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I was told that i may have a neoplasm cyst?

I was told that i may have a neoplasm cyst but my doc didnt really go into detail what that even means, can anyone tell me?

Neoplasm is the medical term for "new growth" (overgrowth of cells forming a cyst) Can be benign or malignant and they will probably do further testing to see.  (+ info)

What does malignant neoplasm of liver mean?

A malignant neoplasm of the liver is a tumor or other abnormal tissue growth in or on the liver and the tissue is capable of spreading out of control - this means the person has liver cancer.  (+ info)

What's the difference between a neoplasm and a tumor?

so they are exactly the same thing?

Neoplasm: A tumor.

its the same....

An abnormal growth of tissue. The word neoplasm is not synonymous with cancer. A neoplasm may be benign or malignant.

The word neoplasm literally means a new growth, from the Greek neo-, new + plasma, that which is formed, or a growth = a new growth.  (+ info)

Diag: Cerebellar dysfunction 2nd degree to vestibulitis, intracranial neoplasm, subdural hemotoma?

this diag. is from 1971

This is a diagnosis that was given to me when I was a child - can anyone help me with definitions of this.

I know it has to do with the brain being inflamed and having abnormal growth and a blood clot.
I would just like to know what it really means.

As a supplement to what essentiallysolo answered it should be mentioned that not all intracranial neoplasias are malignant (ie cancers). For instance most menigiomas are considered benign. Also some astrocytomas, ("pilocytic astrocytomas" are often seen in childhood in the cerebellum) behave benign. Was that what you had?.  (+ info)

What does it mean when the diagnosis is "suspicious for Hurthle Cell Neoplasm"?

The differential diagnosis of the biopsy results reads "Adenomatous Follicular Nodule with Oxyphillic Changes versus Hurthle Cell Neoplasm."

It is virtually impossible to predict the behavior of an adenoma of Hurthle cells. Some behave benignly and others metastasize like a follicular carcinoma. The prognosis and treatment is for a follicular carcinoma.  (+ info)

Will I need chemo for a low grade serous carcinoma?

Diagnosis two weeks ago:
Section A-Ovarian low grade serous carcinoma with a serous neoplasm of low malignant potential with cribriform patter.
Section B-Ovarian serous neoplasm of low malignant potential with focal microinvation and autoimplant.

There were four other non-invasive implants on one lymph node. Will I need chemo?

I don't know for sure, but it sounds like they would give you chemo for this. If I am understanding the diagnosis correctly...It's ovarian cancer with 4 non-invasive cancer cells on one lymph node? If this is the case (and trust me I am no expert in Ovarian cancer, I can only compare it to my experience plus the experience of other cancer patients I have met along the way...take what I say with a grain of salt)...

It sounds like the cancer has spread from the main area into the lymphatic system even if it's just beginning that process...this means that there would be microscopic cancer cells floating around which probably won't even show up on a scan at this point. The chemo/possibly radiation would be done to try to make sure that those microscopic cancer cells are killed off so that the cancer does not reappear somewhere else in your body.

I had cervical cancer which spread into a few lymph nodes and they did the chemo to sensitize the cancer cells, including those which are microscopic and probably exist but don't show up yet, then I was given radiation to kill those cells. They planned my radiation to extend out further than the area of lymph nodes which were cancerous because they said there were most likely cancer in others which were too tiny to see.

If I am correct it sounds like an early ovarian cancer and your chances of surviving it would be very good at this point. Again, I am no expert but just giving my 2 cents.

ADD: If they do give you chemo for this, theres a good chance you would not lose your hair. A lot of gynecologic cancers including cervical and ovarian cancers are treated with Cisplatin which doesn't usually cause hair loss. I had 8 weeks of it, once per week and I did not lose my hair. It was just an extra amount of hair falling out when showering, it maybe looked a little thinner overall to me but nobody else would notice.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had thyroid surgery for a follicular neoplasm? I need to know if surgery is a good way to go.?

Is surgery a good way to go or should I just have it watched for the thyroid?

if i am not mistaken,your doctor should advise you whether you need surgery or not.he also wil decide what measure to take depending on how high your thyroid level is.sometimes all you need is a tiny drop of radiation to bring it down to a safe level.talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

my father complains of a lump in his neck on the right side which has been steadily growing since 6 months.?

recent investigations like ct scan and aspiration test say it is a fibrous tissue growth with left side shift of trachea.it also says it could be a malignant neoplasm.the thyroid appears normal.
what could be the problem? is it completely curable? is it something to worry about?
he did have a habit of tobbacco chewing for 10 yrs. and has stopped from past 2 yrs.

  (+ info)

What is Inductoral Mucinous Papillary Pancreatic Neoplasm?

I think what you mean is actually called an intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm. This is a tumor that is usually benign (won't spread) and secretes large amounts of mucin (a sticky, watery secretion) into the intestine.  (+ info)

my b/ has a benign neoplasm of the nasopharynx abd he is suffering from the worse pain from pressure in his he?

he cant sleep the doc put him on vicodin,oxocodine,and perocat nothing is helping he said his head hurts really bad from pressure any help how to relieve or just ease it?weve tried cold compressos

surgery  (+ info)

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