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Its suspected that i may have fibrous dysplasia of the skull?

Ive been doing some research on this while waiting to see a specialist to confirm the diagnosis, but all of the websites ive seen refer to a 'swell' in the skull as the sign of it - i have a 'dent' in mine - is this much of a muchness? Could it be something else? Thanks for any info, hard trying to find out things about such a rare disease

IT could be a congenital disorder,ie.. congenital hip dysplasia.  (+ info)

I have mild dysplasia, and I am getting a scraping on wednesday. How bad does this hurt and does anyone have?

any suggestions for me for when i go in and get it done? What about after the procedure?? How do you feel??? Any tips?

OK im not really sure what you mean by your getting scraped. BUT I had high risk dysplasia a few years ago and had to have mostly likely the same test you are having done. I am not going to lie to you and say that it wasn't that bad because that sh*t hurt more then anything I have ever had done. They start out like a regular pap test but they use this really big i guess clamp like thing with a little clipper at the end of it. The open your vagina and stick it in and take samples of your cervix. My doctor showed me these samples that she took and they were big enough to see with the naked eye probably a little smaller then a pea. I think she took 2 or 3 samples. After she will swab ur cervix with something that helps it clot. A day or so later you will have a HUGE fleshy looking thing fall out of your vagina and it will scare the sh*t out of you. (I know it did me lol but its just the stuff that the doctor swabs on ur cervix) You will bleed and be sore for a few days and you cannot have for 4 to 6 weeks i think that's what she told me. I had sex at 4 weeks after and it was still a little tender. Make sure to take motrin. I hope this helps good luck.  (+ info)

Any known alternatives to cervical dysplasia?

I have been diagnosed with CN2 and had a colposcopy done. /gyne wants to do a conization. I dread the thought of having the lining cut around my cervix and what that could lead to later. Also, is the recovery very painful?

  (+ info)

I had a cone biopsy of the cervix to remove Dysplasia on 16th May?

which was 3 weeks ago - I had watery discharge and was given antibiotics 2 wks after surgery to clear a possible infection. I have not had sex or a bath since surgery but I am still bleeding a small amount everyday - not spot bleeding but drips contantly. Is this normal? How long should it take for the cervix to heal - I dont want to have sex until I know it is healed.

The bleeding can be a normal side effect after a cone biopsy. I had something similar happen when I had a freezing procedure to my cervix done in 2005 for a different reason. But because it's been 3 weeks I agree with the other poster that you should get in touch with the dr to see what they say.  (+ info)

To any girl who knows about abnormal pap smears and cervical dysplasia?

I recenely found out that I need a LEEP procedure to cut out pre-cancerous cells because of an abnormal pap, i had a colposcopy b4 too .. what could have caused this? is it something that just happens because of having sex or is it an infection or something?

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Can cervical dysplasia return after lletz procedure when follow up is all clear?

I had cin1 and 2 on my cervix which was removed by lletz. I had my follow up after 3 months and got the all clear, even the hpv virus has gone.
I just wondered what the chances are of this coming back and if it does, will i be able to get it in time before my next 6 monthly check up.

*Proffessionals or people with knowledge in this area only answer please*

I will give points to the best answer

Well, since males are the carriers of HPV, unless you go celibate I would think there is always a risk. But I think you should relax now and just enjoy your life and don't stress anymore until you have a reason. Do not smoke, and eat mostly vegies and fruits, go light on the meat and stay away from starches of all kinds.

Dysplasia is definitely catchable at the 6-mo mark if it exists - your doc should be on the lookout for it whenever you followup.  (+ info)

Alternative Treatment for Hip Dysplasia in Chinook dogs?

I have a 9 yr old long hair Chinook. He is in perfect health except for the hip dysplasia. The Vet suggested surgery but I don't believe in quick fixes. If there are natural supplements/food alternative, pleae let me know. I have added a few supplement to his food and it seems to be working a little bit but I am sure there must be others.

Hi, Sara G.
Try posting your question in Dogs rather than Other-Diseases. You may have greater success getting an answer.
Here's a site for you to peruse in the interim.

http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cls=2&cat=1569&articleid=444  (+ info)

Can a women get pregnant and have dysplasia?

Pregnancy and pre cancerous cells-can they happen at tthe same time? Ive had crypsurgery for this same reason years ago after the birth of my son and im now pregnant and im worried that god forbid this happen to me again, but that it did. Is this possible? My 1st prenatal visit isnt for a coulple of weeks but i was just wondering if this is something that can happen.

Pregnancy can actually aggravate cervical cells this is normal because the increase stress on the uterus due to pregnancy. Even though you have had cryo in the past that procedure only treated the current abnormal cells (or pre -cancerous). I would be more concerned about what is the usual cause of these abnormal cells and that is something called Hpv. I would request an Hpv test just to see if it is active at this time.. If it is there is a good chance that your pap could come back abnormal.. If that is the case the md will probably monitor you during your pregnancy through a service called colposcopy just to make sure everything is going okay. They will not do any biopies or any cryo till you deliver  (+ info)

what are the chances of dysplasia recurrence?

two years ago i had the leep procedure done to remove moderate to severe dysplasia. since then i have had four clear pap tests in two years. i just finished my final FOLLOW UP pap and am praying its clear. do you think my chances for that are good? i know one can never predict, but out of curiosity. i would love to be able to go to the dr. once a year again. the waiting for this result is driving me crazy

I think you have a great chance it'll be clear. In fact, my heart says you will be completely fine. It'll come back clear as day. You'll see. Because Im gonna be praying for you, too.  (+ info)

What does it mean in laymens terms when someone dies of "fibromuscular dysplasia of the small coronary artery?

Please give me some source material as well.

Fibromuscular dysplasia is a disease that involves narrowing of blood vessels (arteries). It is essentially due to changes in the blood vessels wall, narrowing of the blood vessels therefore less blood is able to travel to the tissue (eg. heart). If the narrowing is severe enough, then the blood vessel (artery) will not be able to provide enough nutrients to the tissue (eg. heart) and this will lead to the death of the tissue, If heart tissue is involved, we call this a heart attack (myocardial infarction). Heart attacks may just damage the tissue but it can certainly lead to death. The blood vessels of the heart are called the coronary arteries.

Fibromuscular dysplasia is not related to a disease called atherosclerosis which is the most common cause of heart attacks. Fibromuscular dysplasia is much rarer. Fibromuscular dysplasia usually involves the arteries that supply the kidneys and it is very rare for it to involve the coronary arteries. It can of course affect any artery in the body. I hope this answers your question and if not let me know.

http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/fibromuscular_dysplasia/fibromuscular_dysplasia.htm  (+ info)

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