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I had a cholesteatoma about 3 yrs ago.I had surgery to get it removed.Ever since then it hasnt returned but now i have a chronic ear infestion.(only seen by sinus scan) Has anybody out there ever dealt with this or something similar?If you can post your experience or what you are going through it would help.I have been really scared since the doctor diagnosed me with this and i have never met anybody with my problem.thanks

Wow! Haven't hear that word in awhile. My ex had a cholesteatoma removed when we were married. She came throu it very well but often complained about pain. She had waited too long and it damaged some of the bone.
If you are concerned about the infection your Dr. should be able to treat it. The worst case senario would be to operate again and physically remove the infection. You really should not have too much to worry about as long as you follow your Dr's orders.  (+ info)


I have had a Cholesteatoma (small benign tumor-like thing on eardrum), has anyone else? I have never met anyone else w/ one. I just wanted also to know how often they occur, and if it is genetic. So, yeah.

Cholesteatoma can be a birth defect (congenital), but it more commonly occurs as a complication of chronic ear infection.
Sometimes the chronic ear infections are caused by a poorly functioning Eustachian tube. I'm not sure about the genetic thing, but I think things like small Eustachian tubes can be inherited. Thus causing more ear infections.  (+ info)

Should I still be bleeding a day after my surgery for cholesteatoma?

I just had surgery on the 17th for cholesteatoma, (a serious infection in the ear) and had a bad case. Im still recovering and I dont have any pain in that ear but i can feel blood coming out of it. I changed my dressing on my head because it was too badly soaked with blood that it started running down my neck. Should I still be bleeding? I left the hospital around 10:30 on the 17th.

Some bleeding is normal for a few days...a dressing that is "too badly soaked with blood that it started running down my neck" is not common....you need to go get it checked. At the very least, you need to call the surgeon...calling the office number should get you in contact with them...or at least the surgeon that is covering call.  (+ info)

cholesteatoma. What is it and what are the alternatives for a treatment outside of surgery?

what is it? what are the alternatives to treat it?

It looks like this is what it is:
Cholesteatoma is a destructive and expanding sac in the middle ear and/or mastoid process.
Doctors have not yet decided whether or not to call it a tumor.

Basically if left untreated (if you don't get surgery) it can effect the facial nerves - several major ones that control mouth and eyelid movement. It can also spread to the 3 bones in the inner ear that control hearing, resulting in deafness, dizziness, and balance - you may loose all sense of balance and be so dizzy you can't stand up.

The article I read said that sometimes they return and other surgeries are necessary, but it does not list any alternative proceedures or anything they might do to stop the spread.
It sounds like the only treatment is surgery right now.

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what is the difference between keratosis obturans and cholesteatoma?

if they are the same, why is their name different?

Keratosis Obturans is a hard plug of wax and dry skin sometimes found in the external and auditory canal.

Cholesteatoma is the accumulation of tissue in the middle ear caused by repeated middle ear infections.  (+ info)

What is the Recovery like for attic cholesteatoma surgery? - How Long does it last for? ?

I had my surgery 3 days ago and in terrible pain!! when does it get better?
The Recovery Period is much like Mastoid Surgery?

6 weeks......and you'll have a 15 dB improvement.

http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6815/5/9  (+ info)

when a cholesteatoma eats your eardrum does your eardrum grow back?

yes it does grow back my sister had it and hers grew back  (+ info)

Diagnosed with cholesteatoma. ENT referring to Otologist, but appt. is not for 6 wks-should I be concerned?

The ENT said the Cholesteatoma has probably damaged the bones in the ear due to the significant amount of hearing loss 85%. But she said I could get a hearing aid or surgery. I said I would like to see the specialist about the surgery since it could continue to grow and cause further damage. Should I try to get an appointment sooner? Should I see another ENT who treats this a little more seriously?

see an ENT that can treat it seriously. I myself have a cholesteatoma right now. I am due to get surgery May 28 to fix it. It can lead to serious problems. Deafness, balance and dizziness problems, it can corrode all the bones, and the tumor can grow into the brain and lead to menigitis, brain absess, or even death if it was very very serious and also can lead to faical nerve damage. Mine is already in the bones too, I am deaf from it, I have the balance problems too. You need to get it taken care of sooner than later. My doctor told me not to put it off cause it can lead to serious problems. The surgery usually takes 4-5 hours depending on if they have to do reconstruction of bones, ear drum and other parts in the ear/ bone. I wish you the best of luck. If you ever need to talk feel free to send me an email.  (+ info)

Cholesteatoma, how does it costs?

I have been diagnosed with a cholesteatoma. I have been looking around for a round about costs of having this taken care of surgically. Does anyone know about what it costs.

depends on your area and the center where and whom will operate,if u have health insurance like in America it will be covered ,if u paying for your therapy or surgery get quotes from various clinics and compare (its a wide range from 1 to several thousand dollars )  (+ info)

post effects cholesteatoma surgery?

i have atticoantral (cholesteatoma) disease and doctor recommends me the surgery.

i am conscious to know about its effects on my facial? will there be any dominant change when i talk or any other else?
one more thing, if i go for surgery then, will my hearing be improved?
thanks luckygal, i have one more question on it. if the hearing doesn't increase, will it be decreased after the surgery.

once again thanks alot for giving me useful information :)

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