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I got chickenpox and I was wondering if i will be getting scars after the scabs fall off?

I got chickenpox 6 days ago and my blisters are starting to dry and crust. I have big scabs and small ones. I want to know when they will fall off and will the bigger ones take more time? what happens if i used creme to speed the healing? and will i get scars after the scabs fall off? please help me, ill be going to school soon and i dont want to go with scabs or scars.

you won't get scars if you don't scratch them.  (+ info)

Is there a way to see if you had chickenpox?

I don't know if I ever had it, but I'm curious. Also does someone know if the chickenpox shot needs to be renewed?

You can have blood work to see if you are immune to the virus. You would only need a booster shot for varicella if you are not immune.  (+ info)

Does pigmanorm creme help with chickenpox scars?

I want to know what it is exactly, and if it can reduce chickenpox scars.

  (+ info)

Where can i get Varicella (chickenpox) shots for free in houston?

My 8 yr old brother needs Varicella (chickenpox) shots before March the 30. Does anyone know a place in Houston that gives free shots? If so please list it down, thank you

Call your health department at 713-794-9267. They can tell you if the varicella vaccination is available free and where he can receive the immunization.  (+ info)

Is there a booster shot for chickenpox vaccine?

My sister was wondering if she needs a booster shot - she had the vaccine at age 12 and is now 24.

Our niece recently got chickenpox so the subject came up and none of us seem to know the answer. Anyone know?

none that I heard of
just looked it up and yes it is recommened to get a chicken pox booster as an adult!!  (+ info)

Exposed to chickenpox at 13 weeks pregnant, i have had them before, but should i be worried?

I work with a young girl who has been diagnosed with chickenpox. I have had chicken pox myself when I was about 7 years old. I am 13 weeks pregnant and am worried i may have caught them, because you can catch them twice and symptoms dont show until 2-3 weeks after being exposed. Has anyone else been in a similar situation, if so what did you do?

Yes it is true that you can get chickenpox twice depending on the degree of how bad you got it the first time around. I dont know how old you are but I can tell you that the chances of you getting it again are low.

It also depends on if you have close contact with the girl you work with. In order to get chickenpox you not only have to be exposed to it but it is not airborn so you much be exposed by touching her, drinking after her, using the phone after her etc. It is spread via contact so that means you must have touched her or touched/used something after her. After that you must provide it a way to enter your body like touching/rubbing your eyes, putting your fingers in your mouth, not washing your hands before eating after touching something she did...

Since you are pregnant I would call your OB and tell them that you have been exposed. There is a blood test they can do to see if you have enough antibodies in your system but not sure they would do that since it is a expensive test. I would just call them but I would say that you are more safe then you think since you have had them before.  (+ info)

Can I eat anything if I have chickenpox in my throat?

I have some chickenpox on my tongue and down my throat. What should I do? Do they get infected easily, and can I eat anything?

You can eat whatever you are comfortable eating. try some liquids like soup etc first...then advance to soft food like ice cream, puddings etc. GL When you aren't scratching your chickenpox it's unlikely you will get infected.  (+ info)

how do you protect your skin after you had Chickenpox rash?

I had chickenpox all over my body, what do i do to get my skin back to the way it use to be, my face really looks bad, any advice.

tea tree oil heals skin pretty well... its 100% natural.. and pure.. so it's safe to use. it's also cheap, it can be found at natural medicine stores, or health stores, walgreens, etc..

i'd give it a shot. it does smell pretty strong.. but i use it on my face regularly for acne and you get used to it :)  (+ info)

am I in a higher risk of being infected by chickenpox?

My classmates who had just have chicken pox return to school today. He has been absent for 17 days. He sit behind me today. I havent get my chickenpox yet.

If he's been absent for 17 days, then he is no longer contagious.  (+ info)

My 3 years old has chickenpox,when sleeping and turning spots burst will they leave scars?

My 3 years old has chickenpox,when sleeping and turning spots burst will they leave scars?
i do use gloves and socks to stop her scratching but at night she toss about and some spots do burst, will she have scars?

In some cases yes they will leave a scar.....and you should keep her from scratching so you are doing the right thing by putting gloves/socks on her....Try giving her oatmeal baths if you can, that's what my mom did with us and all 3 of my daughter's got the chicken pox shot...=]  (+ info)

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