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Can chewing tobacco cause Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

We just recently found out that a family member has Squamous Cell Carcinoma and the doctors think it maybe from chewing.

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Anyone with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the epiglottis?

My 86 year old grandmother was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the epiglottis. The cancer formed a huge tumor within 2 months. It starts at the epiglottic or base of the tounge and continues up the left side of her neck, up to her ear. The doctors are only gonna do radiation on her. I was just wondering if anyone knew the life span of this situation?

This is a tough cancer and projected treatment regimen for anyone and especially an 86 yr old lady. Her cancer is probably already very advanced and what they will be doing is palliative treatment with the radiation. Make sure the treatment has realistic goals and that your grandmother understands the radiation will greatly hinder her ability to eat and swallow (the cancer will also cause the same type of problems as time passes). Be prepared to get her enrolled with hospice when the time comes. My guess (and it is just a guess) is that your grandmother has less than a year. I'm very sorry.



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Looking for squamous cell carcinoma stage 4 of tongue survivors.?

I'm posting this for a friend that's husband has been diagnosed as stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue base and secondary tonsil and lymph nodes. He is current;y gong through chemo and waiting for tests before starting radiation. She hasn't been able to find any 5+ years survivors and she's just looking for some hope.

Most large cancer centers treat a fair number of head and neck cancer patients. I would suggest contacting one of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) hospitals, such as MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Mayo Clinic, etc.

By the way, for patients with stage IV head and neck cancer, the 5-year survival for patients is reported to be around 40%. This is based off fairly out-of-date information. With newer chemotherapy agents and radiation techniques, and the ever-increasing ability of appropriately trained head and neck surgeons, we are seeing more and more patients surviving for 5 and more years.

One of the major problems, unfortunately, is that the survivors of head and neck cancers are at risk for the development of other tumors (lung, esophageal, stomach) so due diligence on the part of the treating doctors needs to happen. Too, some of my patients say that "the treatment is worse than the disease." There are some potential, long-term complications from this intensive treatment that can lead to patients not fully enjoying their life...

This is a difficult, but very treatable cancer, all the same. There are several reputable websites by major cancer organizations (ASCO, AHNS, ACS) that patients and caregivers can access.  (+ info)

Hi My brother is suffering from Squamous Cell Carcinoma 4 month doctor remove 2cm tumor and did radiotion ?

Hi My brother is suffering from Squamous Cell Carcinoma 4 month before doctor remove 2cm tumor and did radiation Again he found small tumor between arms is it curable?plz help what we will do now?

get your brother to go to his oncologist and ask him/her that question as you are more likely to get a reliable answer that way. sorry to be harsh but that is the best way to find out in this situation as the oncologist will be able to explain to you both further and more extensively.  (+ info)

Can cyberknife surgery be used for a squamous cell carcinoma?

My son (40) has been Dx with this type and could lose his tongue and voice box. Jaw bone is slipping out of place and has cout through his chin. Are there any alternatives? He thought he had a toothache. Has had radiation and chemo. He told me that now it is still in the same place, has not moved since Dx. 10/06. He can not eat via mouth. Has a feeding tube. Can I get serious answers only. He just wants to be able to speak and eat food. Can cyberknife help?

Cyberknife is used almost exclusively for brain and spinal tumors, but doctors have been known to push the envelope if other therapies have been tried and the cancer is still viable. At Beth Israel, Boston, they used it on me for a mass in my lung that is too near the heart for sugery. I am back on chemo now.

Cyberknife is a system of very precisely targeting the cancer and shooting Gamma Rays at it from many different angles. It is very effective most of the time, but not always.  (+ info)

What is the life expectancy if diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma?

I have done a little research but nothing has said anything about life expectancy after being diagnosed... what I have found out that it can more then likely come back even when the tumor has been removed fully.... does any one know anything will help my dad was just diagnosed today with it
It is behind his ear.... they said that they are going to go back in and make sure they got everything out
he was also told that he also had Solar Keratosis.....

Where was the carcinoma - skin, mouth, larynx, lung, etc. ? ?
Squamous cell carcinomas can occur in many areas.
The prognosis varies with each type.
If this was a skin cancer, almost all of them are cured with surgical removal. There are more than one million people with skin carcinomas each year in the USA. Many are squamous cell type. Almost all are cured with adequate excision.  (+ info)

What is considered early stage squamous cell carcinoma?

I had a wart-like area below my lower lip for a long period of time which comes and goes intermittently in long period intervals. Now I have 2 sores under my lower lip that will not heal. I have been using proactiv assuming it was a type of acne. They scab over and unfortunately I do remove the scab. This has been going on for approximately 1-2 months.So what is actually considered an early stage?

Any sore that doesn't heal in a month needs to be evaluated as a potential skin cancer. This could be either a basal or squamous cell or nothing serious. If it was me I'd make an immediate dermatologist appointment and find out for sure what was going on. If you have only had the lesion for a couple months then it is probably early stage. You don't state your age but skin cancer is rare in people under 25 however your description does fit skin cancer perfectly. See a Dr now and get a biopsy. I'd quit using anything on the sores until you get an answer from the Dr. good luck

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Can dogs get squamous cell carcinoma?

Just wondering and if you can give me details about what happens to the dog, if they can get it. Thanks!


The treatments and prognosis are pretty similar to those of humans. It all depends on location and whether the cancer is treated promptly or was given time to potentially spread. Dogs can get squamous cell carcinoma of the skin or also the lips, mouth, throat or nose. good luck to your dog

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Is there evidence that spray on tanning predisposes a person to squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma?

I know that sun exposure and tanning booths (UV rays) predispose a person to these forms of cancer, but does the risk lessen if a person gives up these methods of tanning and uses a spray on tan method?
Are you saying that spray on tan has nothing to do with the development or continued development of squamous cancer cells? Rather, that it's all about the light treatments....?

It depends on how much UVA damage has already been done when the person switches from tanning to spray tan. There is a point of no return with UVA exposure after which the skin becomes permanently damaged and squamous cell cancers will continue to develop despite staying indoors and wearing sunscreen.
Some people with psoriasis or other skin ailments that required numerous UVA light treatments to clear up their skin are now plagued with a high rate of development of squamous cells many years after they quit doing the light treatments. The same risks hold true after long term tanning or real sun exposure.

http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v91/n2/abs/5613590a.html  (+ info)

How much a person with third stage of metastatic squamous cell carcinoma survives?

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