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What was your reaction to first seeing a cadaver?

Note: a cadaver is a dead body used in med school.

Humbled, knowing that someone thought enough of the medical profession to donate their body to the education of future physicians and that you can cause death if you don't take your job seriously.  (+ info)

Is there an advantage to a bone graft from yourself rather than cadaver?

I'm going to be having spinal surgery. I have to choose whether to use a bone graft from my hip or cadaver bone. Is there an advantage one way or the other?

I have had a bone graft taken from my own hip to put in my humerus bone in my left arm. Do it that way. At least you will know that you will not get aids from a cadaver.  (+ info)

I have cadaver bone in the back of my neck from my last surgery Could it cause frequent neck-cracking?

Could cadaver bone be causing my neck to crack frequently? Could cadaver bone be causing a buildup of synovial fluid in my neck?

no the graft only helps and the symptoms are due to the underlying condition.  (+ info)

Is it creepy that I would prefer cadaver bone than my own bone?

There is a possibility that I will have to have corrective scoliosis surgery.

I heard that, to stimulate some sort of spinal thing, they have to take a piece of YOUR hip bone, or a cadaver bone. I realized I'd rather have the cadaver bone. Does that make me creepy?

No, that makes you smart.  (+ info)

How successful can a cadaver ligament replacement be on an ankle?

My daughter tore up her ankle falling fifteen feet while rock climbing now she is facing surgery to replace destroyed ligaments. Is this a surgery that is routinely done or a real dangerous challenge for any surgeon

you,d need a consult from an orthopedic doc. i have a mesh installed during a hernia surgery. it was from a cadaver. seems to work just fine. having had lots of contact with orthopedic docs, i can assure you they are very, very good at repairing damaged parts. there is a huge industry in the u.s. for recovered body parts like ligaments. my cousin was a body harvester. she would travel all over recovering ligaments, etc. her company in chicago made a lot of money. it is a successful business, with many satisfied customers.  (+ info)

Where can i get some Waking the Cadaver shirts or hoodies?

Its a band by the way. Ive searched on google and yahoo and had like 3 results, i know they make more shirts/hoodies that waht is posted on their site.

Anyone know?

they are not a very big band, go on their myspace and send them a message...im pretty sure they would answer...

breeee breeeee breeeeeee breeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  (+ info)

What do morticians use to keep from smelling the stinch of a cadaver?

Ive heard its a gel-like substance and I wanted to know the name of it.

I use Vick's Vapo rub. Just a dab on the inside of each nostril. Though it doesn't keep all odors at bay, it sure does take the edge off. Once you have smelled death, it takes a while to get it out of your sinuses. Hope this helps..... I don't know of anything else, maybe there is a product I don't know of. Which is unlikely, but you never know.  (+ info)

I recently used cadaver skin for a skin graft inside my mouth. Can using this skin cause new food allergies?

If you can prove it or help me research it help me out with the websites. Thanks.

Cadaver skin is dead tissue. It is used for a temporary cover of the area that needs to be eventually permanently grafted with your own skin can be harvested.

There are no concerns about antibodies/ allergies with the use of cadaver skin because it is dead and processed tissue. That cadaver skin will not grow...ever. It is just a protective cover until you have enough skin elsewhere on your body that can be transferred to your injury site. All cadaver tissues that are donated are dead tissues. (Don't confuse this with organ transplant when the organs are taken while the person's organs are still alive on life support and the organs are transplanted right away. When someone dies and donates tissue...skin/ bone...that skin and bone is processed and live cells are killed off.)

And, yes, I know that you didn't actually do this. You are speaking hypothetically. If you want more information, call your local tissue bank or Google "tissue bank".  (+ info)

Can anyone advise me on getting cadaver bone grafted into your hip?

I have to get cadaver bone grafted into my right hip. Can anyone help me out with details on the procedure and healing?

You don't have to do anything but lay on the table, the dr. will do most the work for you.
The only thing that they don't tell you is that you can't donate blood or other organs for a year after the procedure. Aids is the big concern when dealing with other peoples body parts, but with todays testings very few slip by. Sit back (or lay back) and enjoy the new parts.  (+ info)

What makeup foundation is best for a lady over 50, that doesn't make her look like a cadaver?

Most make ups, I find create more problems than they fix.

The healthiest ones on the market nowadays are the mineral foundations and the tinted moisturizers for various skin tones. They don't cake up in our "experience and wisdom" lines.:)  (+ info)

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