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my mom had cephalopelvic disproportion will i too?

my mom and grandma and great grandma all had it will i probably have it to ? what are the odds? please only answer if you are a doctor or have had this thanks :)

every woman is different. however, my sister had a high cervix and couldnt dilate which led her to c section deliveries....and the same situation happened to me...doctors should be able to estimate the size of your baby in proportion to your body in labor. if your labor doesnt progress or the baby shows signs of distress this may be the case.....good luck and dont automatically assume this will be passed on to you.  (+ info)

Health teaching about cephalopelvic disproportion?

I just wanna know what it is.....

I would type it in the search engine and find out. I have heard that many women have the problem of their pelvis being unbalanced and proportioned. Thats probably all it is.  (+ info)

Anyone here have succesful VBAC after being diagnosed with "cephalopelvic disproportion"?

I had C sec after pushing for 2 hrs with epidural (30 more mins with epidural turned off). Baby was in distress with Heart Rate and also wasnt descending past +1 station. So I got C sec. Baby was 8lbs 8 ozs. I am a small person. I feel like without having the epdural I might have been able to do it, but Dr said no way. I wasnt in the best of shape physically due to 12 wks of bedrest.Just looking for related stories???

I think you'll find that most women who have had an "emergency" section (and I'm not talking *true* emergencies here like cord prolapse or deep transverse arrest) will have CPD and/or FTP (Failure To Progress) on their hospital records. CPD is overdiagnosed and misdiagnosed. True CPD is rare and is caused by things like the pelvic structure not forming correctly in utero, suffering from a broken pelvis and malnutrition therefore leading to a misformed pelvis. Your doctor is feeding you a lie. I had a section with my first and was told it was because of CPD and FTP. It was actually caused by me believing my doctor when he said "I'm going to break you water to speed things up a bit". What it actually did was confine me to bed with those stupid monitors on and caused my daughter's head to tilt sideways, so she never came down. I only got to 5cm after 12 hrs. I've gone on to have 3 babies vaginally with each of them being over 10lbs. CPD my foot. I'm only 5'3" tall too. If your doc is telling you that you can't do it, find another doctor or a Certified Professional Midwife. It's worth it!  (+ info)

Can scoliosis cause waist disproportion?

I was diagnosed with scoliosis 4 years ago an i just wanted to know if scoliosis can cause waist disproportion. I noticed that one side of my waist curves in more than the other side. Is this because of my scoliosis? Also, i have been experiencing hip pain on one side.

Yes it does and the more curved the spine the more the waist goes in i too have scoliosis and am still curved despite surgery so my waist goes in on the one side,

it can cause hip pain due to the hip tilting to one side with the curve so makes one leg shorter than the other so it causes pain when you walk due to bad posture,and again the worse the curve the worse the tilting of the hip will be so means more pain,

and sometimes the spine twists too to check to see if yours is put both hands out straight in front of you like a swimming pose, if one arm is longer than the other it means the spine is also twisted and the more twisted the spine the more one arm will be longer than the other.  (+ info)

Am 23 yrs old, am 34-27-32 disproportion with 43 kg 5'2 ht, how can i improve to be proportional? pls help me

I don't know your gender, but if you're female, your waist is somewhat out of proportion with your hips (your chest is neutral). I would recommend lots of abdominal exercises, like crunches, which would flatten your belly and obliques. If the problem lies with a large ribcage, which would make your midsection barrel-like and your hips small by comparison, there's not much you can do and I'd suggest wearing some hip padding or just dealing with it.

If you are male, you are in good proportion, but maybe you could build up your chest just a tad with some pectoral exercises. You are also underweight and need to put on some fat and muscle. Eat a balanced, high-calorie diet that includes lots of protein, and do lots of resistance exercises/weight training.  (+ info)

Is there any way to reduce very large calves?

I'm a female with extremely large calves. I have always been active and athletic. I did a lot of jumping on a trampoline when a teenager. My calves are disproportionately large compared to the rest of my legs/hips.

I have never been able to wear tall boots as they just don't come even close to fitting. But the disproportion is what is the real issue. I just want them to be more in proportion with the rest of me. I am trying to find some exercises or some way to reduce my calves.

Any Suggestions for exercises?

I think maybe walking and definately diet. Because when you diet, you can actually lose that muscle if you stick to something like800-1000 calories a day.

Stay away from anything on the treadmill that includes incline, and yeah, just stick to walking.  (+ info)

How can I lose fat off of my legs?

I have really big legs, not thighs, but lower legs, and i can't stand my disproportion down there. How can I thin down my legs and thighs and buns without having to eat fruits or vegetables? Exercises wise, I mean.

You can't reduce fat in just one area of the body. When you exercise, you lose fat all over evenly.  (+ info)

Anorexia + bulimia = disproportion?

Well I'm 16, 5'9" and 115-116 pounds. I suppose I'm a mixture of anorexia and bulimia, because I fit the diagnosis for them both. I starve and barely eat, and then I binge, puke, and exercise excessively. Haven't been at a "healthy weight" or had more than spotting since September.

Anyway, you can skip the lecture because I know it all. I just wanted to fully explain my situation for better answers. The last 6 weeks I've become much more extreme with my bulimia, I puke on almost a daily basis. And the last 3 weeks or so my body seems disproportionate - even my family has noticed. They describe my upper body as "belonging in the halocaust" but they describe my legs as just thin. I wouldn't describe it the same way, but my upper body is definitely a lot thinner than my legs. Is it possible that bulimia causes disproportion? And if so, why?

Simple answer would be, your body is dying. Without the nutrients it needs your body will be breaking down anything unnecessary in an effort to stay alive. To put it in different words... your body is basically eating itself. First it will break down any stored fats that are left. Then when the fats gone it will move on to muscle, breaking it down to use for energy to keep the vital organs alive, once you lose around 50% of your muscle mass you are dead. Simple. Hope the info is what you were looking for.  (+ info)

Upper - Lower body height disproportion.?

Hello everybody. I'm really pissed lately as I found out that the reason why my outfits look so goofy is that I have a Upper to Lower body disproportion. My lower body is way taller than my upper part of the body. And please for the love of God don't tell me that I'm fortunate that I have long legs or something like that. When I say 'way taller' I mean, funny looking 'way taller'. And I'm suspecting that the reason for this is because I used to do bodybuilding at early age.

Is there anything you thing or know I could do to cure this problem.

Thank you.
I used to be normal when I was 15 - 16 years old. At about age of 17 I started to do bodybuilding without any proper instruction and that's how I got scaloze (spinal deflection).

  (+ info)

How do I make my arms and legs skinnier?

I have alot of muscles in my arms and legs, mostly my arms. And my calves are larger than I would like them to be. I'm really short (five feet) and I think my large leg muscles make me look weird and disproportioned. How do I slim down the muscles in my arms be legs?

I tend to gain weight in my upper arms and legs and running helps a LOT for the legs. Also you can do the cross-trainer, which you can push and pull to tone the upper arms. My friend did this and she looks really amazing, no flab at all.

Also, I find I need to supplement the cardio with weights, but very light weights with high reps, or do Body Pump classes at the gym, which tones and tightens the muscles, making it sleeker.  (+ info)

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