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What is a priorty for a patient who is diabetic? has cellulitis of left foot?

Pt is a 41 year old male , that was admitted for cellulitis of left foot, and complains of nause and vomiting , chills and fever.
should # 1 nursing diagnosis be Deficient fluid volume ( dehydration), as he is put on IV in both arms, or shoudl should the diagnosis be FEVER first. please help along with rational.

This is not a homework forum.  (+ info)

I was wondering about a cellulitis complication?

Basically, i was disanosed with cellulitis, i know a complication from this can be septicemia, i was wondering how common is this from cellulitis and in general?

Unless the celllulitis is ignored or improperly treated, it's not common.

Even in older, diabetic patients, it can usually be stopped quickly with antibiotics.  (+ info)

what is a fast good solution to get rid of cellulitis without using any creams or any products?

Okay the thing is i am very athletic and my leggs and body is very toned and strong, but out of no where between my hipps to my knees they just got bigger...which is a good thing but the problem now is that i'm noticing that i am starting to get cellulitis which i would like to stop before it fully comes out...

please somebody help me what do you recommend...

i really apreciate everybody's help...

Two things, it's cellulite (not cellulitis) that you are concerned about. One-Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the soft tissue under the skin. It requires an antibiotic. Two- unfortunately cellulite is hereditary. My best friend who is 5'8'' and 115 has it. Some of those lotions aren't bad. They contain caffeine. Best thing to do honestly- bump up the cardio, limit salt, and go get a spray tan.  (+ info)

If my husband is taking strong antibiotics for cellulitis, could this cause me to have a yeast infection?

My husband recently developed cellulitis, and has been treated with some very strong antibiotics. We were sexually active twice in the same day that he received Rocefin (sp?) intravenously and began oral antibiotics, and I believe that I am developing a yeast infection. Is it possible that the two conditions are related?

I think that it is quite possible. Candida yeast is present in almost all humans. It is an opportunistic organism that waits for the chance to overrun the body. When one begins a course of strong antibiotics, the medicine not only kills off the bad bacteria, but it also kills off the good bacteria that make up part of the immune system. Since your husband started the strong antibiotics, it may be possible that if there was candida in his system, it started to grow and overrun his immune defenses. When you and he engaged in sexual activity, he could have passed on to you more candida than your immune system could cope with.

Be sure that you and he both treat this, because unchecked, candida yeast will cause all kinds of problems. From thrush (that smelly white cottage cheese like discharge) to seemingly unrelated problems like leaky gut, gas and depression, yeast infection is nothing to be taken lightly.  (+ info)

what are the chances of dying of cellulitis?

i know what cellulitis is. But what i want to know is how often someone dies of cellulitis. what are the chances?? plz help

This would be possible in a person who leaves this untreated and has many, serious underlying health problems. This would eventually lead to sepsis and then death if not treated. Most people who get this treated (and they do due to the pain in the area) do not die and this is successfully treated with antibiotics.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of oral/mouth cellulitis?

I just wanted to know what the symptoms of cellulitis of the mouth or oral cellulitis - I've tried looking it up but can't find a descripton.

try looking up gingivitis  (+ info)

How long does it take to get rid of cellulitis in your hand?

(not cellulite, but cellulitis)

Are you taking antibiotics for it? Should show some improvement in a few days with antibiotics, if not go back to the dr. for a different antibiotic since that could be an MRSA strain of staph.  (+ info)

Could Helicobacteria Pylori be indicative of Discoid Lupus or Cellulitis of The Breast?

Diagnosed with Discoid Lupus 10 years ago. Hospitalized for Cellulitis of the Right Breast the same year. Now being tested for Helicobacteria Pylori. Intense stomach pain and have lost 20 pounds, unintentionally over the last year.

No. That Bacteria is specialized to the GI tract only.  (+ info)

how do you get rid of cellulitis have already tried flucloxicillin?

Tried flucloxicillin and ciprofloxicin in conjunction for 3 months. Swelling has resolved however the redness is still evident. It is not tracking up the leg anymore but is still there, a patch of about 5" x 5". Any help appreciated

If it is not improving then you may need to be hospitalized for IV antibiotics  (+ info)

How long does it take for cellulitis to cure in the elderly?

my friends mom has it in her leg. she doesnt know how long shes had it, but does anyone know how long it takes to get cured? shes only been aware that shes had it for about a week. thank you.

Cellulitis is an infection of the tissue under the skin. It usually needs to be treated with antibiotics. Your friends mom should see her doctor. Check out the link to an article about cellulitis on Yahoo health.  (+ info)

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