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How common are thyroid or other metabolism slowing disorders?

Everytime I read articles about weight/obesity in America many of the posters indicate how common these disorders are. I'm just truly curious how common is common. Do 1 in 100 suffer from these types of problems or is it more like 1 in 1000? Are there other medical conditions that cause weight gain?

Hi from Mr J. Yes they are very inportant to are body, because they play a inportant roll in ower live hormons, that comtrols the cortazone that make as get fat by have a lot of it, or thin if we have very little in ower body, so see your Dr to ask for help.  (+ info)

How common are thyroid and other metabolism slowing disorders?

I've seen these disorders listed as reasons for weight gain and inability to lose weight and wanted to know how common they truly are. I do not have any of these conditions, I'm merely curious about whether they are as common as they seem.
I should have been specific. I'm looking for statistics. Ball park will work. Do 1 in 100 folks in the US suffer from these things or is it 1 in 1000?

The prevalence of thyroid disease in the United States is 1 in 13.

Additionally, it is estimated that another 1 in 20 have undiagnosed thyroid disease.

Unfortunately, seven times as many women get thyroid disease as men, so it is nearly impossible to obtain good treatment for thyroid disease. That is, if you can even get tested and get a correct diagnosis.

One in eight women will get thyroid disease during their lifetime.  (+ info)

Do calcium supplements slow down your bowels and metabolism?

I want to look into them for IBS and I read that they do slow one of them down, and I have a quick bowel and metabolism and looking into gaining weight and for helping IBS. If it's for slowing the bowel, it would for metabolism correct? Answers pleasee?!!

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How can I lose weight after suffering from Eating Disorders and with a slow metabolism because of them?

I had anorexia for a few years and more recently I've suffered from bulimia and binge eating disorder. As a result of the binges, I put on 3 stone (42 lbs) in about 3 months.
I've since stopped binging and now eat around 1600 cals a day from healthy sources (lean protein, good/wholegrain carbs and plenty of fruit/veg) and exercise on a daily basis - exactly what the dietician told me to do. However, my weight is still going up and it's driving me insane being this big AND not being able to lose weight or even understand why I'm still gaining.
I know there are issues with the metabolism n muscle weighing more that fat, but I'm not even seeing a difference in my clothes sizes etc.
Please help - I have become severly depressed because of my body and I can't take this for much longer. I still have regular counselling sessions but it's got to the point where there is little that they do for me

Thanku in advance

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I don't believe you are eating only 1600 calories a day and still gaining weight, unless you are being very sedentary. Metabolism varies in people, especially if there is a pathological reason for it such as thyroid disease. However, if you're burning more calories than you're taking in, you will lose weight. That is a physiological fact. Do you write down what you eat? Having been anorexic, you're probably very aware of the calorie count of everything you put in your mouth. Sometimes seeing it on paper, though, helps you determine where you may be going wrong in your eating.

Have you had a physical recently? Is your thyroid ok? What do you consider exercize? Is it enough to get your heart beating more quickly and all your muscles working?

Perhaps you need medication for your depression. There are so many new, effective medications for depression that can help you through this difficult period and improve your motivation and frame of mind. Perhaps you need a new counselor, if you've reached a plateau with this one.

Don't give up. Be honest with yourself and remember that it will take time to get your body back into shape.  (+ info)

hyper and hypo metabolism in people with eating disorders?

i know that people with anorexia slow down their metabolisms. but then their metabolisms get amped up when they start eating? how does this work and why?
i had bulimia and anorexia and now am trying to eat normally and my metabolism is 1300.
Is this incredibly slow? Other anorexia patients have very high metabolisms-talking about 3000 here! Please explain the whole thing if possible?
thank you so much!
And is my metabolism very very slow?

When a person is eating too few calories, the body is doing everything it can to conserve energy. Therefore, when the person with anorexia is starving, the body's metabolism is slowed, but when the person begins to eat again, the body has to rebuild tissue, and all of the systems within the body have to work extremely hard to get the person healthy again. All of this takes a lot of energy and results in the person having a higher metabolism or even becoming hypermetabolic.
If you found out that your metabolism is 1300 from an online calculator or any formula, chances are that it's not a correct calculation. If, however, you've discovered that your metabolism is 1300 by consuming 1300 calories per day and maintaining weight, then that's probably correct. However, generally the more calories you consume, the higher your metabolism becomes. You could probably consume more than 1300 calories per day and maintain weight. If you need to gain weight to become healthy, you'll need to eat more than that, and your metabolism may become extremely high. By allowing your body fewer calories than it needed, you probably slowed your metabolism down, but when your eating patterns stabilize and you head towards healthier eating, your metabolism may change.
I hope that this answer helped, and good luck with your recovery.  (+ info)

Does calcium supplementation during pregnancy help prevent hypertensive disorders and related problems?

