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would cellulitis appear on both of my legs at the same time?

Woke up this morning with red patches on inside of both of my lower legs. Could this be cellulitis...on both of my legs? Area is pink and a little bit warm.

its not cellulitis, its from your legs being stuck together...  (+ info)

Does anyone know if crystal meth use can cause periorbital cellulitis?

I tried to search it online and so far i found no link, but the doctor at the ER said it is probably why my sistr develped this around her eye.

Periorbital cellulitis is loosely related to orbital cellulitis, the latter being an extremely dangerous, emergency medical condition. Both involve infection of the eye region and are caused (largely) by straphylococcus and streptococcus, and both can be transmitted through needles; (which is also a popular way of administering meth) so if someone with the bacteria uses a needle and passes it to someone else who uses that same unsterilized needle, there is a chance the infection could be spread. Although, there are many other ways it could be spread, your sister's doctor probably had a good reason to suspect it was due to crystal meth use.  (+ info)

Is there a connection between cellulitis, the IUD and Meningitis?

Last autumn I became very ill. By christmas morning, I had meningitis. I seemed to have become ill after I had the IUD put in. Again, this year I began feeling ill and this time showed symptoms of cellulitis. I am now on the proper meds. The sickness both times have felt the same. I havent fully recovered yet from last year. After becoming familiar with the symptoms, I see that this is probably the same thing coming back again and what made me so sick last year but was not diagnosed properly. Is there a chance that there is a connection between all of this?

If you had lesion in your vagina before your doctor insert IUD or if your doctor not correctly / properly washed his hand or using un-sterile device to insert IUD -- it'll cause infection. Chronic / acute infection could cause meningitis if the bacteria pass blood brain barrier.

Cellulitis and IUD -- cellulitis of what ? Intra pelvic ? Vagina ? Well, it can be. Other area cellulitis ? Probably not.  (+ info)

How help someone at home with lymph-edema/cellulitis?

What could be done to help someone with this disorder at home? Could anyone give me more information on the disorder? Is it deadly?
I uderstand there is a difference between the two, but this person has both and i just want to make life a little easier for them at home when it flairs up.

This is a bacterial infection.

You can obtain a zapper to cure it very quickly, and then ensure a good diet.

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what does cellulitis look like when it is healing?

my daughter who is 3 was said to have cellulitis on her ear and cheek. it is not red anymore but is dry and cracking. is this normal?

Cellulitis is a severe infection and one that should heal from the bottom up. We don't want to seal the top while there is still any infection inside. Is she taking antibiotics? Are you doing anything to help it drain, like hot wet soaks? It should not be reddened around the edges, which it sounds like it is not. There may be drying of the tissues, because that skin has died....and will flake off. Have you been back to see your pediatrician?  (+ info)

Does anyone have any ideas for PREVENTING cellulitis?

My daughter is trying to loose the weight but it doesn't come of as easliy as it went on.

EXCERSICE! And be healthy!  (+ info)

26 years old with cellulitis and very cold on the right side?

26 years old female, healthy weight under going the third treatments for cellulites(now apo-amoxi clav). Since the prescriptions I have been having diarrhea 3 to 5 times a day. Obviously there is something strange for me to get the infection out of no where. But I have been feeling cold on the right side of my body for some time (the same side then the infections)I am also taking strattera daily. My doctor is scratching is head since it isn't the first time I get unusual infection. How can I warm up I can't even shovel the snow because my toes turn white in less then 5 minutes. Sometime I am so cold on the feet it hurts. Please advice if you can

I am afraid I don't have any advice for you but was curious because I have had cellulitis twice in my legs. The first time I was hospitalized for a month and my leg was three times its' size and looked like a glazed ham. They were contemplating taking it off at the time but by intravenous antibiotics I was sent home as it healed. Went through physical therapy for a month. Three weeks later was in the hospital again for three weeks with the same infection. Was given three different antibiotics intravenously and whirlpool with unaboot and was sent home. Have had a bout since but have come to recognize the symptoms now so caught it in time. I spike a very high fever, highest 106 degrees. I also get cold, I am assuming it is because of the fever that I feel cold on my body. A lot I don't remember because my fever was so high but I remember blistering and then the blisters ran and then scabbed over. It took almost six months for it to heal and I am scarred. I since have heard of a girl in my town having it on her face. She lost one of her eyes and her face was swollen so that she couldn't even move her head. Also a young girl of 19 apparently picked a pimple on her face and she developed cellulitis on her face and her face swelled and infected and they had to drain the infection from her face. I still don't know to this day why I contracted this infection nor do my Dr.'s know. Tell me it is from shaving my legs, which I don't do anymore because I have no hair on them anymore. Another Dr. told me it was from going barefoot. All I know is that if I get a spider, mosquito bite etc. I will start to swell and turn red and blister. Cold bothers me too. This year has been especially bad since we have four foot of snow here. Good luck to you. You are very young to have to put up with this disease. I am 54 years old and it took its' tole on me. I also have extreme diarrhea but I attributed that to the antibiotics. I hope you are doing better. Take good care of yourself and I have found through research on the PC that certain foods help. Stay away from anything tomato such as sauces etc. Eating lots of vegies and fruits, cheeses are good. Almost like a diabetic dieting. You actually will feel better and drink lots of milk, low fat. It helps your skin and I drink A LOT of water. No soda, this seems to irritate the skin. I also found that taking Zyrtec every day helps with the healing process and keeps the itching down as it heals. I wish you luck!  (+ info)

I get Cellulitis in my lower legs, ankles, and a lot of swelling, why?

I get this when I am on my feet too much, but this last time it gave me no warning and just went full blown everyone in my lower leg. Is it because I have a blood flow problem in my legs? I get this every other month, and take antibiotics for it. I am afraid I will become allergic to the antibiotic. Help? I am in my late 60's and female..
I have large areas of red and imflammed splotches, which move around and up my leg.
I have large areas of red and imflammed splotches, which move around and up my leg.

antibiotics are not the answer.

Make sure you rest well every 2 hours or so, put up your feet for 15 minutes and rotate your ankles , exercise them while they are up....to prevent the fluids from building up in your legs.

Check your diet, you might need more potassium (bananas, eggplant) and lessen your sodium intake, (salty foods, salt etc.)

Have a blood test for your triglycerides to check your cholesterol levels and might as well check your blood sugar.

Leg swelling generally occurs because of an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the lower extremity. The medical term for leg swelling from excessive fluid in the tissues is edema. Persisting indentation of a swollen leg after pressure from a finger is known as pitting edema.

Less common causes of leg swelling include diseases that cause thickness of the layers of skin, such as scleroderma and eosinophilic fasciitis. In these diseases, the leg swelling is characterized by non-pitting edema.  (+ info)

Can cellulitis in the breast cause breast cancer?

I think I might have cellulitis in my right breast. There was a pimple (which I have never experienced in this area before) and now the area is very hard, tender, and swollen. It is about the size of a golf ball. I don't have medical insurance right now and I don't believe I can afford to go see a doctor. But I plan on going anyhow later this week...

Thank you for any help you can give me! :)

You need to see a doctor. It doesn't sound like breast cancer, but if you have cellulitis, you need to be on antibiotics or it will get worse. There are free clinics around, you can go to one if your worried about the cost. Call your local emergency room and they can probably direct you. Good luck.  (+ info)

If a patient had cellulitis in his right leg, what LAB VALUES would be important to document?

They're probably looking for white blood cell count, but that's not always true. I've seen bad cellulitis with a normal white count.  (+ info)

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