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What is inflammed bronchial tubes and what's the treatment?

My Doctor put me on Symbicort (two squirts twice a day). But it's been 10 days and I'm still a little weak and breathing maybe a little better.

Inflamed bronchii is also called bronchitis. Symbicort both combats the histaminergic response which causes inflammation and induces smooth muscle relaxation, opening your tubes.  (+ info)

how do i get rid of bronchial infections?

how do i clear catarh when antibiotics dont work.i get chest infections every 3 months.this one wont shift.im 56 and dont smoke.had exrays.

I was the same, constant bronchial infections most of my life, ever since the first one when I was 8 yo.

Finally when I was 27 and coughing constantly one doctor, who had already seen me several times, went out on a limb and said perhaps you have bronchial asthma. He said if ventolin (the blue inhaler) works to clear the phlegm/cough then it must be asthma because ventolin doesn't fix anything else. It did work to clear the airways. It took 3 years of high dosage steroids (not the illegal sort that make you big) to get my lungs healthy again. Now I only ever need the steroids if I get an ordinary cold or flu and I hardly ever use the ventolin.

Perhaps you should discuss this possibility with your doctor. Even if you don't have asthma, steroids may help strengthen your lungs and bronchial tubes.  (+ info)

how can you get rid of a bronchial cough?

i've had one for a few weeks and i don't feel sick other than having a bronchial cough and yellowish spit. otherwise i don't have a fever or really a cold. how can i get rid of this since it's still lingering?
no don't smoke but have sinus issues.

Yellow phlegm means you still have an infection, and most bronchial infections are viral. It's not unusual for coughs from bronchitis to linger 4-6 weeks. With viruses, not much helps. About the only things you can do to speed up recovery are using an expectorant such as Mucinex, drinking a little more fluids than normal, and getting daily aerobic exercise as long as the exercise doesn't irritate your lungs. There is some evidence that zinc gluconate tablets taken about 4x per day help, but only a little.  (+ info)

What medications for bronchial asthma?

My mother has a bronchial asthma. What spray or inhaler can you recommend? If possible, with no side effects?

advair all the way  (+ info)

How does Salbutamol work on the bronchial system to relieve the symptoms of asthma?

As with other β2-adrenergic receptor agonists, salbutamol binds to β2-adrenergic receptors with a higher affinity than β1-receptors. In the airway, activation of β2-receptors results in relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle. resulting in a widening of the airway (bronchodilation). Inhaled salbutamol sulfate has a rapid onset of action, providing relief within 5-15 minutes of administration.

In tocolysis, the activation of β2-receptors results in relaxation of uterine smooth muscle, thus delaying labour.
Further info is available at-
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salbutamol  (+ info)

Is it ok to sit in a steam room if I have bronchial congestion?

I have had people tell me it is harmful and I've also had people tell me it is beneficial. The steam seems to help break up the mucous but am I actually doing more damage?

It is very good for you to sit in a steam room when congested. In fact, my son's pediatrician told me to buy a humidifier and put it next to his crib when he was congested as a baby. I think that if it is prescribed by a doctor for a baby, then it should be completely harmless for an adult to do as well.

Hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

What is the rationale of prescribing Steroids in bronchial asthma?

Side effects,
Latest facts.

Do your own homework. Or go to Webmd and enter prednisone.  (+ info)

What is the purpose of a bronchial lavage?

It is being used as a diagnostic tool for an adult with suspected pulmonary fibrosis where other tests have been inconclusive.

Would be helpful to know what the underlying disease or problem is...
AND if this is going to be done as a bronchoscopy procedure.

If it is a child... it might be done to be sure there was not a foreign body that got into the lung.

There could be be a mucus plug blocking an airway and the lavage would be a way to clear it. (This happens with ventilator patients or someone with chronic ineffective cough).

This would be a way to collect a deeper specimen for culture and sensitivity studies for a serious and non resolving pneumonia.

There could be an aspirational pneumonia (vomitus or food) that got into the bronchus causing pneumonia... that lavaging would wash out and improve the situation.

Basically lavage is a washing, flushing or thinning of secretions to allow them to be suctioned out. The airway at the bronchial level is where it splits to the left and right lung. By doing a bronchoscopy... a fiber optic scope is used to view the procedure and not do it blindly.  (+ info)

I have inflamed bronchial tubes my doctor has me on Symbicort how long will it be before I feel relief?

It's been 10 days. I feel somewhat better but still weak.

  (+ info)

Is it ok to use a vaporizer with bronchial problems?

Bronchitis is set in my chest. I don't know if a vaporizer would help or hurt.

A vaporizer, whether it be heat vapor or cool vapor helps with every respiratory problem plus sore throats. People seem to forget this easy fix for illnesses.  (+ info)

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