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Breech presentation?

I had my first sonography done..and it was such a thrilling and exciting experience..I wished to share it with some ...unfortunately I can't...My baby is in Breeh presentation(14.5+-10 weeks) will it change position or will I have a breech labour for sure...also I am unsure of the way by which one decides which week is it ...my 1st day of LMP was 21st june and EDD 28th March which means that the date of conception was 5th of July but sonograpgy reavels the baby to be one week bigger so the date of conception should be 28th of June..can anybody tell me for sure which week I am in..?
According to the pregnancy calender I got from pregnacy.org its12 weeks gestation and 14 weeks LMP on 27th Sept.
...so am in 14th week or 12th week?????

You go by your LMP, not the sonogram. Babies come in all different sizes and a sonogram just averages that. Anyways you dont have to worry about the baby being breech right now. Many babies dont turn until the last 2 months, so you have some time.

* You go by the 14 th week. The 40 weeks is calculated from your LMP. The first 2 weeks you aren' t really pregnant, but they are counted as part of the 40 weeks.  (+ info)

In Leopold's maneuver, you determine breech presentation after 3 maneuvers. Do you still do the 4th?

If so, what is the significance of doing the 4th maneuver?

The 4th maneuver is used to determine the position of the fetus' brow. This can be an important piece of information for the doctor to know because this position could possibly impede labor and delivery.  (+ info)

Is breech presentation caused if the mother assumes a straight posture while sleeping during night?

what are the consequences if the mother sleeps in wrong postures during pregnancy.how far does it effect the baby

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you assess that a fetus is in a breech presentation. where would you auscultate for fetal heart sounds?

a. high in the abdomen
b. left lateral abdomen
c. low in the abdomen
d. right lateral abdomen

Is this your homework?  (+ info)

Is there any complications if the foetal presentation during ultrasound obstetrics,BREECH at 21 weeks?

I am 21 year old women.Its my 1st pregnancy

They usually don't check fetal positioning that early because there's plenty of time and most babies turn before they reach full term.

At 28 weeks' gestation 25% of babies are breech, and the percentage decreases approaching term (40 weeks' gestation).  (+ info)

does a wrong sleeping posture of the mother cause breech presentation?

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what does it mean breech for a pregnant woman presentation?

Breech means butt or legs are down.

It is the head that should be down (and come out first).

Most babies are head down by about 32 weeks, but up until the onset of labour, there is always the possibility the baby will turn.  (+ info)

32 weeks pregnant and breech presentation?

I just had an ultrasound to confirm baby gender. I was surprised to find out the baby was in a breech position. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. I am a bit worried an concerned. Has anyone had an experience similar to this... Did the baby turn, or did you deliver breech? I don't know if there is anything that I can try to turn the baby. Help


There is good and bad news regarding breech positions. I am expecting #3 and she is breech (feet first).

Firstly, just keep in good communication with your doctor about this. I had a really great doctor with #1 and #2 and we knew that they were breech from around 30 weeks. My doctor said that yes you can deliver naturally and they can turn the baby around depending on its size. Of course, a large baby (9+ lbs) would be an issue to manually turn. In all cases, my babies did not turn. Sorry. In addition to #1 being breech, he also presented occiput posterior, which means his head was not down but up so I did in the end deliver via C-section.

The good news is that it can be done. You need to ask your doctor what his/her thoughts are on this issue and how many successful (no C-section) breech births does he do in a year and with what presentation (butt, feet, etc). Also other considerations are your size and that of your baby's. Is the baby large or are you small and face extra risks?

If everything leads you to the idea that if the baby does not turn in four-five weeks that you would be better off with the C-section, carefully consider this. Laboring only to have the surgery is very hard on the body and will take extra time for you to heal and can cause stress on the baby, ultimately leading to an emergency section. That was my experience and it was very hard on me and the baby.

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at what week will i get a c section? breech presentation?

36+ weeks and the baby is breech. What week will i be booked in for a section as i dont want the baby to be turned. Got hospital tomorrow

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breech presentation at 38weeks?

just found yesterday that baby has turned breech, im 38weeks andgoing to hospital on friday for a scan to check presentation, weight etc.this is my 3rd baby in 4years, im measuring 2weeks ahead. i was just wondering if anyone knows will they attempt to turn baby on friday, if so if baby turns would they induce before baby had chance to turn bk? and if unsuccessful turning ot decide not to try would the schedule section for b4 40weeks? any advice appreciated.

I highly doubt they wouldn induce you with a breech baby. They will probably discuss or turn bubs that day-make sure you are as relaxed as possible as the more relaxed you are the better chance of it working. Also in the mean time check out www.spinningbabies.com to help you learn ways to turn bubs.  (+ info)

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