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Can a cerebral hemorrhage be genetic?

no. it is a hemmorage. hemmorage is not genetic. it is like asking can breaking a leg be genetic?  (+ info)

cerebral hemorrhage from forcing bowel movement?

Is it true that the pressure from forcing bowel movement can rupture some blood vessels in the brain? What kind of hemorrhage is this called? What are its symptoms?

While theoretically possible, it's much more likely you would develop haemorrhoids!

The ideal thing would be to ensure you have enough roughage in your diet to never have to 'force' anything.

So pile on the fruit and veg and you should be safe enough.  (+ info)

A 73-year-old woman suffers a severe cerebral hemorrhage after minor trauma.?

A 73-year-old woman suffers a severe cerebral hemorrhage after minor trauma. Blood work reveals that her blood clotting ability is impaired. Disease of which abdominal organ may contribute to this? Why?

liver problems with impaired clotting factors production  (+ info)

Mega Migrane or Cerebral hemorrhage?

Here are the symptoms : headache, rapidly getting worst, Nausea, Vomiting, unbearable escalating pain. No loss of counsiousness, no difficulty hearing or talking or seeing. took Amphetamines 4-5 hours prior. If it's a Cerebral hemorrhage, what are the chances if seen by a doctor 3-3.5 hours later. Need more info just ask can't think of anything else right now.

U should see a Dr, immediatly....The ER will do a CAT scan of your head to rule out a brain bleed or tumor....if the CAT sacan comes back negative they can still be able to treat your pain and nausea. With these symptoms the ER should be able to see you very quickly.  (+ info)

do i have a cerebral hemorrhage?

HI ppl..
Four days ago i was like super angry so i couldn't take it so i hit my head against the door.. any ways now i forget stuff and my brain is not as powerful as it used to be that means that i cant think very well and one other thing it feels now that my food digestion is very fast and i get hungry alot so what are the chances that i have some kina concussion or a cerebral hemorrhage or so

You probably gave yourself a concussion. You would need your head scanned to see any other damage, such as a cerebral hemorrhage. Certainly no one here on Yahoo knows if you caused that or not just by reading your post.

good luck.  (+ info)

my father was diagnosed with having a cerebral hemorrhage and cant walk what is the prognosis?

The Immediate treatmentwould be something like
Thrombolytic medicine, like tPA, breaks up blood clots and can restore blood flow to the damaged area. People who receive this medicine are more likely to have less long-term impairment. However, there are strict criteria for who can receive thrombolytics. The most important is that the person be evaluated and treated by a specialized stroke team within 3 hours of when the symptoms start. If the stroke is caused by bleeding rather than clotting, this treatment can make the damage worse -- so care is needed to diagnose the cause before giving treatment.
In other circumstances, blood thinners such as heparin and coumadin are used to treat strokes. Aspirin and other anti-platelet agents may be used as well.
Other medications may be needed to control associated symptoms. Analgesics pain killers may be needed to control severe headache. Anti-hypertensive medication may be needed to control high blood pressure.
Nutrients and fluids may be necessary, especially if the person has swallowing difficulties. The nutrients and fluids may be given through an intravenous tube aka IV or a feeding tube in the stomach aka gastrostomy tube. Swallowing difficulties may be temporary or permanent.

For hemorrhagic stroke, surgery is often required to remove pooled blood from the brain and to repair damaged blood vessels. Life support and coma treatment are performed as needed.

In Long-term
The goal is to recover as much function as possible and prevent future strokes. Depending on the symptoms, rehabilitation includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The recovery time differs from person to person. Certain therapies, such as repositioning and range-of-motion exercises, are intended to prevent complications related to stroke, like infections and bed sores. People should stay active within their physical limitations. Sometimes, urinary catheterization or bladder/bowel control programs may be necessary to control incontinence .

Also,the person's safety must be considered. Some people with stroke appear to have no awareness of their surroundings on the affected side. Others show indifference or lack of judgment, which increases the need for safety precautions. For these people, friends and family members should repeatedly reinforce important information, like name, age, date, time, and where they live, to help the person stay oriented.
Caregivers may need to show the person pictures, repeatedly demonstrate how to perform tasks, or use other communication strategies, depending on the type and extent of the language problems.
In-home care, boarding homes, adult day care, or convalescent homes may be required to provide a safe environment, control aggressive or agitated behavior, and meet medical needs.
Behavior modification may be helpful for some people in controlling unacceptable or dangerous behaviors.  (+ info)

how does cerebral hemorrhage affect the body?

person will complain of a headache that soon becomes so severe they will usually describe it as the worst headache of their life. They will become dizzy, unsteady when they walk, slurred speech, may experience nausea, and some of the later changes (which are really bad), altered level of consciousness and uneven pupils that may not react to light (fixed pupils usually dilated but can be uneven too. the person may or may not be unconscious at that point)....  (+ info)

Brain hemorrhage caused cerebral palsy?

