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Can cervical dysplasia be contracted through saliva or oral sex?

If a female has a mild case of cervical dysplasia can she pass it on to a male via kissing or performing oral sex?

She can't pass on cervical dysplasia because you don't have a cervix.

But she can pass on HPV. It can live anywhere on the skin.  (+ info)

Is there a high risk of getting cancer if you have mild Cervical Dysplasia?

I was just told I have mild Cervical Dysplasia from high risk HPV. Does anyone know what the chances are of it turning into cancer? If you've had this how did it turn out for you?
Please only mature comments. I got the high risk HPV from my HUSBAND.

Hi there! I'm a Cytotechnologist. A Cytotechnologist is a laboratory professional trained to identify and interpret precancerous and cancerous changes in cells. I have screened over 100,000 Pap tests.

HPV is a virus that infects the DNA of a cell and causes cervical cancer and dysplasia. Most types of HPV progress over time, some more quickly than others. Early on, we can see the mutation of the HPV in the cell as changes we call mild dysplasia or precancerous cells. More advanced changes are called moderate or severe. The next step is CIS or carcinoma in situ, cancer that has not invaded other organs. Then comes cancer. If you don't get treatment, your chances of getting cancer are close to 100%.

Currently you have a strain of HPV that is High risk for causing cervical cancer, and you have symptoms that the virus is active (mild dysplasia). If left untreated, it will progress into moderate, severe, CIS and then invasive cancer.

But there is good news! You have been diagnosed with mild dysplasia. The doctor can treat you with cauterization, cone, LEEP or freezing the area that is atypical, and it may destroy all of the precancerous cells, and you will have a normal life and can still have babies some day. It doesn't mean that it can't come back though, and you will need to get your Pap tests on a regular basis, and possibly more treatment if it continues.

No woman has to die from cervical cancer. It is a treatable disease. You are lucky that it has been caught early. See your doctor and follow his advice for treatment. And don't forget to remind your mother, sisters, cousins and friends to get their Pap tests every year! It just saved your life!  (+ info)

My dentist recently told me to get a mouthguard to prevent dysplasia which can lead to cancer. Is this true?

My dentist told I am grinding my teeth at night, and also sucking in my cheeks, which is causing irritation to my cheeks and tongue. He said this irritation can lead to dysplasia, which can lead to cancer. Is this true? Mouthguards are expensive, so I'd like to be sure before I buy one.

Cancer? Hardly. It can become very uncomfortable for you later in life, and cause you to break teeth, but I have never heard of anyone getting cancer from grinding their teeth. It is also possible to get infections, but again, cancer is not caused by grinding your teeth. It is up to you whether you purchase one or not, but do not think if you don't buy one, you will develop cancer.  (+ info)

Does having cervical dysplasia affect my chances of getting pregnant?

I was just diagnosed with a mild case of cervical dysplasia. I've been trying to get pregnant for a yr now. Is the cervical dyplasia keeping me from getting pregnant?

I was told I had it as a young teen and had unprotected sex for years and never got pregnant. Stupid Dr told me as a teen I probably couldn't or would have a hard time getting pregnant. What a thing to tell a sexually active teen..So by the time I was 18 and still thought I couldn't get pregnant, I move in with a guy who turned out to be a complete nimwit but was pregnant before I realized how he really was. In my case I got clear paps and such from late teens on so I don't know if it resolved itself or just took a long time to get pregnant. There were about 3years between being told I had it to getting pregnant.  (+ info)

Can mild dysplasia really go away on its own?

I am 24 years old and 6 months ago I had an abnormal pap smear. I went back in the next week for a second pap and this too came back abnormal. After this I had a biopsy and coloscopy and they discovered I have mild dysplasia cause by HPV. Well on a scale of 1-10 ( 1 being nothing and 10 being cancer, I was a 3). My gyno said that because I was so young I would probably fight it own my own. I just went back yesterday (6 months later) for another pap to see if it went away, is the same or is worse. I won't hear for 2 weeks the results. And I am panicking. All I can think about is that in the 6 months it go severly worse.

Has anyone actually had mild dysplasia clear up on its own?

I have. I have high-risk HPV and had mild dysplasia. My first pap after colposcopy and cryotherapy came back abnormal, but no worse than before. My second pap was normal. I have my third one since cryo in about a week and I'm hopeful. It would be really unlikely for it to go from mild to very severe in only 6 months...In relative terms dysplasia is slow-moving. Relax. I know waiting sucks but you're staying as on top of the situation as you can.  (+ info)

If someone has been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, should she be tested for an STD?

I've read that the HPV virus can cause cervical dysplasia, does this mean the woman has contracted the virus?

