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should i see an allergist if i keep getting a bronchial infection?

I have had a cold for few weeks and it never totally goes away, it comes back and now I have a bronchial infection. This is not the first time this has happened. I am also trying to see how I can build my immune system. Im not sure if its weakened, but I know a cold should not linger, start to go away, then relapse. Any info is welcomed.

I would see an allergist who is also an immunologist, not all of them specialize in immunology. But you might also consider seeing a pulmonologist first, which is where I would start.  (+ info)

What could a constant spasm in the lower abdominal area (to the right of the belly button) mean?

All day today I have had an off and on spasm in my lower abdomen to the right of my belly button. I would describe it as a "fluttering" feeling but it is always constant in one spot. It is in NO way painful it's just annoying (for lack of a better word). Anyone have any idea what this could be caused by? It stops off and on then comes back again.

This could be constipation and the feeling is your bowel trying to push a section of hard stool down through your colon. If you often pass hard, dry stool, you can go to WebMd.com and type in constipation and read up on the dietary recommendations and increased water intake which will take care of this.  (+ info)

What do you call that weird spasm you sometimes get when you are just about to go to sleep?

9 times out of ten, just when I am in that place just before drifting off, I have a shutter-spasm-like thing happen. What causes this, and what is it called?

This is called a hypnic or myoclonic jerk.

When you fall asleep, normally your body temperature goes down and your heart starts to beat just a little slower. This is because your brain signals your body to relax to prepare for sleep. When your muscles are relaxed, you go into the very first stages of sleep, but you're not sleeping too deeply yet.

This brain activity may cause your larger muscles to contract a little bit. In response, another part of your brain will make up a very quick mini-dream to go along with what is happening. You might think this would take a while, but your brain works so lightning fast that it makes up the story almost at the same instant that your muscles jerk.

During this light sleep, you can be easily awakened - like if the phone rings or if your dog licks your face. A lot of people who do wake up during this light sleep believe they haven't really fallen asleep yet. That's why you may think that your body jerked right before you were about to fall asleep, but really, you were lightly asleep the whole time - just not deeply asleep.

Myoclonic jerks are a normal part of sleep. Most people (80%) have them at one time or another. But many people do not realize their muscles are jerking at times during light sleep and it doesn't wake them up.

Hope that helps!  (+ info)

Why does my lower back spasm whenever I get nervous or scared?

Often when I get really nervous my lower back will go into a spasm. It hurts like crazy for about 10 seconds and then I'm fine. This has been happening since I was in junior high 20 years ago, and the spasm is always in the exact same place in my lower back.

probably something your body has adjusted itself to do over all these years, like some people get nauseated when they are nervous, you could see a counselor to see about cahnging your thought process, maybe even hypnosis. If that doesnt help i would see a dr to see if there is anything physiological going on. Good luck! GOD BLESS~~~  (+ info)

What the home treatment or self treatment for esophageal spasm?

ive been suffering from this esophageal spasm lately... and it really sucks. I mean feel like i am soffucated. and even i try to relax it wont relax... pls help.

there are few treatments really, some Dr's prescribe ranitidine or omeprazole to stop you making so much stomach acid so when the spasm occurs the acid doesn't jump into your oesophagus and cause you pain.
for the spasm itself, its a case of trial and error with meds as the drugs they use are all primarily designed to be used on other conditions.
Things you can do yourself are as follows
avoid taking big gulps of fluids
avoid food + fluids that are excessively hot or cold
make sure you drink plenty at mealtimes to make food easier to swallow + digest
some people can identify specific food as triggers- your Dr can help you look into this.

also please make sure you have a medical diagnosis of oesophageal spasm before you self treat as there are many digestive disorders with similar symptoms, some harmless and some potentially very serious.  (+ info)

What causes a painful muscle spasm in the calve muscle?

Once in a blue moon I wake up in the middle of the night with a really painful muscle spasm in one of my calves. It lasts for about 2 minutes. I heard that it could be because of a lack of calcium intake...which can't be true because I drink a glass of milk almost every day..Is there any way to stop them when I get them?

ok soo if ur having really painful muscle spasms that means you might be experiancing charlie horses...yeaa ikk they hurt like hell! =]...so try this...ok it is gonna taste a little gross but put salt on a banana and eat it...the nutrians in the banana and the salt will help stop it!...i hope this helps!  (+ info)

How do you relieve a muscle spasm in your tricep?

I was playing with the kids last night doing the Wii Boxing game, and I suddenly got a muscle spasm in my tricep. It was extremely painful, and I had no idea how to relieve it. I know you're supposed to pull your toes up to relieve muscle spasms in your feet and calfs, but how do you do it in your triceps? I ended up trying to rub it out, and that only seemed to make it hurt worse, and my muscle is very sore today because the spasm lasted so long.

You should go to a deep-muscle therapist who is trained in doing trigger point therapy. Other relaxing massage won't work. It needs to be deep-muscle.  (+ info)

How do you create your own muscle spasm?

I'm not looking for trouble, but I am curious. :)

Are there any methods for creating cramps/spasm?

Yes - although you'll wish you were dead. One way is to pull a muscle up strongly and hold it - like pull your leg up against your body and hold it real hard - and the big muscle in the back of the leg might began to cramp.

One big cause of cramp is lack of oxygen in the muscle - so perhaps if you lock it up good and hard it forces the oxygen out - and then it goes bananas and cramps.

Many people have little cramps in their backs which disable them because they imagine their bones are falling apart - and these are often brought on psychologically. These can be unbelievably painful.  (+ info)

How long will it take for a back spasm to heal?

I was running sprints when i felt an extruciating pain in my mid-left back. A trainer said it was a muscle spasm. How long will it take to heal? And what can I do to treat it?

I have had this condition many times in the past, so this is based on a lot of experience. The first thing to do is lie down and put an ice pack on the place where it hurts. Try to stay as still as possible for least 12 to 16 hours. Lay on your back with your legs bent, knees up. Try getting someone to message the area with some rubbing oil (emu oil is really good). If you need to get around, wear a brace (elastic girdle thing with velcro) if the pain is in the lower back. If should be completely ok in 2 to 3 days if you stay home.

Now, how to avoid this happening again: If you are lifting weights or doing any kind of heavy lifting, don't over do it and be sure to stretch afterwards and expecially before running. Do your lifting correctly, try to use your legs as much as possible with your back straight.  (+ info)

How long does it take for soreness from a back spasm to go away?

Yesterday, I had what I think was a back spasm. It essentially felt like a cramp of my entire middle and lower back and lasted for an hour or so; it was quite painful. The immediate pain has subsided, but my back is still pretty sore, and my range of motion is quite limited. Does anybody have any idea how long it usually takes to get back to normal? How about any exercises or stretches that might help? Thanks in advance!

It takes a while, First check with your doctor, I had the same thing happen to me, and she told me to exercise, walk, swim, dance, everything keep moving.

She also prescribed muscle relaxers for the evening.

Most important, keep moving, and when you relax, a little bit of heat helps, and if you can get muscle relaxers, that is a good thing too.  (+ info)

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