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How can you tell the cellulitis is getting better?

My husband has been on antibiotics for 2 days now. He CAN NOT walk on his legs at all. At times its been leaking very dark blood. He is in extreme pain beyond belief. What will get it better/can tell its getting better?? Please help

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Is it safe to travel with Cellulitis?

I have cellulitis in my left leg. I'm on antibiotics for it, but this week I'm off on vacation and am supposed to go to a family reunion. Is there an issue with me being in the car for a few hours to get there?

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Is is bad to drink aloholic beverages (beer) when you have cellulitis?

I want to this weekend but have cellulitis,

if youre taking antibiotics then yes. it is bad. alcohol can lower the effectiveness of antibiotics.  (+ info)

What are ways to cure cellulitis at home?

I have had this for about 2 months now and I have been to the doctor's 3 separate times and have been on 3 different rounds of antibiotics. It will seem to get better but once the antibiotic starts coming to an end it seems to flair up again. Doctor bills are not cheap and I want to try and find a way to avoid the doctor again

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How to care for open wound after inflamation caused by cellulitis?

I've an open wound…puss is coming out after cellitus (skin infection). The wound is about a size of a dime. I tried to put alcohol patch over it but it's too iritating. I thought about antibiotic ointment but I heard it interferes with the fluid drainage... Please advise!

You need to ask your Dr for an RX for Bactroban (mupirocin) ointment. This is used specifically for staph, MRSA and cellulitis infections.



You are correct about the wound needing to drain but you also need to stop the staph infection and keep it from spreading. Apply the Bactroban (ointment formulation only because of it being an open wound) twice daily to wound and edge of wound - with clean hands. No more than twice daily. The ointment form is pretty much quickly absorbed by the body.

Also, look through Yahoo answers for previous answers using intranasal bactroban as your search words. If you have cellulitis then you also have staph germs colonized in your nose and you will have a much better chance of the staph and cellulitis not returning if you also treat the colonization of germs in your nose. good luck

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/drug-information/DR203489  (+ info)

How to get the swelling from cellulitis down from a cut on my boyfriends hand?

his hand is huge and I tried ice and it made the swelling go further down his arm..
He just found out today and was diagnosed and given a shot and antibiotics but its worsening since i put ice and heat on it ????

Was he formally diagnosed with cellulitis? If so, he should be given antibiotics from the Dr. to solve the root problem.  (+ info)

Has anyone experienced recurring cellulitis?

I've been getting cellulitis all over my body and it always leaves a dark spot on the site after it's healled, and I'm getting so sick of it. It starts of as a little bump and then a few hours later is so swollen that it hurts that I could barely move it, I've been on several antibiotics and it seems to come 3 days after i'm done my treatment and starts again. Does anyone know how to cure this disease?? Please Help!! I've developed it since November and it's still happening till now it's been 3 months now.

Cellulitis is the word most doctors use to dx MRSA. Are you on meds such as penicillan? Such a normal drug will not get rid of MRSA. Does your doctor understand what MRSA is? Trust me, many don't. MRSA has been so cruel to my adult son, that he has had to stay home in bed, and have the hospital DELIVER his I.V. and other meds, because he was so infected that the hospital would not let him IN!. I used a lot of bleach! Bleach your bedding every morning........bleach the bathroom floor. Remember, you ARE contageous. People CAN die from MRSA when, especially, it is not treated correctly. If your doctor is NOT treating it as MRSA, you may become really more sick and more contageous. Check it out. Good luck! Remember, if it IS MRSA, it will stay in your system, and you WILL break out in the future as well. Write down what DOES work for you. You will need to tell the doctor, most likely, next time.  (+ info)

what is the likelihood of getting cellulitis from a big, popped pimple?

I had it before and given that it can occur with even microscopic wounds, I don't really want it again -big hassle and even worse when the face is affected.

Yes, it is possible.
A few years ago, I has a red spot on my face which kept getting larger and larger.Cellulitis. The Dr guessed I might have cut myself while shaving, or scratcherd myself .
For days on intraveous antibiotics!
Did you pop a pimple with dirty fingernails??  (+ info)

I have developed cellulitis on my left cheek from a procedure?

I'm on a high dose of antibiotics, but how long will this take to settle down. There are no open sores or anything but it's hard and painful. I'm just feeling so down right now and am scared it will never go away.
Thank you id, I've recently seen my local gp and have an appointment with the doctor who performed procedure in a week. I'm probably not the most patient person, but I'm going to take your good advice.

Your included details are scanty I am afraid, but simple cellulitis should settle with antibiotic appropriate management.  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about the skin condition called cellulitis?

It developed on my face, right side of my nose and started swelling of my right eyelid. Was put on antibiotics to clear it up. Would like to know if anyone knows anything about it.

Its a form of Staph. My grandfather had it. It
Diabetics are more susceptible to cellulitis, they can lose a body part, if it gets worse.

But instead of your regluar MD and dermologist, go see an ID(infectious diease) doctor. it could be up their alley. It be very well be MRSA or some other kind of Superbug that is in the Staph family.  (+ info)

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