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Can you get shingles if you never had chickenpox?

Can you get shingles if your pretty sure you never had chickenpox
I have red all the same color marks on one side .They dont hurt, only ich if I touch them but not bad feels like dry skin had it for about tho months.

Yes, even if you have never had chicken pox, you can still get shingles. Recent studies suggest that incidence of shingles is linked to the frequency of periodic exogenous (outside) exposures to children with varicella (chickenpox).  (+ info)

Can chickenpox disappear and come back days later?

My son had a mild case of chicken pox that just disappeared last saturday. I was giving him a bath earlier, and noticed that they were back. Can that happen with chickenpox or shouild I take him to the doctor to see if it's something else? And if that can/does happen with chickenpox, then I also need to know if he was still contagious when they were gone?

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What can I do about an indented scar from chickenpox?

I'm 18 and I just got chickenpox about 3 weeks ago. The scabs are falling off, but one on my face wasn't ready and I ripped it off on accident. There is like a little indented scar on my face. Since this is a very new scar, what should/can I do about it?

Any advice is great. thank you.
I'm a male, so no suggestions involving makeup please.

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If I have been vaccinated but still catch the chickenpox, am I considered VERY contagious?

18 years old. No other symptoms but the bumps on my back. Doctor said it is likely a "mild case of chickenpox."
How likely is it that other people who have been vaccinated will catch it and what will it take for them to contract it?

My daughter, who was vaccinated as a baby, contracted chicken pox from her friend, who was never vaccinated. My son, also vaccinated against it, also caught it. My younger son, also vaccinated, did NOT get it. Doc said it was because his vaccine was more recent & stronger.
Good luck - I had it as a kid & all that itching is a BUMMER!

My daughter got it by just being in the same room as the other girl. No sneezing, or physical contact.  (+ info)

Is it dangerous to get chickenpox at 13?

Im 13..and i didnt get my chickenpox yet. My friend has it and i wanna see her so i can get it.because its better now then when im an adult. But is it dangerous? If im 13? Or is it ok?

If you want to avoid the risks and scarring that the pox will give, then why don't you just get the vaccine! It was invented for a reason!  (+ info)

I have never had chickenpox but I believe my son is getting it?

My son's school sent home a letter saying a child there that had chickenpox, my son is vaccinated, and he has some bumps on his face, arms, chest. I have never had chickenpox before and heard that if you get it while an adult that it is a lot worse. How bad does it get and any info would be great?

It is bad for adults, just as the other replies have stated.

On the positive side, my mom went through both of her kids having chicken pox and never got it herself. She was the main care giver, took care of both my brother and I, and still has never gotten chicken pox.

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Is it possible to have another chickenpox when you just recovered from it?

I'm not even fully recovered; I still have blisters on certain parts of my skin. but, by accident, i drank from my dad's glass, who just got chickenpox (From me :D). and now I feel itchy like the first two days of chickenpox. Am I having another chickenpox or something?

Nope. No way you can get it twice. Its like dieing again when you are already dead.  (+ info)

How can I speed up my chickenpox?

I'm 15 and have just got chickenpox. There coming up really slowly like only 3 a day and I wondered if i can speed it up?? I read on a website that from the first few appearing it Can take up to 7days for them to all come up but I don't want to miss any school as I'm studying for my GCSE's.

nothing and dont scratch the sores  (+ info)

How to get rid of chickenpox scabs?

I had the chickenpox last week and now I have scabs all over my face,etc. The scabs have been here since Sunday of last week and its already friday. I want them to go away by the time I start school next Monday. Anyone know how to make them go away fasterr without having to PICK AT THEM?!!?!?

btw,I've been using Mederma because it seems to dry up the scabs quicker... but I need another option.

Do not pick them!

If you pick them they will scar. I am 22 and still have a chickenpox scar from when I was 4 and had the pox.

Seriously, as horrible as it is you are just going to have to wait for them to go. Try soaking in the bath once a day, that will soften them up faster.  (+ info)

What is a really interesting fact about chickenpox?

I need a super interesting fact about chickenpox PLEASE?

its scratchy.  (+ info)

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