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What can you take when allergic to tylenol, ibuprofen, and naproxen and you have Chondrosarcoma?

My finace has Chondrosarcoma in his spine and he is allergic to tylenol, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Is there anything out there that he can ask his doctor for, for pain? He's tried tramadol and it really didn't do anything for him. The cancer is located close to his spinal cord and he says he is worried that if it is removed he will be paralyzed for life and refuses to go through that. Any help??

Talk to the doctor, Tramadol is a synthetic codeine, there are other versions of it that are stronger(synthetic codeine), Darvon comes in pill form with aspirin.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had a tumor in their knee and it was diagnosed as Enchondroma or Chondrosarcoma?

A Bone scan today was done, is this to rule out if there is a tumor or whether or not it is a certain type of tumor the Enchondroma or Chondrosarcoma? Are they a type of tumor that is non-cancerous?

Enchondromas are not usually malignant. Chondrosarcomas are malignant with varying amount of aggressiveness. So it matters greatly which one it is.  (+ info)

what is chondrosarcoma i no is a cancer what kind of and can some one tell me about it and are there any?

treatments to cure it

cancer of the cartilage that spreads to the bones. this is the 2nd most common cancer of the bones. my son had osteosarcoma which is bone cancer this one starts in the bone this is the primary bone cancer. chondrosarcoma starts in the cartilage. sarcoma is connective tissue. Any type of sarcoma will spread to tissue.  (+ info)

how many years can a person survive after sufering chondrosarcoma grade 1?

HUH?  (+ info)

what is the treatment of chondrosarcoma femur?

Because chondrosarcomas are rare, it is important they are be treated at specialist hospitals with Sarcoma Centers. Musculoskeletal Tumor Specialists or Orthopedic Oncologists are the most qualified to treat chondrosarcoma, unless it is located in the skull, spine, or chest cavity, in which case, a Neurosurgeon or Thoracic surgeon experienced with sarcomas would be needed.

Surgery is the main form of treatment for chondrosarcoma. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy are not very effective for most chondrosarcomas. Often, a limb-sparing operation can be performed, however in some cases amputation is unavoidable. Amputation of the arm, leg, jaw, or half of the pelvis (called a hemipelvectomy) may be necessary in some cases.

Because chondrosarcoma affects different parts of the body, the type of treatment depends on the size, location, and grade of the tumor. A doctor with experience treating chondrosarcoma in the area the patient has the tumor is very important for successful treatment.

Chondrosarcoma is considered to be a rare form of bone cancer. Even more rare are chondrosarcoma located in the skull base, spine, rib cage, or larnyx. Complete surgical ablation is the treatment, but sometimes this is difficult. Proton Beam Radiation can be useful in these rare locations to make surgery more effective. Follow up scans are extremely important for chondrosarcoma to make sure there has been no recurrence or metastasis, which usually occurs in the lungs. Unlike other cancers, chondrosarcoma can return many years later.  (+ info)

what is chondrosarcoma?

Chondrosarcoma is a cancer of the cartilage. It is a relatively rare form of cancer. It is most commonly found in the joints of the shoulders, pelvis, and sometimes the upper parts of the arms and legs, but it can develop anywhere on your body where cartilage is found.
Treatment is normally started with surgery to remove the cancerous areas, chemotherapy or radiation therapy are not very effective for most chondrosarcomas. They can sometimes do amputations (remove the lower part of your arm or leg if the cancer is in the forearm or below the knee) or in some cases, if the cancer is in your pelvis, they can remove 1/2 your pelvis.  (+ info)

Paying for rare and costly cancer treatment?

A relative of mine has been diagnosed with a sort of bone cancer, Chondrosarcoma. The surgery and the treatments will cost about a million dollars and we need ways to raise money. Are there any resources in Texas that the state may provide for expensive surgeries or foundations? We are also contacting the American Cancer Society. Thank you!
thanks panda, that will get me started.
you were right, he doesn't have any health insurance so it is a problem

Does your relative have health insurance? If not she will need to find ways to pay for the treatment. Usually a medical social worker can guide you through applying for different financial help. There are some hospitals which provide free and low cost health care programs (Hill Burton). The American Cancer Society can point you in the right direction but they do not 'help' patients financially (they don't have the funding). You can check their online site for information:

If there is no health insurance and your relative has a low income they may qualify for medicare or state aide of some kind.

Other ideas include a community fundraiser through the church or social organizations. Your relative may need to let the community know they need financial help.

There are online Yahoo support groups for Chondrosarcoma . . as there are several different types and you do not mention which kind . . but you can search for them.

You can also contact people on the ACOR sarcoma listserv . . some of them have chondrosarcoma and can guide you towards resources.  (+ info)

I was just diagnosed with Bone cancer, what now?

I was just diagnosed with the 'non-aggressive' chondrosarcoma bone cancer in my leg. So...what now? Can radiation alone get rid of this?
I'm terrified and want to know what am I in for?

I agree. You are going to need surgery and radiation. Chondrosarcoma doesn't spread like metastasising cancers but it will grow and cause serious damage if you don't get it seen to.

There's a support group for chondrosarcoma here:  (+ info)

Any survivors of bone cancer? Brain cancer? (my friend has both)?

She had breast cancer 5-6 yrs ago. They got rid of it thru surgery & chemo. But several months ago she began to have deep aches in her pelvic/hip area. Tests revealed bone cancer, Chondrosarcoma.

And now 5-6 days ago she developed a black eye and started began complaining about feeling dizzy and confused.
So... as her luck would have it, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Please give me some advise on treatments, clinical trials, your stories, etc. She's giving up hope & and she's only 42!

There is a wonderful supportive Chondrosarcoma group that she can contact and can give her more information about treatment options. It is critical that your friend go to a Sarcoma Center or see a sarcoma specialist to be treated. This is a rare disease that requires a specialist. I'm listing some of the Chondrosarcoma sites as well as sarcoma groups that can offer support:

Yahoo Group: Chrondrosarcoma Support

Survived 2B Alive

LiveStrong: Elizabeth Munroz

Chondrosarcoma of the Bone

A Patient's guide to Chondrosarcoma

Sarcoma Alliance

Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

NCCN: Clinical Guidelines for Bone Cancer

From your description it sounds as if the Chondrosarcoma metastasized to the brain? So, it would be a secondary cancer? If so, there may be treatment depending on how many lesions and their size. She should check to see if she is a candidate for Gamma Knife surgery to destroy the lesions: http://www.virtualtrials.com/gamma.cfm

Be positive and strong (don't listen to the terminators). There is always hope.  (+ info)

question about bone cancer?

John has chondrosarcoma of the tibia, and Marvin has chondrosarcoma of the pelvis. Why would John’s prognosis be better than Marvin’s?

Sounds like homework.

I doubt if anyone who has chondrosarcoma feels up to doing your homework for you.  (+ info)

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