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Is it Possible to get Chickenpox After Getting the Vaccine?

I was just wondering if my kids have been given both chickenpox vaccines can they still get chicken pox?

A person usually has only one episode of chickenpox, but VZV can lie dormant within the body and cause a different type of skin eruption later in life called shingles (or herpes zoster). Getting the chickenpox vaccine significantly lowers your child's chances of getting chickenpox, but he or she may still develop shingles later.  (+ info)

Can shingles during pregnancy be harmful? How do I keep my children from getting chickenpox?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and for the past week have had a small painful rash on my side at the waist. It has blistered. Everyone I have showed it to believes it's shingles but I won't know until I go to my dr. in two days. If it turns out to be shingles, how do I keep my 3 and 5 year old from getting chickenpox? Is this harmful to my unborn child? What medicines can be taken?

If you have shingles, your kids are already exposed, so you can't do anything about it. You should get them vaccinated. But it's not a big deal in kids (just for the pregnant mom who has to care for them.)

It can be very serious if you have shingles in pregnancy. You can be given acyclovir, which apparently won't hurt the baby. Being later in pregnancy is better.

Your baby could be born with chicken pox, depending on when you deliver.

The third link below includes a picture.  (+ info)

Chickenpox - is it contagious before spots come out or when they have appeared?

My eldest daughter (2.5) has come out with chickenpox, i first noticed a couple of spots on her on Thursday and the've slowly come out since. My youngest daughter (14 months) as yet is showing no signs. I just wondered when she was likely to contract it.

yes she is most likely to contact it. there is nothing u can do about it now as she is already exposed to her sister who has it. it will soon come out. Chicken pox is an airborne disease. my two kids had it recently between few days of the eldest one contacting it from school. give piriton to reduce the itching and apply calamine lotion to her body. It is really painful and itchy. Try and make her as comfortable as possible and it usually comes with fever too so have ibuprofen at home too.  (+ info)

How can I get rid of Chickenpox scares?

I am 33 years and got lots of chickenpox scars on my face. What should I do?

Nothing will remove them completely, sometimes rubbing them with vit E oil will reduce their appearance  (+ info)

what is the immune response for chickenpox?

omg helpp mee!
this project is due tomorrow and i only need this part done.
okie the question is" what is the immune response for chickenpox?"
all i know is that the immune response is how the body specifically reacted. soo help me out guys, i really appreciated.

  (+ info)

Is the Chickenpox vaccine commonly available in the UK?

I don't have kids so I'm only asking out of curiosity. Is the chickenpox vaccine routinely offered to children in the UK? And if not can it be acquired privately?
Yes there is a vaccine, I just want to know how available it is in the UK. And yes it can be fatal, it's just that that's very rare.

There is a chicken pox vaccine available in the UK contrary to popular belief. There are two- Varilrix and Varivax. As of yet, they are not part of the normal childhood vaccination programme. I think they are looking to include it in the future.

I have mixed feelings about including it as part of the childhood vaccinations. I know they do in the USA, but chicken pox very rarely causes complications in children. Although symptomatically unpleasant, it's not real threat to health. If you are an adult and haven't yet had chicken pox then your GP will given it to you if you request it.  (+ info)

Is there a cream or medication that will alleviate or remove the scars from chickenpox?

i had chickenpox for 3 weeks and now they are gone but i have scars on stomack and face.is there a solution for their removal.scars are not old more than 5 days
rtnx folks for any help..but i will still search for something that will fade them out as fast as possible,cause getting them in 17 year isn't pleasent especially for look

Mederma removes scars pretty well. Also, Gold Bond makes a cream for stretch-marks that also works on scars. You can get them both at Walmart, Target, or CVS.  (+ info)

Is it okay to be exposed to chickenpox while you are pregnant?

Okay. My 10 month old has the chickenpox. I am a little over six months pregnant, I had the chickenpox when I was little but is it safe to be exposed now when I am pregnant?

You're probably ok since you had it, but ASK YOUR DOCTOR because we had a friend who got the measles while pregnant and her son was permanently retarded and will live with them or in an institution for the rest of his life. He's 30 now and is unable to live alone and barely speaks. Better safe than sorry...  (+ info)

Is it possible to get shingles when you've just had the chickenpox vaccine, not the actual chickenpox?

I have a very small shingles-type rash, or so I've told, but I've never had the chickenpox. I have however had the vaccine, and someone told me that it is possible to get shingles in this manner, but I was curious what other people thought. By the way, I'm 19 if that makes any difference.

The chickenpox vaccine is a live virus vaccine. Therefore, you have the varicella virus in your body, just like someone who had chickenpox would. So yes, you are able to get shingles. In fact, shingles is more common in people who have gotten the chickenpox vaccine compared to people who got the actual disease.  (+ info)

How do I get rid of chickenpox scars?

I had the chickenpox about four years ago, but I still have scars that are noticeable in some areas, mostly on my chest/stomach area. What do you recommend!?

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