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What is the best way to remove chickenpox scars/marks?

Aside from going for a medical surgery, is there any other way to remove chickenpox scars/marks?

try this it will certainly help.I have really benefitted from it.
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How do I make the spots from chickenpox wear off sooner?

I've had chickenpox for about four days now, the blisters have now broken and I've got bumps which are getting black, God they're so ugly. I'd like to get rid of them soon cause I have to go to university next week. I take a shower once and wash my face twice a day. How can I make these spots go away sooner?

The best thing to do is let the scabs fall off naturally. If you try to hurry the process, it can lead to scarring. I know it's unsightly, but after the scabs form, it doesn't take too long for them to start shedding.  (+ info)

How many times can a child with a low immune system catch the chickenpox?

My just got over the chickenpox in December.Can she catch them again 2 years later and then get over them and then another 2-3 years catch them again and so on and so on?

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Is it possible to get Chickenpox twice a year?

I get Chickenpox about twice a year. They will usually last about 1-2 months when I get them. The good news is that they don't spread. They stay pretty concentrated below my waste and in between my thighs. That keeps them hidden, but doesn't make my girlfriend happy. I have always read that you are only supposed to get them once in a lifetime. Why am I getting them so often?

it sounds like its not chicken pox. chicken pox don't stay localized and only happen once. it sounds like you have a rash of some sorts. best to have it looked at by a doctor who can prescribe a topical treatment or meds.  (+ info)

Is there a chickenpox vaccine for adults in the philippines?

I commonly read in internet about vaccination against chickenpox for children and im wodering if there is vaccination for adults also coz my housemate have chickenpox and im worrying it will spread to us! Im not sure if i took the shot when i was young tho :-(
You can IM me also if you know the answer to my question. Thanks!

I supposed so. We in Indonesia have it, so i believe your country have it too.
We use Varilix by GSK. Twice, with a month interval.

But you better consult your doctor, since i don't think you can take them now, when your housemate are infected.

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Is it possible to get chickenpox even after I got the vaccine?

I saw online somewhere that chickenpox can be fatal as an adult. I got my chickenpox vaccine when I was maybe 10 years old. Im 16 now. Could I still catch chickenpox even after I got the vaccine?

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How can i get rid of chickenpox pits?

Im sixteen years old and i got chickenpox six months ago and
it left me with some these pits on both sides of my cheeks
and the rest my body is there anything i can do to take
the marks away or to improve them?

If you picked them or scratched them they will never go away they are permanent marks. I got the chicken pox when I was 16 and i scratched one for the bumps not knowing what it was.. I'm now 44 and the mark is still there.  (+ info)

What can I do about these deep scars in my face that chickenpox had caused me?

I'm 18 years old. I just recently had a chickenpox and it has caused me lots of deep scars especially in the face. I would like to know if there is any way I could completely regain my face's natural appearance before I had a chickenpox? How long will it take and how much will the treatments will cause? And pls give me tips to at least make its appearance presentable. Thank you!

If they're scars, you can try Vitamin-E. Buy some V-E capsules. Using a toothpick, poke a hole in one side, squeeze it onto the scars, and rub it in. This should take about a month or two, but it worked for me on my three large scars (4 in - 6 in).

Good luck.  (+ info)

How to get rid of chickenpox SCABS?

I've had the chickenpox for about 3 days now,i didn't have a bad case of them.They are turning into scabs now and im afriad they will turn into scars.I want to get rid of the scabs by friday.Is there anything i could use, i prefer home remedies.So if you hvae any please tell i have to get rid of these SCABS!
the ointment im using is an antibiotic cream it heals like regualr scabs and stuff, my mom said it should work and to keep my scabs mositurized.

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If I have chickenpox can I come into contact with my bearded dragon safely?

If i have chickenpox can I come into contact with my Bearded Dragon? I was just wondering because I have it but I don't want to give him it. Thanks. I have heard that beardies don't get chickenpox but I'm just double checking.

good question, i don't know the answer but to be on the safe side try not to have too much contact with any pet while you have chickenpox and try not to scratch ! i have a few scars on my face from scratching my chickenpox when i was 15...little dents in the skin. Put calamine lotion on when the itch gets bad.  (+ info)

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