replacement if the joint is damaged. Does anyone know how painful this is or what type of recovery is expected?


I saw you question and was really interested in answering it.
so i went on google and did some research on it.

and i found this site:

so i hope this can help you.  (+ info)

How do you take out the back bone of a Foster Farms whole chicken?

How do you take out the back bone of a Foster Farms whole chicken?

Many are now using kitchen shears(scissors) to "take out the back bone".

They find it easier, and a bit safer.
If you think you'll be preparing your chickens in this manner, it would then be a good time to buy a better quality kitchen shear.
You can then use them to open assorted bags, cut scallions, herbs, etc.

Of course, you can use a heavy knife to also "take out the back bone" -- sitting bird on end, and cutting down.

Whichever method you use, you actually cut the ribs alongside the backbone.. 2 cuts are needed (from neck to tail) to separate the backbone from the bird

Good cooking.  (+ info)

What are the chances of having a relapse during a bone marrow transplant?

i had my bone marrow last july....
I get blood tests taken regularly, and my doctor always gives me the results in a day or 2, but it's been 3 weeks now?
anyway yea, what are the chances of having a relapse after a successful bone marrow transplant?

It does happen. I think the actual chances really depend on what exactly your disease was.

However, I doubt not getting your test results back mean you have relapsed. If they had seen something bad in the blood work, they would have called immediatly.

Why dont you give your doc a call? Likely someone was supposed to call you and it just never happened. But if you call you can get the results and feel better mentally  (+ info)

When can I start walking after I broke my pelvic bone?

I was in a car accident on saturday and broke my pelvic bone, so its been like 4 days. Has anyone experienceda broken pelvic bone and how long did it take you start walking again?

OUCH. if it doesnt hurt when you walk, then try it. but if its too painful then wait awhile. what'd your doctor say?  (+ info)

How long does it take a bone bruise to stop hurting?

Two and a half weeks ago I broke my index finger via slamming in door. The doc x-rayed and immobilized and said leave it for 6 weeks.

When I have had minor bone fractures in the past I don't remember there being pain a few days after being casted. But this is still pretty darn sensitive.

Could the pain be from a bone bruise as opposed to the fracture itself? And if yes, what is the healing process for bone bruises?

Months according to this ...  (+ info)

What do I do for an accidentally swallowed bone?

While eating pork chops tonight, I accidentally swallowed a small bone. I've drank plenty of water and eaten some more food to push it down, but it still feels like it's lodged in my throat. Is this normal (result of a scratched throat) or should I be worried?

If other foods/solids will go down then it is not "stuck" in your esophagus. If you are breathing okay and your voice is unchanged then there is no danger to worry about. I would take tums and only drink soothing drinks for a few days. No carbonated or citrus drinks with acid in them. Good luck  (+ info)

What's the difference between the pelvis and a hip bone?

I want to get a tattoo in the area on my pelvis or hip bone but I don't really know the difference? Is the hip bone higher then the pelivis or is it part of the pelvis?

The hipbone is the pelvis The pelvic area is a meeting point for other bones. The hipbone is integrated in the pelvis.  (+ info)

What is a good alternative to a ham bone for a vegetarian soup?

I want to make German Leek and Potato soup. One of the ingredients is a ham bone. Is there anything else that might give it a nice flavor?

I am a former chef and now a vegetarian, and I have found a product or spice that mimics the smokey flavour of meats like bacon, ham or sausages in veggie mains and soups, it is "Smoked Paprika" either a Spanish or Hungarian "sweet" paprika, they have smoked the paprika peppers over wood fires during the drying process so they get that heavenly smoky aroma, then they grind them and seive out the seeds and package it, you need a small amount, as it is powerful.

I use it is bean and cabbage stews, it my soya flavoured sausage mixture, chils, qourm goulash, in sauces for veggies sides and in a Euro/Jewish dish called "Choulent", it normally a mix of barley, beans, assorted meats, kishka and braised in a slow oven untill all the liquid is absorb, but I find you can use everything but the meats and a load of caramelized onions and imitated the same dish and most people are shocked there is not meat in it it tastes so good, and it lasts and it better everytime you re-heat a bit, the last is the best and the most heart breaking, as you have to make more.  (+ info)

What should I do with my leftover ham bone?

I cooked a ham a few days ago and I have the bone left in my refrigerator. I certainly don't want to throw it away as it's always good in something. I have cooked every kind of bean there is in the last few months so I am really tired of beans. We love soup (except split pea my husband hates it) so maybe I can do something there? Anybody have any suggestions or places I can go to get some ideas? Thanks!
I did mention soup in my description, but any suggestions for soup or recipes?
I don't have a dog.

Pressure cook it with a little chicken base, garlic powder and pepper.
Cut up carrots, celery, onions and potatoes, barely cover with water and cook until almost done Add a bag of frozen cauliflower/broccoli, and some frozen corn. Add all the ham/juice from bone. Cut up a third of a brick of velveeta in chunks throw it in the pot and stir until melted. Take a potato masher and mash about a 1/3 of the soup. Mix in canned milk till you get the consistancy you want- if too thin I will add some mashed potatoes. This makes an awesome cheesy veg soup  (+ info)

What would happen if you broken your collar bone and never told anybody for a very long time?

I have a broken collar bone and I was wondering what would happen if you never told anybody about it...So what would happen?

paralizo:) :) :)  (+ info)

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