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Cerebral palsy?

I recently started working as a nanny. The family I work for has a 3 year old son with cerebral palsy and is blind. My question is what kind of activities can I do with him? Also does anyone know anything about this condition? I am a little educated with it but not as well as I would like to be.

My 2 year old son has cerebral palsy. He is not blind, but does have vision issues, and he also has some degree of mental retardation. Some kids with cp have mental retardation, and some kids don't.

CP is a neurological disorder. The child's brain has either been injured (perhaps during birth, or oxygen deprivation at some point) or wasn't formed correctly during early pregnancy. The brain can't communicate with the muscles properly, and therefore the child can't control his body the way we do.

My son loves to be held, loves music and when I sing to him, he loves the water (of course you must be very careful and never take you eyes off of him not even for a second - if the phone rings, ignore it; same with the doorbell, don't run and get a towel, nothing - you must keep your hands on him at all times!) I bet this kid you are nannying would love the pool (you'd have to go in with him and hold him) My son really loves movement, like swinging and when I toss him gently on the bed over and over. He loves it when I talk to him - at first it didn't seem to make a difference, but slowly he has realized that he can interact with me.

Also, stretching his muscles several times a day is very important. Stretch out his hamstrings (back of his thigh) and his calves. Give him lots of time on his tummy so he can develop his arm and back muscles - very important.

Just give him lots and lots of love and attention! What a difference you can make in this boy's life!

Sorry for the book - I wish that I had someone I trusted to watch my son. Oh yeah, and what frogenstein said is true - he probably qualifies for Early Intervention services, where he can go and get all sorts of therapies and interact with other kids like him. This is really beneficial.

Linda  (+ info)

cerebral palsy?

I have a few question about cerebral palsy.

What causes cerebral palsy and what are the symptoms

What treatments can you go through to treat cerebal palsy

Cerebral Palsy is caused by a lack of oxygen at birth. Something basically went wrong and the baby did not receive all the oxygen it needed and a part of the brain became damaged.

Symptoms include difficulty with limb control, speech control and muscular control. Leading to problems walking, talking etc.

Treatment is really only to alleviate the symptoms as an area of the brain once damaged can only repair itself within limits. So really it is physiotherapy and leg, arm braces etc. Speech therapy and cognitive therapy. Medication can help if seizures are a problem.

go take a look at:

http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/cerebral_palsy/cerebral_palsy.htm  (+ info)

Cerebral Palsy.....?

Has anyone heard that Cerebral Palsy is caused by a doctors malpractice? What do you think it is that causes this?

CP has many different causes, and sometimes the exact cause is never known. In my son's case it was caused by the doctors.

He was face up while I pushed for 3 hours. The doctor NEVER showed up. He was deprived of oxygen, and as a result had seizures shortly after birth. My son's CP is a direct result of the doctor's negligence, I have the MRI to prove it. We are in the middle of a long, drawn-out lawsuit against the doctor, hospital, nurses and midwife that caused this lifelong struggle for my son.  (+ info)





Cerebral palsy is a NON-PROGRESSIVE disorder of the brain.

Incidence: 1-2 / 100 live births.

Usually caused due to birth trauma, intrauterine infections, injury to the brain, birth asphyxia.


1) Spastic
2) Atonic
3) Extrapyramidal

Spastic type is most common.

Clinical Features

1) Abnormally persistent neonatal relfexes.
2) Feeding difficulties.
3) Scissoring gait.
4) Brisk tendon reflexes.
5) Variable degrees of mental, visual handicaps and behavioral problems.

-Child has low birth weight, feeding difficulties, does not keep pace with anticipated normal range of neurological and behavioral development,

Treatment: Holistic approach (combined approach)

Occupational therapy, Education, Orthopedic support, Social support, rehabilitation and vocational guidance, physiotherapy.

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cerebral Palsy?

what are the causes? how to manage it? how to prevent it?

My best friend was born 2 months premature and her oxygen was cut off for several minutes before she was born. The most likely cause is oxygen deprivation just before birth. This does not cause "Brain Damage" in the sense that someone cannot do things for themselves. My friend has a college degree, has married and has a child. She walks, but with a profound limp. Her parents were very intent on raising her to be independant.  (+ info)

Can a person with cerebral palsy start to walk on their own if they pratice alot?

i have cerebral palsy. i think that i can walk if i pratice alot. the other day i went to store and walk with my walker. now my legs are score and i cant pratice now. how can i make my legs less sore?

In my experience, the only way a person with CP will learn to walk is to learn how to do it with minimal effort. When you use the right muscles, walking should be almost effortless.

