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What lifestyle and time left can be expected for a healthy 89 yr old female with cholangiocarcinoma.?

My 89 yr old mother who is in great health just had an initial radiology report of cholangiocarcinoma ( she will have a biopsy in 2 weeks to confirm). She will not undergo surgery or chemo. What is an approximate time I can expect to have her with me. What type of pain or symptoms can we expect. What will be her comfort level and will hospitalization be required as the end nears or can she be at home.

Prognosis is dependent upon the type of cholangiocarcinoma that she is diagnosed with. Without further information about stage (has it metastisized?) or grade (what do the cells look like under a microscope - the more normal ones are low grade - the more unusual or odd looking cells are high grade) it is hard to really say. You may have the company of your 89 year old mother for quite a few more years or it may be only weeks. Best to talk to her doctors thoroughly. Best to you. It sounds like she has made a decision not to seek further treatment, and that is her right. My sister in law made the decision to not seek treatment for advanced breast cancer and chose instead to live life to the fullest with what time she had. Hard decision but it worked for her.  (+ info)

What is cholangiocarcinoma?

A rare type of cancer that develops in cells that line the bile ducts in the liver. Cancer that forms where the right and left ducts meet is called Klatskin tumor.
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Treament for Cholangiocarcinoma?

My mother recently was diagnose with this cancer... The doctor said that the operation will be a difficult one... Is there another treatment that doesn't involve surgery?

Cholangiocarcinoma is a cancer of the bile ducts, which drain bile from the liver into the small intestine. Cholangiocarcinoma is a relatively rare adenocarcinoma, with an annual incidence of 1–2 cases per 100,000 in the Western world, but rates of cholangiocarcinoma have been rising worldwide over the past several decades.

Cholangiocarcinoma is considered to be an incurable and rapidly lethal disease unless all the tumors can be fully resected (that is, cut out surgically). Since the operability of the tumor can only be assessed during surgery in most cases, a majority of patients undergo exploratory surgery unless there is already a clear-cut indication that the tumor is inoperable.

Adjuvant therapy followed by liver transplantation may have a role in treatment of certain unresectable cases.

If the tumor can be removed surgically, patients may receive adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation therapy after the operation to improve the chances of cure. If the tissue margins are negative (i.e. the tumor has been totally excised), adjuvant therapy is of uncertain benefit. Both positive and negative results have been reported with adjuvant radiation therapy in this setting, and no prospective randomized controlled trials have been conducted as of March 2007. Adjuvant chemotherapy appears to be ineffective in patients with completely resected tumors. The role of combined chemoradiotherapy in this setting is unclear. However, if the tumor tissue margins are positive, indicating that the tumor was not completely removed via surgery, then adjuvant therapy with radiation and possibly chemotherapy is generally recommended based on the available data.-  (+ info)

Does anyone know about bile-duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) ?Do you know anyone recovered from bile-duct K ?

Complete tumor removal allows 30% to 40% of patients to survive for at least 5 years, with the possibility of a complete cure. If the tumor cannot be completely removed, cure is generally not possible. In this situation, with treatment, about half of patients live a year, and about half live longer.  (+ info)

is cholangiocarcinoma is curable?

With early surgery. But not usually, unfortunately.  (+ info)

cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)?

My dad has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer..He underwent surgery 2 weeks ago in hope of a cure.He wasn't that lucky,so now they have classed it as terminal.
It has now encrusted the artery in his liver and just touching the blood vessels in the right lobe.
Does anyone know anything about this silent killer?
do you know anyone who has had it?
The doctors are not very forthcoming in their explanations of it and McMillan haven't been near yet,although i have phoned them for advice and counselling for my mam.

No treatment has started yet apart from stent inserted.The oncologists are trying to work out what to give him for a better quality of life.Chemo or radiation aren't supposed to be favourable for this type of cancer.So i don't know what they are going to do..
Any advice greatly appreciated x
I've read all the advice online,from every site there is,but it's all repetative..
I just want to know if anyone has personal experience of this as i think it's the best way of finding the answers i need. Thanks x
thanks Kev xxx
Thanks Steph,,and my Steph number 5 xx

They are very rare, so dont go thinking your dad could have done something different or you could have done something different. Unfortunately because of the bile ducts proximity to the liver, spread occurs quickly and unfortunately once it has spread to the liver, it will spread over the body, because such a large majority of blood passes through the liver. I dont know the best treatment options, but the reason radiotherapy cant be used is because in trying to essentially burn away the tissue, too much healthy tissue will be burned alongisde it. Just make sure he is as comfortable as possible and Im sure the medical team looking after him will ensure that he is.
Its a truly sad situation, and I wish you all the best  (+ info)

my mum in her eighties has primary liver cancer. what is the prognosis, how much time does she have to live?

the diagnosis is cholangiocarcinoma and doctors says it has spread all over liver and blocked her bile duct. they put in a stent to drain bile but said no other treatment is possible. she has lost much weight but feels no pain. just yellowing skin and lost of appetite. becoz the docs said no other treatment she thinks that she has been cured but we need to know what to expect in order to plan caring for her. can anyone tell us?

Life and Death only The God Almighty can predict.
I have cured a few patients whom our Conventional Doctors had diagnosed as Uncurable please read the following carefully :-

Homeopathic treatment for Liver Cancer / Hepatitis C-B and Liver Cirrhosis :-

3.CARDUUS MARIANUS in Q (Mother Tincture)
4.CHELIDONIUM MAJUS in Q (Mother Tincture)

Take remedy 1 and 2 thrice a day half hour before meals followed by 20 drops each of 3 and 4 half hour after meals together in a half a cup of hot water and take 5 after a week of taking the above regularly just one dose a week. Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints and Red Meat while taking Homeopathic Medicines and avoid all foodstuffs, which gives you constipation at all costs.
If there is any ambiguity about the dosage or the potency of the medicine please ask me before doing anything.
And keep me posted about your progress at least every three days.
It would be better if you send me the details of the patient exactly the way he or she feels not the doctors Diagnosis let the patient describe their own feeling exactly the way they are feeling the above will clear all in any case but it would be lots better if you send complete details.

Take Care and God Bless you!  (+ info)

who is the best doctor in the uk for working with liver cancer patients?

the cancer is a primary cancer called cholangiocarcinoma

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