Alright so my brother is 15 years old and right before my mother had him she shot up with a drug (all i know is speed.) and some of the cotton got into her blood stream or something anyway all of this caused a brain hemorrhage in my brothers brain right before he was born and they said that he has cerebral palsy and stuff. Anyway my question is Can this be fixed, he has had it all of his life and i'd like to see him be a normal kid is this possible ?? and also is there anyway they could actually go inside the brain and fix it, i mean they do everything else so why wouldn't they be able to fix this?
No I'm not embarrassed of him, i would just like to get to see him live his life outside of a wheelchair and get to eat dinner with us and stuff.

The short answer to your question is no, this cannot be fixed.

The long answer is a little more complex. Your mother shot up some stimulant (either speed, cocaine, etc) before giving birth. More than likely, this caused her to have a placental abruption (where the placenta seperates from the uterine wall and the blood flow to the placenta, and thus the baby inside, is compromised). Cerebal palsy typically results from a hypoxic event (meaning not enough oxygen to the brain). Even if his CP was from a stroke (i.e., bleeding into the brain), when the brain is damaged there is no going back - this tissue does not heal itself and when it is damaged it is damaged. That is why paraplegics won't walk again - you can't make new neuronal tissue. If he was born with CP, he will have it all of his life (at least for the foreseeable future - who knows what new advances lay just beyond the horizon).

I hope that you are not embarrassed by him or the like. Realize that he did nothing to bring this condition onto himself, and by being in his life you are providing something that most CP kids lack, and that is someone who loves them. There are some medications that will lessen his burden, but it has been years since I worked with CP kids. Try taking him to a pediatric neurologist (if he does not already have one) - they may be able to suggest some things that will allow him to live a more normal life.  (+ info)

The aftermath of a Cerebral hemorrhage?

My father has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. He has been in the hospital for about 2 weeks now and he still can not talk, move, or do anything but just lay there like a vegetable. He is in a coma state. It all started with just an aneurysm but as soon as he went to the ER that night, it busted. The cause was his high blood pressure. The doctor has told us that it ruptured his ability to ever breathe on his own and move again. Basically, he can not live with out being on the resperator. In the past two weeks, he has made no progress. His brain is still swelling but the bleeding has stopped for now. They recently did a surgery of an insertion of an internal drainage tube and that went fine. There are two options that are up to my mother/family, he could go in a nursing home for the rest of his life until he goes naturally or we just give the doctors the okay to "pull the plug". Which one do you think would be better? What kind of state would he be in?? All answers are needed!
i know my father and he would not want to be on bed rest and suffer in a nursing home. I guess the main answer i want to know is, what would happen if he does make it through this??

This is an entirely personal decision that should be made by the members of your immediate family. If the doctors certify that he is "brain dead" there is essentially no hope for recovery and I would strongly consider pulling the plug. Anything else and it might not be a bad idea to put him in nursing care temporarily before making a final decision so you will always be able to look back and comfort yourself with thought that you did not undertake this important step precipitously.  (+ info)

how can we improve or avoid the cerebral spillage?

The persons who are inclined on having suffered cerebral spillage,cerebral hemorrhage,apoplexy,bad cerebral traffic,have had blows in the head,naturists can use medicines to improve this condition and not to have many complications to future. The best thing that I have used with some patients is the garlic, which serves to improve the blood traffic and to be cleaned of fat and tóxinas of the blood,it is good to take 2 - 5 raw garlics fasting and you will see the difference on the following day. They can accompany of a few candies for the headache,candies savior,and besides use the toothpick as water of time,these 3 things were helping them very much in your problems of cerebral traffic. Also for the pain decabeza is good to take warm baths in the extremities,this helps very much and relaxes the head. Also it would be good to accompany of a diet specialized for these problems.I have seen several cases to get improved rapidly with garlics especially when they had clots in the brain.

I thought a "naturist" was someone who advocated nudity.

Love, Jack.  (+ info)

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