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What is a genetic disorder with a missin chromosome in every cell?

It's from a science homework. Please tell me what causes it to happen.

Turner Syndrome, 45, X. (missing an X or Y).
This is the only chromosome that can be missing and result in a living child.  (+ info)

The principal problem with inserting an unmodified mammalian gene into the bacterial chromosome, and then gett?

The principal problem with inserting an unmodified mammalian gene into the bacterial chromosome, and then getting that gene expressed, is that
A)prokaryotes use a different genetic code from that of eukaryotes. B)bacteria translate polycistronic messages only.
C)bacteria cannot remove eukaryotic introns.
D)bacterial RNA polymerase cannot make RNA complementary to mammalian DNA.
E)bacterial DNA is not found in a membrane-enclosed nucleus and is therefore incompatible with mammalian DNA.

The correct answer is C. Eukaryotic genes have "introns", large regions that need to be removed from the RNA before translation. Bacterial genes do not have introns, and the transcribed mRNA will therefore encode an enzyme that is way to big. It has no way to remove the introns from the RNA.  (+ info)

What kind of disabilites can one have who has chromosome 22?

I was diagnosed with it not too long ago and am puzzled as to what kind of disabilities I have because I have it. Does anyone know of any?

Be careful what you ask for. Everyone has a pair of chromosome 22.

Most problems ranging from minor to more serious, eg cleft palate - to cats eye. Are related to missing PARTS of C22.

there is a list here.


but this is not a medical website, if you have more questions talk to your doctor. Information is a great thing, but too much can just cause fear and stress.

only look if you can handle it.

Good luck.  (+ info)

What can i do to make sure my partner releases y chromosome at time of fertilization?

Is there anything scientific or otherwise that can help you decide on the sex of the child you would like to have

There is nothing you can do to guarantee your partner will ejaculate more female or male sperm. You get what you get.

The Shettles Method is one theory on gender selection. It has more to do with the timing of sex. You can do an Internet search and get lots of info on it.

Good luck.  (+ info)

what is the best web site to look up chromosome disorders?

im looking for a very rare chromosome disorder, i have reports from the doc. and i need to know the best web site to look this up

One of the best places I can think of to look if you're looking for a sort of omnibus reference for all diseases is at the NCBI, in particular the "Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man" database which features a genetic map for a wide array of genetic diseases. The "Gene Map" lists them by their genetic location (i.e. what part of what chromosome) and the "Morbid Map" (sorry, but that's what they call it) organizes them by disease.

In general, the National Library of Medicine is an excellent place to look. They have everything from general health information for regular people to tools and literature databases for scientific researchers.  (+ info)

What does a chromosome test tell a doctor besides gender?

My 16 year old daughter has a hormone imbalance. Her obgyn ordered several tests including a chromosone test. My daughter is upset.

making sure there are no disorders  (+ info)

What happens when you are born with one less chromosome?

I know that if you are born with one too many, you can have down syndrom, but what happens when you have one less?

it would depend on which chromosome it was, there are 23, pairs.  (+ info)

Will my husband I have a healthy baby after loosing baby with chromosome abnormality?

We lost our baby girl a month ago at 14 weeks due to a chromosome abnormality. We were told we had been very unlucky! I am 25 years old my husband is 24, i always believed this was something that happened to older couples! We have had tests to find out if its something in our DNA and are still waiting for results. I have just had my first period since and we want to try again straight away. Should we wait for results or just go ahead? Our results might take another month. Could it be that our DNA is not compatable (as iv just read about in someones question). Our doctor believed it was just bad luck but i wanted the tests as my auntie also lost a baby to the same chromosome abnormality (trisomy 18). I have a daughter from a previous relationship. Has anybody been through the same thing or got any answers please.

I have had 2 beautiful baby girls, and 2 different babies with chromosome problems. (trisomy 22 and trisomy 9).
My doctor said it is just a case of bad luck. The eggs, by chance, just split wrong in the first seperation. He says that anyone can have this happen. We are just the unfortunate ones who have to suffer. But....we are still trying to conceive our third child regardless. You only have a less than 1% chance of having it happen again... I am 37 yrs old, so I have a slightly higher chance, but I won't give up. We will get a cvs at 12 weeks, if we are ever blessed to be pregnant again, so we will know what to expect early. God Bless, and don't give up hope..... We were told with a trisomy, there was no need to check our dna, but we did have the choice to, but declined. Life is full of chances, and I refuse to give up!!!!  (+ info)

Blood test results for recurrent miscarriage shows chromosome abnormality with 13 and 14? What is this?

Would appreciate less of the sarcastic, nasty answers as seen below. Have reported this as very hurtful, you have no idea how much that hurts.
I got results of tests done due to me having recurrent miscarriages, it showed that chromosome numbers 13 and 14 have swapped over and this is the cause of the miscarriages. What does it mean if these 2 chromosomes swap over and does it mean I will never be able to carry a child full term?

I have heard of Trisomy 13 but this sounds like something else. It sounds like you need to go and have a chat with your doctor and possibly a geneticist or fertility expert who will be able to tell you what can be done. I agree the above answer is seriously demented, but it is unlikely that this person has ever been pregnant or suffered a loss so I would not worry about what internet freaks say.
I am sorry for your losses and hope something can be done to help in the next pregnancy.  (+ info)

Can extra chromosome 13 really be determined by a blood test from the mothers arm?

And how does an ultra sound at 5 months pregnant determine a possibility of downs syndrome before a blood test is even done? What could have been visually seen to cause this suspicion. I know a heart defect was found but there was something else along with it. My daughter just got these results, it is very hard on us since she and her husband wanted this baby so much and planned it, it's a boy.

Its chromosome 21 hun.
But, not that test is only preliminary. It measures Alpha-fetoprotein levels, which will be decreased in the mother's blood stream if the baby has down syndrome.
However, AFP is only preliminary and has false positives. It is a good guess, however the real result comes from the 2nd test if needed called amniocentesis, which takes some amniotic fluid that contains fetal DNA and checks the chromosome.
Ultrasound may see that the baby has a smaller neck or the facial features may not be so normal, although this can also get false negatives and also false positives. The only sure way is the amniocentesis which carries a small percent chance of miscarriage.  (+ info)

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