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In a fire, do most peolpe die of smoke inhalation or burns??

I am devestated as a local farm across the road has burnt down and horses stables caught fire. Some horses died and I am so upset to think of an animal in pain. I was wondering if a stable was on fire, would the smoke kill an animal without it suffering and burning. I am finding it hard to cope the idea of horses in pain. does smoke inhalation kill quickly or slowly?

In a house fire smoke inhalation is the big cause of death. That's why you were taught as a kid (and should remember, now) to get as low as you can in a fire and place a wet towel or shirt over your mouth and nose to filter and cool the air that you bring in.

Not to be morbid, but smoke inhalation wouldn't be exactly without suffering. Imagine standing in the smoke from a campfire and not being able to get away from it. The only difference is that the gases released from a house burning is that the gases are a lot more dangerous. Once you inhale them, you are not getting enough oxygen to live. Depending on the density and heat of the smoke, it may take 2 to 10 minutes to pass out or die.

Also, in a barn/stable fire, the ventilation may be adequate enough to cause the smoke to be removed quickly, which may not cause the horses to suffocate.  (+ info)

What are the physiological processes that occur when you burn to death? (Not smoke inhalation)?

I'm studying acting and one of our tasks this year is to enact our own death. I've chosen to burn to death but I need to know what happens to the body when you actually burn. Like at the stake, or when you are set on fire. Suffocation from smoke inhalation doesn't really work for the concept. If anyone know about this admittedly morbid question please let me know.

Ouch! That's gonna' be a painful way down!!

Anyways, in context to a prisoner being executed, "...the convict would burn for some time until death from heatstroke and loss of blood plasma." It doesn't occur instantly and takes a while to probably evaporate some of the water content in your body to reach full blazing temperature. And it'll hurt like f**king hell during this period.  (+ info)

Can excessive smoke inhalation cause asthma?

I'm working on a story that involves a four-year-old boy who's house burned down and killed his parents. He got out with minor burns and inhaled a lot of smoke and it would work really well if he had asthma because it would give his adoptive family another reason to be over protective of him.

yes because second hand smoke is the worst. it doesn't matter if someone was smoking or if he was around smoke from a fire. yes excessive inhalation of smoke causes your body to react in a way it never did before unless you already have asthma  (+ info)

Respiratory care: inhalation injury deaths in burn patients?

What percentage of burn patients die of their inhalation injuries? What are the clues of thermal injury to the oropharynx? When should you consider tracheal intubation in a burn patient? What sort of changes in pulmonary artery pressure, PCWP, and PVR are possible in a burn patient?

This is not your standard question for this section. Of course i know what you're talking about but if you know the "lingo", so to speak, why aren't you looking it up yourself?
But anyway, I don't know the percentage but it would depend on the extent of the pharyngeal, laryngeal and tracheal burns and consequent swelling. You must get the pt intubated as soon as you see any signs of pharyngeal burns, no matter how slight they may seem. And each individual is different, you might have to trach them right away if the upper resp. burns are severe And even then it going to be difficult to maintain an airway. Once you have the airway established though further consideration must be given to the extent and depth of the burns on the body. Fluid balance is of course going to be an issue. If possible you could insert a Schwann-Ganz catheter and monitor CVP. PCWP could be done once to rule out any cardiac complications. Of course mechanical ventilation, an A-line and aggressive pharyngeal care would be needed. If you're thinking that the PVR might be elevated it is unlikely if the patient made it to the ER they don't have extensive enough pulmonary burns. Now with massive fluid replacement comes the likelihood of ARDS but that's not likely for 12-24 hours depending again on the extent of the burns, which you don't say. That's when you should start measuring PCWP and assessing the ABG's for signs of increased A-a gradient and doing plateau pressures.
Ok, I think I covered your questions.
God bless.  (+ info)

How do I give steam inhalation for my 16 month old son?

My son has a bad chest and has been given antibiotics for it. I think giving steam inhalation also will help. Can someone suggest a good way of doing it.

  (+ info)

Where can I get the machine for the Asthma Inhalation Solution?

The doctor prescribe the Inhalation solution but doesn't know where I can get the machine for it! I have gone to several Pharmacy around the area but they seem not to have it. Please help me with this!

You can probably call your local hospital and they can tell you where you can buy one. You could also find a website that sells them, too.
(My daughter was in the hospital for pneumonia and had to have one but they gave us one to take home so I didn't have to buy one.)

Edit: Also, check the yellow pages under something like medical supplies or respiratory.  (+ info)

What happens to your thorax(chest cavity) and abs when you take a deep inhalation?

What I also don't understand when this occurs is how a forced inhalation differs from a normal inhalation?

The thorax and abs expand from the lungs filling with air ad the esophagus pulls down. With Forced inhalation your throat muscles are not prepared to take in any air, which causes choking.  (+ info)

I breathed in a lot of smoke from burnt oil. Has anyone suffered smoke inhalation?

-repeatedly with long deep inhalations. I suffered shortness of breath, but am otherwise OK.

is this going to catch up with me, as lung cancer one day, or some other lung problems?

What do I do for smoke inhalation? I tried vicks. it works!

But i'm recovering nicely. I aint too worried, still.. it was nasty stuff.

I was a volunteer fire fighter in my younger days and was exposed to smoke inhalation more than once. The usual course of treatment is oxygen and follow-up monitoring of pulmonary (lungs) function.
As far as toxicity, it depends upon what kind of oil was burning. Vegetable oil or animal fat is naturally biodegradable and does not pose as extreme a hazard as petroleum based distilled oils. The new synthetic oils are really nasty when they start burning.  (+ info)

What are the long term symptoms of Smoke Inhalation after a House Fire? Could they totally lose their Voice?

I need to know what the long term symptoms of Smoke Inhalation are. Not short term, i have a pretty good idea of what the short term are. The long term symptoms, say after a couple of years at least, are what i want to find out. I also would like to know if someone could become mute as a result of this. websites would be helpful and sources much appreciated .

Although the outcome depends of the severity of the smoke inhalation with prompt medical treatment, the prognosis for recovery is good. However, some people may experience chronic pulmonary problems following smoke inhalation, and those with asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions prior to smoke inhalation may find their original conditions have been aggravated by the inhalation injury.
Apparently it can cause damage lasting for 2 years, but does not mention anyone becoming mute.
Could that be psychological after the horror of being in a fire?

You will have to read through the report of studies on the Kings cross fire victime, there are pages of it.
The first link goes to the 2 year study
Second link = the start of the report  (+ info)

What kind of exercise burns as many calories as running?

I'm trying to lose weight, and I'm getting tired of running everyday to do so. But running burns so many calories, so I feel guilty just walking because then I'm not burning as much and therefore not losing as much weight. I've tried riding a bike, but I'm bored of that, too. Is there some kind of exercise that burns as many calories as running .. something new I can try?

Billy Blanks' BootCamp Elite cardio videos or look at www.beachbody.com for the turbo jam or any of the cardio workouts. I've used the BootCamp before and burned a LOT. Currently on P90X, the Cardio X video and Plyometrics will burn MORE than just running.  (+ info)

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