I found in 2vitamins.com the following products and I would like to know if they help during pregnancy. Caltrate 600 mg Calcium
Coral Calcium
Which one shall I buy?

You had better turn to your physician about that pregnancy...  (+ info)

Similarities and Differences between anaemias due to disorders in iron metabolism and vitamin metabolism?

the similarities between iron-deficiency anemia and vitamin(esp. B12) anemia, is that both of them would manifest on the paitent clinically with anemia symptoms. that is, the patient will be pale, easy-tendeycy of fatiguability(tiredness), fast heart beats, fast respirations, dizzy( esp. when changing positions, e.g. from sitting to standing). the only clinical difference between those two types of anemias is that you can find some signs in the patient that would suggest the diagnosis. iron-deficiency can cause spoon-shaped nail plus fissure or ulcer at the corner of the lips. while vitamin b12 deficiency tends to cause glossitis ( an inflammation of the tongue with swelling and finger-like projections ). those sings are hardly find easily only in severe cases.
the basic way to deffirentiate is by doing a CBC. which will show a hypochromic microcytic anemia ( anemia + small red blood cells ) in cases of iron-deficiency. while in cases of b12 it will show hypochromic macrocytic anemia ( anemia + large red blood cells )....

good luck  (+ info)

Calcium sulphate tablets affecting metabolism?

I'm taking homeopathic calcium sulphate tablets for a bit of acne, will this affect my metabolism?

I don't believe so, no.  (+ info)

Does calcium help speed up your metabolism? ?

I am a 15 year old male, trying to gain weight. I drink a lot of milk, however, and was wondering if I should cut back.

I've never seen in research that calcium speeds up metabolism. I have seen that water does! There is a lot of recent research that indicates that calcium may boost fat loss in dieters. So, that's good news if you want to LOSE weight, which you don't.

Here are some suggestions for healthy weight gain:
It may be easier to eat six or more smaller, balanced meals rather than eating three large meals, especially if you’re not used to eating much at one time.

Protein powders and nutritional supplements such as Ensure can be added for in-between meal snacks. You can also make your own delicious protein shakes at home with a blender using milk, yogurt, frozen fruit, etc. Look for some easy recipes here: http://www.easy-weightloss-tips.com/weight-loss-shake-recipes.html
Exchange the skim milk and fat-free yogurt for regular since you don’t want to lose weight. Most protein powders are not very tasty unless mixed with other ingredients.

Exercise is an important part of healthy weight gain. Strength training is especially important and will build muscles. This can be done at home or in a gym. Cardio exercises are healthy and should be a part of your routine, but they burn maximum calories and may cause you to lose weight if you don’t eat consume plenty of calories. Limit your cardio workout to 30 minutes. Consider activities such as: power walking, jogging, biking, swimming laps, jumping rope, dancing, skating, etc. Yoga and Pilates are excellent additions to your workout as well. Here are some exercises you can do at home to help target certain areas:

Some suggestions to help you gain weight:

1)Add healthy calories to your menu. Start breakfast with a slice of whole-wheat toast and peanut butter.
2)Trail mixes, nuts, dried fruits, and protein bars are healthy high-caloric snacks.
3)Drink healthy beverages such as milk and fruit juice. Avoid sweet drinks that add no nutritional value.
4)Choose the healthy option every time. Avoid fried foods. Eat larger portions of healthier foods such as baked potatoes, chicken, fish, etc.
5)Follow the food pyramid guidelines and make sure that you include all the major food groups in your diet.
6)Consume heart-healthy oils by eating olive, walnut, or canola oil in your homemade salad dressings. Add cheese and nuts to salads for additional healthy calories.
Good luck!  (+ info)

Paper: energy metabolism and eating disorders?

Im doing my senior research paper on the affects of obesity and anorexia on energy metabolism. If anyone can suggests some good sourses i will greatly appreciate it

i think you are trying to combine two differant science? i have always equated eating disorders with psychiatry, and energy metabolism with biology?? interesting? could eating disorders be effected by genetic imbalances in chemistry effecting the brain? what chemistry effects the brain?? and how can nutrition (or lack of) cause our need for food to be repressed?  (+ info)

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