Think about it...babies experiment by using different muscles and bending their bodies in different positions until they find the simplest way. We don't consciously think about breathing, we just do it. Walking should be easy, too.

PT is the best way for a person with CP to learn how to do these effortless movements. My son couldn't sit up, crawl, or walk for a long time; much longer than the average child. After 3 years of PT, (age 3 1/2) he took his first steps. Now he's 5 1/2 and walking, running, jumping, climbing etc. We continue PT visits once weekly and he also practices at home.

If you force walking before your body and brain learn the correct "tools" to master the movements correctly, I think you will be putting unecessary strain on your muscles and cause more pain for yourself.

Make an appt. with a good PT that specializes in people with CP. They are out there, and they are VERY good at what they do. Good luck!  (+ info)

What are the challenges of cerebral palsy?

I am waiting to be a "Big Sister" in Big brothers, big sisters, and they have a possible match for me. She is a girl with cerebral palsy, and I don't know much about it. I have found info online, but it's very clinical and I just wanted some insight on the condition from real people.

Any thoughts? Anything I should know about?

Basically it is caused by damage to the part of the brain that handles your motor skills and muscle control. It really varies from person to person so its hard to say exactly what challenges someone would have though.

If her CP is more severe she might use a wheelchair or walker, and also it might be a little hard to understand her because the CP effects muscle control for talking too? Also a lot of people with cerebral palsy have this thing that makes their muscles really tense and they move involuntarily. I think thats what the other answer is talking about when she says her friend shakes. People will do stuff like shake or kick/move their arms or legs without trying, its just like signals from the brain so they can't control it?

My sister has pretty severe CP and her legs just kick a little bit back and forth constantly like 24 hrs a day. She uses a wheelchair only to get around (noo walking) and I think people who don't know her usually have a really hard time understanding her unless she talks really slow. She can't write or do much with her hands but she can drive her wheelchair and eat by herself. But also I have a friend with really mild CP and he just walks with sort of a stiff limp and has bad handwriting/fine motor skills, basically he's just a little bit klutzy/awkward when he moves. Like I said, it varies a lot? Maybe someone at Big Brothers Big Sisters could tell you a little more about her before you meet her?

Oh, also it is caused by brain damage but that doesn't always mean the person will have a mental disability too. Some people with CP will be mentally challenged and some will be average and some total geniuses.  (+ info)

What are the chances of my child having cerebral palsy?

My fiancee has cerebral palsy and we want to have a baby but wanted to know what are the chances that our baby would have it. Cerebral palsy runs on his side of the family but not mine. His grandad and a few of his uncles have it but what are the chances that our child would have it? It seems as if the ppl on his side of the family that have it are male so is it more likely that if we have a boy would he have it. Please help! Please no smart remarks...thank you in advance!

I have Cerebral Palsy and it is not a disorder that runs in families. Your fiancee's family might just have it just because. It is simply a lack of oxygen that causes brain damage in the areas of the brain that control balance and fine and gross motor.  (+ info)

I have a mild case of cerebral palsy and need help with driving. What tools are out there to help me?

It's a mild case of cerebral palsy. Only thing the matter is that my right hand is limp, i cant grab anything with it. Hence I need to grab a steering wheel when i drive. I have heard about steering control knobs or balls. What else is out there that could help me? I suppose this would make me be able to get a handicap sticker on my license plate too.

Car manufacturers are one of the most enthusiastic industries as far as special needs adaptations.

You can indeed get a knob on the steering wheel, or a pin or a ring. You can also get floor-mounted steering, if your feet have more mobility than your hands.
You can also get the gear shift, and other normally right-sided controls moved to the left.

Even better, there are several resources, including the car makers themselves, that will fund, or help fund the modifications.

There are many helpful links here:

Or, if you have a specific brand of car in mind, talk to your local dealership.

You probably would qualify for a handicap parking sticker. But keep in mind that these are intended for people with mobility limitations. If you can walk without impairment, do you really need one?  (+ info)

Is cerebral palsy the outcome of all in utero stroke children?

Grandaughter diagnosed with in utero stroke on left side of brain. She has some right side weakness. Everywhere I look it seems like cerebral palsy is the outcome. Does anyone know?

CP is

a non progressive lession with an abnormality of motor function (the ability to move and control movements) that is acquired at an early age either prenatal perinatal or post natal up to 2 years of age..

So to answer you question, an in utero stroke is generally considered cerebral palsy specifically hemiplegic cp (one side of the body)

Hope this helps  (+ info)

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