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Is it normal to have spasm in your foot for 2 weeks?

I've had spasm in my right foot for like 2 weeks now. When i poke my foot it's like its dead, it doesn't hurt or anything but its so annoying. People must thing that i be a retard or something when i'm outside, the way i walk haha.

How do i make it go away?

I hope you are talking about the bottom of your foot for that is easy to answer. When the muscle get tight under there it can be painful to walk. Here is how to release it:
With that foot in your lap press in with both thumbs side by side at the very back of the of the arch, right in front of the heel. Press in and hold for 30 seconds. then slowly raise the toes of your foot and then release the pressure but hold your toes like that for another 30 seconds.  (+ info)

Why does my baby's face involuntarily spasm when things are near her nose like she is going to sneeze?

My baby is 7 mo old and I have recently noticed that when something is even her nose, like food, or if you squeeze it, her face will spasm involuntarily. It almost looks like she is going to sneeze but doesn't. A couple times it looked like a mini seizure and I got worried. She also suffers from reflux. Any ideas?

It's just a reflex reaction. Most adults would do the same.  (+ info)

Last week I was doing something strenous and felt a spasm in my rib cage, just to the right of the breastbone.

It only lasted a few minutes, wasn't painful, just an off and on type spasm. Since then, I have felt it a few more times at different times of the day. Each time it just spasms in that same area off and on for about 20 minutes, then goes away. Just wondering if I need an anti-inflammatory or if it will heal on its own. Also wondering if it is too high for gallbladder. It is directly to right of breastbone. Thanks!

The pectoralis major is the muscle that inserts at (or "hooks onto") the sternum (breastbone). This muscle helps with movement of the arm. If your strenuous activity had to do with your arms, this muscle may have begun to spasm because you pulled it too far or caused it to hold an isotonic contraction too long. Either way, moist heat and light stretching will help if this is the problem.
If it is your gallbladder the pain will increase after eating a high fat meal. You can put off the inevitable by not eating meat but chances you will have to have the gallbladder removed.
So, if with heat and stretch your prob goes away, it was your pec major. If not, get checked for gall bladder.
Good luck.  (+ info)

Shall I return to work after a back spasm?

Last week, I suffered a severe back spasm and went to A&E for help. It still hurts greatly but I would like to return to work to help myself recover more quickly. My question is if it would be a good idea to return, especially since I work in a residential home for the elderly. Thanks!

drink water, muscle spasms are a sign of dehydration.  (+ info)

I have bronchial tightness and coughs, can I work out with that?

I've been having what feels like bronchitis for a couple days now, and was wondering if its safe to exercise. I get tightness in my chest, mucus production, and coughs. However, I got no fever, no energy or appetite loss and feel completely normal except for the said symptoms. Should I be fine working out?

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What is inflammed bronchial tubes and what's the treatment?

My Doctor put me on Symbicort (two squirts twice a day). But it's been 10 days and I'm still a little weak and breathing maybe a little better.

Inflamed bronchii is also called bronchitis. Symbicort both combats the histaminergic response which causes inflammation and induces smooth muscle relaxation, opening your tubes.  (+ info)

What is the name of the muscle spasm involving a touch upon one's inner thigh?

I was in an internet forum and someone had a curious name. It sounded like it might be something, so I looked it up and found it on Wikipedia. It was the name of a type of muscle reaction or spasm that occurs when someone unexpectedly touches another person's inner thigh.

My gf warned me against asking this question on here. Thank you to those who responded seriously.
Found it...

cremasteric reflex.

Are you thinking of the Cremasteric (sp?) reflex. A scratch to the inner thigh causes the respective testicle to ascend. It is named for the cremaster muscle (which somehow connects the testicle(s) to the inner thigh. Give it a try. It is intriguing to watch it happen. Your girlfriend will also be intrigued.  (+ info)

What exactally is a muscle spasm in the neck area?

I was pulling out a plug in an awkward position and felt a shooting pain go through the left side of my neck....the next morning i wouldnt move my head only a little bit to the right. I went to the Dr. and she said it was a muscle spasm and gave me a steriod shot with a script. to decrease the dosage and wean myself off them. (the steriods)

What exactally is a muscle spasm?? Is it like a pulled muscle...how does it become inflammed??

Thanks for the help?

Muscle spasms are uncontrollable shaking or locking up of the muscles. Once you have ONE, you have to make sure to exercise that muscle to prevent any more spasms.  (+ info)

how do i get rid of bronchial infections?

how do i clear catarh when antibiotics dont work.i get chest infections every 3 months.this one wont shift.im 56 and dont smoke.had exrays.

I was the same, constant bronchial infections most of my life, ever since the first one when I was 8 yo.

Finally when I was 27 and coughing constantly one doctor, who had already seen me several times, went out on a limb and said perhaps you have bronchial asthma. He said if ventolin (the blue inhaler) works to clear the phlegm/cough then it must be asthma because ventolin doesn't fix anything else. It did work to clear the airways. It took 3 years of high dosage steroids (not the illegal sort that make you big) to get my lungs healthy again. Now I only ever need the steroids if I get an ordinary cold or flu and I hardly ever use the ventolin.

Perhaps you should discuss this possibility with your doctor. Even if you don't have asthma, steroids may help strengthen your lungs and bronchial tubes.  (+ info)

what to do when having a muscle spasm?

Ok so i played football the yesterday for about 2 hours straight. The next i woke up (today), and now im getting these frequent muscle spasms (I think) all over my legs and groin. What should I do to heal it and to ease the pain. And man its my first time getting a muscle spasm.

fluids - drink lots and if you have a sports drink then drink them for the electrolytes
eat bananas for potassium
take calcium/magnesium for the muscles
take hot shower, use heating pads or moist hot towels.
Take ibuprofen or aspirin

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