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What is cervix dysplasia and does sleeping around a lot cause it?

I'm wondering because a girl on law and order was said to have this and they concluded that she was promiscuous. I heard it was a growth of the cervix or something. What would there be a growth if you are sleeping around a lot?
This is a serious question. If a doctor is here please answer.

Cervical dyplasia is a change in the cells in the cervix The more cells that look abnormal, the more severe the case is. A severe case can become cervical cancer if it not treated.

No one really knows what causes cervical dysplasia. Sleeping around does *not* cause it, at least not by itself However, it is true that women who have multiple partners are at greater risk. Also, a very high percentage of women with cervical dysplasia also have HPV infections, which is the cause of genital warts. HPV is also related to multiple partners.

I hope this helps. See the Source for more info.  (+ info)

Has anyone out there had an esophagectomy because of high grade dysplasia and how is quality of life after it?

My friend is supposed to have an esophagectomy minimally invasive surgery. He has high grade dysplasia Barrett's esophagus with precancerous cells. Does anyone know what life after an esophagectomy is like? Does it drastically change your life style?

Yes, it does drastically change the quality of life.
Patients who have had the esophagus removed can no longer take food or liquid by mouth and even have to spit out saliva. They are stuck with a feeding tube placed through the stomach wall and accessed on the outside of the body.
I know I'd be miserable not being able to eat or drink (though I'd be able to enjoy stuff if I spit it out).
Most social situations surround food and drink. It can be very disheartening to go without the goodies everyone else can have.
What's worse? Having esophageal cancer.  (+ info)

will having sex make my cervical dysplasia develop into cancer faster?

About 2 weeks ago i was told that i have moderate cervical dysplasia. Me and my partner have still been having sex and today i noticed some unusual spotting and still am 4 hours later. I am on the pill and know that it is not my period. I'm worried that having sex is making things worse. Is this possible or is it ok to keep having sex?

it wont make it worse, but i had this same problem. its just the irritation on those cells that have become abnormal that cause the spotting. i had moderate and severe cells which i had removed by the LEEP procedure earlier this year, and once the healing was done i stopped spotting after sex. having sex itself wont make it develop quicker, its just the spreading of the bad cells and the irritation your cervix is enduring. i know spotting after sex should never be 'normal' but speaking from experience in this situation, its prone to happening. dont worry until your doctor gives you a reason to worry.  (+ info)

How can you build strength and flexability in a leg with Dysplasia?

My right Hip has Oesteo Arthritis, severe.It has caused my knee to become damaged from compensating and the mucles to become displaced- is very painful. I am a dancer who is having a hard time - but I cannot give up the dance; no matter how much it hurts.

Ask your doctor if it's ok to do some gentle stretches such as those with yoga. Also, ask if they think that having a consultation with a physical therapist might be able to help as well with this as far as additional types of exercises to help your hip and leg.  (+ info)

What is mild dysplasia? Can that cause pregnancy problems?

I went for a pap smear and the clinic had called me back a couple of days later and mentioned I have mild dysplasia. I was wondering if this is curable without treatment and are their any syptoms that let you that you have this??? Please help!

No, there are no symptoms other than the cell changes on your cervix, which you will not notice. Mild dysplasia means there is a small amount of abnormal growth on the cervix. This is often caused by HPV, but not always. Mild dysplasia often goes away on its on within a year (I think 70% of cases?).

The treatment for ongoing or worsening of dysplasia is to get rid of those cells. They do this in three ways: cutting it out with a LEEP procedure, freezing it off (not done often anymore), or lasering it off. None of these procedures are very dangerous.

As for pregnancy, when using the LEEP procedure, there is a slight increase in the possibility of having an early baby, but this risk is known to be very slight. If this still worries you, you can opt for the laser treatment, which removes less tissue.

But for now, don't worry! It's very likely your dysplasia will go away on its own.  (+ info)

Why would the removal of 3 adjacent bronchopulmonary segments of a pt. w/ TB not cause much bleeding?

I would appreciate any help with this. I'm studying for an A&P exam and it is making my head spin. Thanks ahead of time!

Each pulmonary segment has its own bronchial and blood supply, so if a surgeon can dissect out specific segments, he can do so without compromising the blood supply to the others. (In other words, blood does not flow from one segment to another.)

This sounds good in theory, but is really hard to do in practice.  (+ info)

If I had congenital hip dysplasia as a child, should I have a c-section when I will have a baby?

I have researched a lot, I found a lot of articles about children with hip dysplasia and how they should be treated, but nothing about women who had it, and who will become mothers.

My nan, mum and me all have congenital hip dysplasia. After my nan had my mum (natural birth) she was advised not to have more children due to the strain it put on her hips (although this was back in the 60s).
My mum gave birth naturally to my brother and I and was never advised to have a c-section. The consultant who operated on my hip advised her not to have more children as he said they would be more likely to have even worse hips.
So you probably don't need a c-section but ask your doctor to check as it may depend on whether you were sorted out with a splint or operation.  (+ info)

Will doctors extend time off of work with surgery for severe dysplasia?

i know my work won't mind me being out for a week as long as i have a note from my doctor. i have been having a ruff year and i wanted to know, do you think the doctor will extend my time off if i ask? i will be out for just a removal of severe dysplasia, i'm not sure what type of surgery i'm going in for but if it's something that i can be up and going by 1 or 2 days, can i ask for extra time so i can just relax and try to recoup?

Most doctors don't give you more time off than you need plus most employers know what length of time is required for just about every kind of surgery. I wouldn't push my luck. Employers are not very sympathetic for falsification of medical conditions/time off. Sorry for your rough year but we all have them. It just part of having problems and working.  (+ info)

Does anyone know a home remedy for cervical dysplasia?

I had a abnormal pap, and was wondering if there is something I cna do in the meantime before I go back to the dr's next friday.... Does anyone know of any remedies so that I may help clear this up or elimate it? Thanks

You can try taking Cesium Chloride with Rubidium. I believe there is also one with DMSO. Its on some natural website made in 2000. I cant put websites here, so you can email me on that. Those are pretty much the two best natural remedies that you can combine to get rid of cancer. Its not a chemo therapy type of drug. Its about $75 dollars a bottle. A bottle lasts you a month. If you have heavy cancer, it will last you about 3 weeks. After taking the natural remedy, you need to eat some bananas or potatoes to replenish yourself with the potassium that you have lost. And, you can also take some Oxygen Drops with this. Cancer cannot survive if there is too much oxygen. What these oxygen drops do is help your body get more oxygen, thus killing any cancer that comes in contact with the extra oxygen. Do eat alot of greens, but I want to warn you of eating foods high in iron. These include but are not limited to broccoli, beef, red beets, etc etc. This is the natural building blocks of cancer. Without iron, it cannot grow. So, cut all iron out of your diet. Um, you should be eating more bran. So, look for bran cereals and brown rice. Thse bind with iron within the body, thus taking out everything that cancer needs. Good luck.  (+ info)

what causes a woman to have moderate dysplasia?

what exactly is it and what causes it? is it treatable or what?

Your question was posted over 20 min. ago. Don't think anyone knows. Check out google. good luck.  (+ info)

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