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my son has had cellulitis in his leg 5 times in 2 years. why does it keep recurring even after anti biotic treatment.

Are you sure it is Cellulitis, ot could it be a Phlebitis?
To be able to answer why this happens repeatedly, then I would have to know a lot more about your son...and it's not really appropriate on this type of forum (being public etc). However, what I would advise is that you ask your family doctor (GP) to do some investigations for Diabetes (amongst other things). People with undiagnosed Type II Diabetes often present with recurring infections, so it's worth having this checked. If he has eczema or some other condition on his leg, then this would be a portal for entry for infection, causing the cellulitis, so if this was the mechanism, then obviously a better control of his eczema would be the solution.
You definitely need to have it followed up, though.....5 times in 2 years in the same leg suggests some sort of underlying problem, so get him to go and see his GP and ask for a referral.  (+ info)


I am developing cellulitis again and is the nausea feeling normal? answer asap please/
cellulitus on left arm

I currently have cellulitis and am on antibiotics for it. Eventhough I have already started the antibiotics I do feel pretty crummy. Slight fever, slightly nauseaus, no appetite, lethargic, feels like the beginning of a flu. I would go get antibiotics asap because cellulitis is nothing to fool around with, it can be very dangerous.

Good luck to you,  (+ info)

How long to antibiotics take to start healing orbital cellulitis?

My nephew was diagnosed with orbital cellulitis. He was given oral antibiotics. It has now been 32 hours. There doesnt seem to be any improvement. Am I too worried? Does it take longer to start looking better?
Sorry it is actually preseptal cellulitis, and no I dont think it is worse I think its the same.

32 hours is not a long time for visual improvement of a infection. That's only a day and 8 hours. Most of the time, you won't see visual improvement until about three days. Normally doctors prescribe antibiotics to childdren for a course of 10 days. If improvement is not seen after he is given the full course of antibiotics, have your sister/brother take your nephew back to the doctor as he may need a different antibiotic.  (+ info)

Is there an actual cure for cellulitis that will get rid of all symptoms and affects permanently?

I have been dealing with the worst case of cellulitis on both of my legs for a very long time. It's been over six months and I have been in and out of the hospital twice. I have taken all of the prescribed antibiotics and still I have the redness swelling and constant draining blisters on my legs. My feet and legs are swollen 4 times their normal size.

you need to have Unna boots on until the legs are healed. it is a wrap consisting of a calamine or zinc oixde soaked guaze to dry up the mulitple sores, then there is a dry wrap finally there is a wrap on the top called Coban, it is a compression dressing. they are changed once or twice a week, you cant get them wet. once the legs are fully healed and sores dried up, you must wear 'ted hose' compression stockings. your problem is probably stemming from not having compression on your legs, sounds like you have very poor veins or lymphedema. you will ALWAYS need compression most likely, that is the root of fixing the problem. ask your doctor or vascular specialist about getting home care for Unna boots twice a week with perhaps some silvadene cream under the boots too and then some serious compression stockings to maintain afterwards. elevating the legs is not enough. hope this helps, i am a wound care specialist nurse and see that all the time  (+ info)

How long does cellulitis take to heal?

I started developing symptoms on saturday night and by sunday I had periorbital cellulitis. I began bactrium on sunday, but my condition and the swelling continued to worsen. I went back to the urgent care and now I am on augmentin as well, the swelling has reduced very slightly. How long will it take to look normal and the swelling to go down?
If anyone else has had periorbital cellulitis how long did it take for the swelling to go away?

It depends on your specific case. This is a question for the doctor who treated you.  (+ info)

What LAB VALUES would indicate cellulitis in a person?

In a patient that has been admitted to the hospital for cellulitis in his leg? REFERENCES would be an amazing help! Thank you!

White blood cell count  (+ info)

How can I get healed from cellulitis?

I have had cellulitis for several months.Its in my left lower leg.My doctor has prescribed 3 different antibiotics and I have taken them all for at least 3 times each.My feet and legs swell really bad and I know this is part of the problem. I am a diabetic and I know this is also part of the problem but this also really scares me.I dont want to lose my leg.Please help.

The infections may be caused by your legs leaking fluid from the swelling.
Even if the swelling is controlled, a few patients will still require a low dose of antibiotics to suppress the infection.  (+ info)

When being treated for cellulitis with antibiotics, how long does it take to heal?

I went to the emergency room on June 22nd and was told I have cellulitis. I was given 2 shots of antibiotic while there and a prescription to take home. Well I have only 2 more days left and it still is slightly red and very painful at times. Is this normal?

No it is not normal. You should call your primary doctor and inform them of your current condition and of your diagnosis and current medication you are taking? You should have followed up with your primary doctor within 5 day of leaving the ED. Do you think it is getting worse, or staying around the same? Do you have any fever?  (+ info)

How do you treat cellulitis when all other treatments have failed?

I was diagnosed with cellulitis in my right foot on 4/14/07 and have been on 3 different antibiotic treatments, missed 4 days of work, bed rest,elevated,heat and still have pain, the redness and swelling is almost non existent, but the pain is almost just as bad. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

A friend of mine used to have this, he stayed 1,5 month in bed! Keep applying Aloe Vera and visit a massage specialist, cellulitis causes a kind of lemphitis , with the massage it will be ok again. But it can take up to 1 year to heal completely as the doctor of my friend said. Dont worry though, you will be ok. :)

Cheers!  (+ info)

What should I do if I may possibly have cellulitis on the lower part of my legs?

The area from my ankles to almost right below my knee are fire red, warm to touch and painful and I am concerned it may be cellulitis. I have worked as a secretary in the medical field for many years and have heard of it, but never had it or knew of anyone that had it and it is worrying me. Will this go away on its own and what can I do to help it go away?

Dietary change may be indicated.
There's a healthy heart soup diet on
the internet that you can try for a couple
of weeks. Follow it carefully, it's easy
and you get to eat eat eat, so there's
no staving off hunger...but it helps
regulate alot of things in the body that
may have become imbalanced.

Also can try laying on floor at home.
Lay flat on back, face up.
Scootch up to couch until bottom is
snugged up to couch and legs rest
comfortably on seat cushions, with
hips relieved of pressure and can
elevate lower legs by extra pillow.
Allow to 'drain' for 15 min-30 minutes.
Roll to side, then onto hand and knees
and get up gently by bringing up one
leg and pressing hands onto top of
thigh as you lift yourself back up.
But this is not a 'cure' for anything.
Just a help for the symptoms.

There's alot of reasons why the
condition may be showing up.

This is just something that won't
hurt to try. Do put a small towel
rolled to comfort beneath neck
for support. Do not rest head on
pillow. when doing the couch position.

If none of this works after a couple of weeks
or worsens during that time, get to the emergency room.

Also lifting up your physical body into Christ right now,
in gratitude to You Lord for our remembrance that
our bodies are made of Your Essence that forms into
atomic particulate that is whole and complete and that those
form into molecules that are whole and complete and know no
lack or disease and form into cells that are filled
with vital life function so that we remember that the power
that made the body heals the body from the inside out,
and to glorify You in all that we do, this is so and
cannot be otherwise in and through the name nature
and power of JesusChrist thank YOU GOD amen.

thanks for the Q :)  (+ info)

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