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what causes a chromosomal defect in a pregnancy which leads to miscarriage?

Im 7 weeks pregnant and just found out that my baby has no heartbeat. The doctor also did blood tests and my HCG levels did not rise enough to be normal. They told me I will lose the baby. I'm just waiting for it to happen. Anyway, it is my first pregnancy so naturally Im concerned about future pregnancies as well. I heard that chromosomal defects are a common reason for miscarriage...any info on what causes that to happen?

Early miscarriages have many different reasons. Genetic components are only one reason, and most genetic issues are due to random errors in replication which are unrelated to anything traceable. One early miscarriage is not a reason to suspect that there is anything "wrong" with you, they happen rather frequently. It is estimated that all women have a miscarriage at some point in their lives, and as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in spontaneous early miscarriage. Many women just don't know they were pregnant because it happens so early that they pass it off as a period.

Sorry for your loss, good luck to you.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a gene mutation and a chromosomal mutation?

Is a neural tube deffect a chromosomal mutation or a gene mutation? What is the difference between the two types of mutations?

A gene mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene. Mutations range in size from a single DNA building block (DNA base) to a large segment of a chromosome.

A chromosomal mutation is a mutation involving a long segment of DNA, it is a any change in the structure or arrangement of the chromosomes. These mutations can involve deletions, insertions, or inversions of sections of DNA. In some cases, deleted sections may attach to other chromosomes, disrupting both the chromosomes that loses the DNA and the one that gains it.It is also referred to as a chromosomal rearrangement

Neural tube defects (NTDs) are common birth defects of the brain and spinal cord that include anencephaly and spina bifida (meningomyelocele). Deficiency of the vitamin folic acid raises the risk of NTDs, as does mutation of a gene for an enzyme that processes folic acid. The mutation is called the C677T.People with two copies of the T mutation are two and a half times as likely to have a NTD as people with two copies of the normal gene. Now it has been found that people with just one copy of the T gene are also at increased risk for an NTD. They are one and a half times more likely to have a NTD than people with two copies of the normal gene.

There is evidence that some mothers of infants with Down's syndrome have abnormal metabolism of folate and methyl, as well as mutations in folate genes, which are features that are also seen in neural-tube defects (NTD).  (+ info)

How do oogenesis play a part in a woman over 40 years old havinga a baby with chromosomal abnormality?

The chances of having a child with a chromosomal abnormality increases as the womans age increases over 40 years old. Why does that happen?

You are born with the number of eggs you are going to have throughout your life. Unlike male sperm which is created anew after every ejaculation, the female eggs are created in utero and stop when you are born. So, the egg that you ovulate at age 40 is now 40 years old and that DNA has the potential to undergo degeneration and it is this degeneration that is the chromosomal abnormaility  (+ info)

What are symptoms of vasomotor instability?

I was diagnosed with vasomotor instability last year. I was researching it today to see what it really is, and it seems like menopausal women have it. I'm 14. I was diagnosed with it because when I stand up after resting for a little while, my pulse rises high and I get dizzy and sometimes I can't see very well for a few seconds when I get dizzy. Do I really have vasomotor instability? Or does this sound like something else?

vasomotor instability is an inability to regulate your temperature. You may get very warm quickly. It's also known as "hot flashes". menopausal women get it because their hormones are out of wack. I do not know I am not a doctor I am just guessing. Does this happen before you start your period. Maybe your hormones are out of wack too?

Good Luck!  (+ info)

How to choose a sandal or shoe for ankle instability and/or arthritis?

I've got some arthritis in my ankles, my ankle gets swollen sometimes and the podiatrist said it's from instability.. I'm trying to figure out what kind of shoe or sandal do I need in order to accommodate this problem?
I'm guessing nothing that "wobbles" but what else should I look for?

I'm not an expert at all. But have you ever tried considering one of those shoes for stability. I think they're usually made for walkers and runners but they're supposed to make your walking stable.

