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Brain Injuries?

In the late seventies I suffered a serious head injury. And that's all I going to say about that!

I heard sometime ago that they are now treating people with serious head injuries by:
They put the body in a very cold environment (don’t know how) for a set time. Apparently this slows down the damage to the brain. Hence far fewer complications and a quicker recovery time?

Have I heard this correct? And what are the medical advances in treating this type of injury from thirty five years ago?

Many thanks
I do mean with fairly recent head injuries.
Like a couple of hours ago.

As an RN that has worked in theatre in the past and including neurosurgery, the practice for operations is to cool the person down by dropping the temperature in the theatre and leaving the pt with a only sheet on (it gets dammed cold in there).. i cant tell you specifally if the brain itself is cooled down, but cooled IV fluids and monitoringof the body's temperature can specify whether the external environment needs to be cooler. From memory, the body gets cooled down from the usual 35.5 - 37 degrees celsius to approximetly 34 degrees celsius..
that therefore reduces the body's metabolism and the body 'shuts down' in a way so the brain is the main source of purfusion that the body focuses on and that it shuts down to primal functions...
following the surgery, if the surgeon deems the person to be still unstable, the pt will be kept asleep in an induced coma, because there is less brain usage when in induced coma.. (but thats not my area.. you should ask an ICU nurse or Doctor)
if someone is in a serious trauma, efforts can be made to keep the person cool through IV fluids and the external environment.. that means that the brain is what you could call in a dormant state until the surgery (usual case)..

once the surgery is over or when the surgeon or medical team deems that the pt is stable enough, they will warm the person to normal temp...
im not sure what that would mean for you because i have seen the hypothermia buisness in acute environments..

you should talk to your doctor! they should know specifically the physiology involved.. and the various techniques used..

hope this helps :)  (+ info)

How can I educate the public about brain injuries/how to avoid?

Statistics show a head injury occurs every 15 seconds. The CDC shows Heart disease is America's #1 Disease, next on the scale is Brain Injuries.

go to schools and do presentations.  (+ info)

Does Yahoo offer an option to stop screen ad movement for those of us with brain injuries?

Flashing images, created to get our attention, cause massive concentration problems for those of us already suffering from cognitive deficits as a result of brain trauma. I need to know if Yahoo offers any type of a filter which will allow me to stop images from moving so that I can actually use Yahoo. Those of us who are disabled often have special needs. Our brains can't filter out things that people without injuries can.

Yahoo wouldn't offer the option but your problem isn't just with Yahoo.... thousands of websites have those type of ads. You should download the Firefox browser (to use instead of Internet Explorer), then find a good plug-in or add-on to disable the ads.

Download Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

The other comment that told you to turn off the animations under Internet Explorer's settings will not benefit you much as it affects animated "gif" pictures and that's not usually what ads are made with.

Most ads that blink or flash use a program called Flash, so I did a search for a "flash ad killer" and came up with lots of options. Here is the first one I would try:


NOTE: I have NOT tested this, so I can't predict your results. I am going to install it tonight though, because it would be nice to get rid of those suckers! But if you try this one and it doesn't work, search for others to try. Just look for "freeware" instead of "shareware" unless you are willing to pay for the add-on (and maybe you are willing to pay if it improves your computer environment significantly).  (+ info)

How long after a bad fall is it safe to assume there's no serious (brain) injuries?

I fell off my bike yesterday, landing on my head with no helmet. It's been 12 hours since.
Have a bump above my left eyebrow and a weird feeling in my head. Feel kinda nauseous. Tested my eyes and they're reacting to light.

What are the symptoms of a serious injury, and how long after is it safe to assume that I don't have any skull/brain damage or injury?

Here are the most common signs of a concussion

nausea/vomiting (more than 2 times)
ringing in the ears
amnesia (not remembering what happened)
difficulty concentrating

When my daughter had a serious head injury, the Neurologist told us the first 48 hours were critical. If the brain is going to bleed, he told us it would happen in that time frame.  (+ info)

Does anyone know why people that have severe brain injuries smile?

cause my cousin lost alot of oxygen to her brain and now she can't walk or talk but she smiles alot does anyone know anything about brian injuries.? please help

  (+ info)

Any thoughts on alternative medicines that might aid in healing brain injuries?

Taking concerta, celexa, fish oil, daily vitamins, flaxseed oil. All for different reasons, but the brain injury is the big one. I've been at this for a couple years now. Will consider anything, after I research further. Thanks.

Omega 3 fatty acids, proanthocyanines and time.  (+ info)

Where do I find Hats for Children with brain injuries/cancer?

There was a little girl on the Stand Up to Cancer telethon that had brain cancer. She was telling her story. She wore a really cute hat that hid her skull - I think it was blue and had little bunny ears hanging from it. I would like to know where I can get one.

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How do brain injuries work?

I was slapped upside the head with moderate force (The hit was not able to really move my neck/head to a slant). It was an unexpected hit though. I wasn't dazed or anything. No swelling or bruising either. It happened about 5 days ago. No blackout or concussion. Is it still possible that I could have endured a brain injury? What's needed to cause a permanent brain injury? Are minor brain injuries permanent or can a brain heal? I can't get it off my mind for some reason. I'm really paranoid about this stuff.

No, I doubt there is anything for you to worry about. Usually, in order to have any king of brain injury, you need to be hit really, really hard, in order to either cause rupturing of the blood vessels or bruising of the brain due to the brain pivoting around the brain stem and hitting the bones located in the front of the frontal cortex. Getting slapped won't do anything, our bodies and skull are very strong and made to deal with moderate force. If you have any weird side effects though, it wouldn't hurt to go see a doctor, but I have a feeling you're just overreacting. Good luck.  (+ info)

What is the most effective type of scan for monitoring brain injuries?

I have what I believe to be injured connective tissue ( ligament / tendon ) in skull as result of treatments which has my temple area cold / feeling lose.

This is something that has affected my feeling also in my hands whenever the temple area slips so theres more strain on that side.

I cant get any doctors to take me seriously because it goes against medical knowledge therefore I am trying to see if there is any way or type of scan that might best show up something like this I might try and get privately.

So far the best I come up with is Dynamic Mri which I cant seem to get here in UK, if any one else has any better ideas I be interested to hear them.


For many situations, MRI is the preferred diagnostic tool -- especially for brain imaging, although CT scan is still chosen for strokes because it is better at detecting hemorrhage.  (+ info)

Can accupunture cure brain tumors or brain injuries?

I recall my father viewing an episode of In Search Of that explored the healing power of acupuncture. They were showing a team doctors removing a tumor with needles on a woman. Was that true?

NO  (+ info)

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