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What are some important facts about heart disease?

For LO i have to do a poster saying the dangers of heart disease! Dose anyone know the causes and the effects of heart disease? Any important facts!

The cause of heart disease are many, search heart disease risk factors, and you will find some are controllable (diet, body weight) while others are not (genetics) . Physiologically heart disease is the chronic narrowing of blood vessels due to hardening and/or thickening/and or inflammation of blood vessel walls, causing the heart to work harder.  (+ info)

How to lower your risk of heart disease?

What can cause heart disease or high blood pressure and how can you lower your risk of heart disease?

What are the symptom of heart disease is pericarditis or aortic dissection it.

Hi I work for a health video website called http://icyou.com. Below are the links to 2 videos on our site. The first video gives the signs and symptoms of heart disease and the second video talks about preventative measures you can take to lower your risk for heart disease:



Hope this helps!~  (+ info)

What is the difference between CORONARY and CONGENITAL heart disease?

I'm filling out a family health history form for my doctor and it's asking if anyone in my family has had coronary or congenital heart disease. I know my mom has heart disease but I don't know which kind it is. One of the arteries to her heart was becoming blocked and they had to put a stent in that artery to open it back up - it's called angioplasty. Is that coronary or congenital? Thanks.

Congenital means "from birth." Congenital heart disease is something you are born with, such as a murmur. If her artery is becoming slowly blocked, she does not have congenital disease. Coronary is the build up of plaques inside the artery walls. See attached link :)  (+ info)

What kind of heart disease can stress/depression give you?

There are different types of heart disease. Which ones do emotional stress and/or depression contribute to? What can stress/depression do to your heart??


Significant stress can lead to stress induced cardiomyopathy, also known as broken heart syndrome or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. This is a very rare condition in which there is temporary dysfunction of the heart after a very stressful event, such as the death of a loved one. Most cases will resolve with time, but it can potentially be fatal. Less severe stress is not known to lead to any heart condition. Stress can also temporarily elevate the blood pressure, but it does not cause a persistently high blood pressure. Depression also is not known to cause a heart condition, but it is associated with worse outcomes in people who have had heart attacks. This is most likely due to decreased compliance to treatment and therefore worse outcomes.  (+ info)

What kind of heart disease could possibly infected a woman at the age of 20?

I am currently writing a fiction and decided i need an actual medical explanation for the story. But i can't seem to find the information with classified causes and risks. Can you help me? It will be so much helping if you can give me some links to the information sources. What kind of heart disease could possibly infected a young woman at the age of 20 with no significant health record and family with the history of heart disease or heart problem? Thank you.

Bacterial (infective) endocarditis.
Note people with a defect that might not have been detected before are more prone to endocarditis...
Bacterial endocarditis is an infection of either the heart valves or of the inner surface, called the endocardium, of the heart. The bacteria have to get into the bloodstream first. Most healthy hearts will not succumb to infection Once infection occurs, the bacteria continue to grow and may seriously damage the heart. Normal valves can be infected by some aggressive bacteria, especially if many bacteria are present.
Risk factor
Recreational drug abuse - intravenous drug use
Prolonged intravenous use (? in a 3rd world country)  (+ info)

What is the best diet for people with heart disease,stroke and blood disorders?

I have been considering changing my diet to vegetarian because of my personal and family health history including heart disease, strokes and blood disorders. My boyfriend is overweight and has heart problems and diabetes. What diet would be best for us?

Low soduim, low fat diet. Stay away from processed food, fast food. Eat lean meat stay away from red meats. Try to bake your food not fry it. Do not add salt. Eat plenty of green vegies  (+ info)

How is congenital heart disease related to a faulty signal transduction pathway?

I can find plenty of information on congenital heart disease and plenty of information on cell signaling/signal transduction but i cant find out how they are related can anyone help?

In some cases of congenital heart disease there are physical malformations that can cause electrical signals from one area of the heart to another area to be attenuated or timed incorrectly. The signal transduction pathway may be operating at the cellular level as it should. If the signals received to initiate the complex process are weak or not timed properly the resulting release of glucose to power the heart muscle may not be sufficient to sustain normal heart function. Muscle contractions may be either weak or not timed properly to co-ordinate with other heart muscles. In some cases there may be a lack of sufficient amount of a particular enzyme which may result in the signal transduction pathway within the cell to function improperly. As you may be aware from your research, normal heart function is a very complex process involving a great number of steps which all must take place in proper sequence. The number of steps within the cell alone are very complex. I hope that gives you some insight on the subject.  (+ info)

How to treat heart failure disease naturally in dogs?

I am looking for a natural alternative to treat heart failure disease in dogs. My beloved Collie has been diagnosed last week and I am scared that all this medication will kill him. Any of you tried alternative medicine with success? Please help!

if you dont give him all the medication it will kill him
there is no natural way
you can not give him the mebs and slowly kill him and he will suffer or give him a longer life and give him the mebs   (+ info)

Can a Heart Murmur lead to Diabetes and the Celiac Disease?

The Celiac Disease is when the body is sensitive to Gluten which is found in Rye, Wheat. When the Gluten molecule combines with antibodies in the small intestine. It then causes the lining of the intestine to flatten, which then means that its unable to digest and absorb foods.
A Heart Murmur is when you have an irregular heart beat (like me) and it can be fatal.

Heart murmurs are fairly common and I wouldn't worry about it unless your doctor thinks there is a reason to be concerned. Diabetes could be more likely if you don't ever exercise because of the heart murmur, but the murmur will not directly cause it. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease and I don't think it is related to heart murmurs. Heart murmurs are actually not just irregular beating-it's hearing an extra or unusual sound during the heart beat. The irregular beating is an heart arrhythmia, which definitely can be a concern. Again, the risk is it is harder to exercise because you don't want your heart rate to get to high because of the risks and you are more likely to have diabetes if you don't exercise and eat right.  (+ info)

Is there anyone out there that had a succesful labor while having heart disease?

Have PCOS and my heart sometimes pound off beat and I was wondering is it a bad idea to have kids. Do women get pregnant with heart disease? Can heart disease be reversed (go away)?
I figured that pushing can cause strain on the heart. Is there any other effects heart disease can have on labor?

yes1 my wife she is diagnose with heart ailment and high blood pressure but she give me already 2 children's can you beat that!  (+ info)

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