The best (and most expensive one) is MBT. Heels are nevr good as well. Opt for flat shoes whenever possible. And when at home, go barefoot as much as possible.  (+ info)

Can those with mental instability become better?

I have a dear friend in college right now with a history of mental instability: she blows up at the tiniest of things; becomes depressed over the tiniest of things; engages in self-destructive behavior (drinking).
She made life a hell for her room mate since she was unable to see how her faults affected those around her.
But I know a different side to her that is caring, kind, and very clever. She's on medication and in therapy, yet I can't help but wonder if she could get better. Is her medication off or does she need a severe intervention before she becomes too old for her habits to change?

If she is on medication she shouldn't be drinking heavily. Many people get through this and lead productive happy lives. You sound like a good friend. Good Luck  (+ info)

Can one identical twin have a chromosomal abnormality that the other doesn't have?

I was just wondering, since identical twins have the same chemical structure. I guess most chromosomal anomalies are accidents like duplications and inversions and what not but when does that mistake happen? What about other genetic mental disorders that are caused from electrolyte imbalance, can it effect one twin but not the other?

Yes it can. One gene could be inhibited and some other gene not.  (+ info)

Can emotional instability be a symptom of diabetes?

I was just wondering, because my grandfather was a diabetic, and I also know that he was often emotionally unstable and even abusive towards his wife and children. And don't get me wrong. I know that most diabetics aren't violent or abusive, but a friend of mine who was abused by her mother would sometimes blame her mother's emotional instability on her diabetes. Can diabetes actually lead to violent mood swings in some people?

Oh, yes, it surely can. My husband is a diabetic. He is very difficult about taking his medicine, and doesn't eat right, and still drinks way too much alcohol. He's basically in denial (for about four years now) and it scares me silly.

But I can tell when his sugar is whacked. He gets really nasty, and mean as a snake. It's so obvious that I immediately insist he take his sugar. It's hard to deal with for another reason. Some people just have bad days and can be difficult to deal with, but then blame it on their sugar when really they are just doing what comes naturally and being a jerk. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference unless you can get them to take their sugar. I've caught my husband doing that from time to time. Sometimes it's maddening to tell the difference - and certain people know that and use it against you or to explain their bad behavior so people think "Well, he/she can't help it."

My uncle was a brittle diabetic and he was very abusive to his children. To this day I'm not sure if it was the diabetes or his own "charming" personality that caused his behavior.   (+ info)

I had a miscarriage and the chromosomal test of the foetus revelaed Trisomy 15.?

I had a miscarriage and the chromosomal test of the foetus revelaed Trisomy 15. What is the possibility/probabability of having the same problem with my next pregnancy? This was my first pregnancy. Thanks for you answers in advance

Trisomy 15 is rare, however, most people who miscarry don't have genetic testing and the majority of miscarriages are due to genetic problems. Your body did what it was supposed to. It's not an inherited condition. It's just one of those things. Older women are more likely to have babies with trisomies, and that is both because of their eggs' age but also because their bodies don't spot these problems as efficiently as younger womens'. All the trisomies are the kind of genetic disorders that are usually picked up on the nuchal fold and blood tests at 12 weeks. But you're not likely to have it happen again, so try not to worry. The more you worry, the more your doctors will try to allay your fears with CVS and all sorts of invasive tests that you almost certainly don't need. CVS and amnio would both diagnose common genetic conditions but nuchal fold and blood test combined will also pick up 95% without harpooning you with a needle.  (+ info)

I have a popping feeling in my knee often, without any pain or instability. See below for details. What is it?

I tore my acl and had it repared surgically in 2006. A few months ago I was running and felt something weird in my knee, but felt no pain or weakness and continued playing. After several months, nearly everytime I straighten my leg I feel a sort of minor popping or clicking. However I have no pain and no instability, and can sprint, cut and move like normal. What the heck could it be?

go see the ortho who fixed the ACL... depends on where the popping is....could be the patella or could be related to a meniscus... some meniscal tears are painless.... so run it by the ortho  (+ info)

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