Probably. There is still a slight amount of uncertainty, but getting a pap to find out should solve the question. If you have it and treat it quickly, it's harmless (there's a really easy proceedure that you would have to get done, but you're healed in a weekend and can't lift more than 5lbs for a week).

There are actually over 100 types of HPV and all are so tiny that they can slip through a condom. It's estimated that 80% get at least one of them sometime in their life... so if you come up positive, you're in the majority.  (+ info)

Are or CAN cervical warts and cervical dysplasia be the same thing?

Cause I've had HPV for about 10 yrs now, and never had a wart, visible, but had cervical dysplasia, but my husband popped up with warts on his d*ck about 5 yrs after we had sex the first time.
And I've heard there is such a thing as cervical warts, so is it the same thing cause I also heard and read that the high-risk strains (the ones that cause cancer) are different than the ones that cause warts.

They can be caused by the same thing, but are not identical. Warts are not cancerous, but cervical dysplasia is. Taber's Medical Encyclopedia (21st edition) states that cervical dysplasia is "Precancerous chances in the cells of the uterine cervix..." Taber's definition of genital warts is " A wart of the genitalia, caused by strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) some of which are transmitted by sexual contact. In women, venereal warts, also known as condyloma acumenata, may be associated with cancer of the cervix and vulva..."  (+ info)

Has any women been able to reverse cervical dysplasia, due to vitamins, lifestyle changes, etc?

I have a close friend who has cervical dysplasia (condition that can lead to cervical cancer). Just wondering if anyone has, or has heard of, success using vitamins and diet/lifestyle changes to reverse their condition. Thanks!

I think that a healthy diet, rich in antioxidants and exercise can do wonders for the body.

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia about 5 years ago. The pap came back as dysplasia; a biopsy confirmed no cancer; the dysplasia was frozen off by cryotherapy. I've had normal pap smears since that time.

I know that people tend to avoid surgery if necessary. Sometimes, though, it's the best option.

Maybe your friend should get a second opinion if a surgery has not been offered.

The biopsy (for me) was a little uncomfortable-like a pinch, but was outpatient. The cryotherapy was also an outpatient procedure and virtually painless. No heavy lifting for a few days and no intercourse for about a week.   (+ info)

Can cervical dysplasia cause a miscarriage?

After just having a miscarriage I have so many questions regarding why it happened. Has anyone had cervical dysplasia and had a successful pregnancy? Or can you be more prone to a miscarriage if you have mild cervical dysplasia?

There is no studies or evidence of your concerns. I do feel for your loss, but its not healthy to think in these terms.

If you do have cervical dysplasia, you should opt for a colposcopy and a biopsy to make sure you're ok.  (+ info)

If you have cervical dysplasia caused by HPV can you have warts?

My girlfriend had mild to moderate cervical dysplasia caused by HPV, she had it froze off. The doctor never said anything about genital warts, she also got tested for stds. Is it possible that she could have the strain that causes genital warts and not know it. I have never seen any warts in her.

They are 30+ HPV types that are found in the genital area.

These 30+ HPV types have two categories low risk HPV types…types rarely seen in cancer and most often associated with visible genital warts…..and high risk HPV types…those type that have the potential to cause abnormal cell changes…that left untreated can progress to a cancer.

HPV testing is not included in standard STD screening. HPV is an STD....it is transmitted through sex. HPV is not seen in blood test...it is found in tissue of the skin or in the lining of the cervix..the test to diagnosis high risk HPV is using a sampling of the cervix.

Visible genital warts are usually caused by low risk HPV types 6 or 11.

Cervical dysplasia is usually due to a high risk HPV type that caused abnormal cell changes of the cervix.

Many of us carry more than one HPV type. You can have both a low risk HPV type or high risk HPV types and never show a sign of warts on the vulva or abnormal cell changes of the cervix.

Our HPV test is a screening of only the cervix...and only for high risk HPV types. The HPV test does not tell us what specific HPV types we carry on the cervix.

The HPV test did not screen her vulva...

Freezing removes the abnormal cells that the virus creates....many times after the virus is removed from the cervix...the virus goes into a low viral load and it is not seen in any test.

If you have had sex with this girl...you most probably share her HPV type...though the virus may go into a sleeping stage where it is not seen in test...there is a chance that we may still transmit the virus.
In answer to your question yes she may carry a low risk HPV type on the vulva…and it never show a wart. There is no FDA approved method of screening for the vulva in absence of visible genital warts…as there is no standard screening that has meet FDA approval for the male penis. Men many times carry an HPV type with no signs or symptoms.

Diagnosed in 1999 with high risk HPV types of the vaginal cuff and the vulva. Two LEEP's and one excision.
  (+ info)

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