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Which chromosome is effected if someone has mental retardation?

I'm researching on a few disabilities and I need to know which chromosome is effected when someone has mental retardation. All I know is that there may be some chromosome deletions and some rearranged. If anyone knows then please tell me, much appreciated thanks! :)

most likely cause of down syndrome is a condition called trisomy 21 its when you have failure of the 21st chromosomes to separate during meiosis 1 and the result is an extra chromosome 21.  (+ info)

What chromosome is polydactyly found in?

im doinqq a science project on polydactyly and i need to know about the problem with the chromosome and stuff.

16th i think
edit- no 13
here is some more info.
as you see in the first article there are causes besides trisomy 13 that causes this condition.
Get an A :)  (+ info)

Is it possilbe to be unable to conceive male children due to chromosome translocation?

It started with my grandmother, she is the first in the family with the problem. She has four girls, one of which is my mother. All four have the same chromosome translocation of 4/10 as well as myself my sister & godchild. My mother was told this would cause us not to produce male children. Me and my husband are trying to conceive and I'm looking for answers.

I think there has been some debate about this. My grandmother had 3 girls, my mom had 2 girls, my aunt had 4 boys. There were rumblings among them all that their miscarriages (and my grandmothers stillborn boy) that they were of the opposite gender. This doesn't make sense in my eyes that my grandmother conceived and carried a boy to full term though.

I think it solely depends on the science of the situation. There is some crazy method about 12 hrs before or 12 hrs after ovulation to conceive a boy or something like that. Honestly, a healthy baby is a blessing, boy or girl. Good luck on conceiving and remember in the end, boy or girl, your baby will be your blessing. Let science take over and maybe your hubby has strong swimmers and you'll get 2 boys!

xx!baby dust!xx  (+ info)

Can boys be born with only a double X chromosome?

This question I am asking is because considering there are women with an XY chromosome because of the Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, that means there has to be an opposite like a boy or men born with XX chromosomes. One chromosome from each parent.

  (+ info)

what are the chances of my next child having 1p36 chromosome deletion?

What is the percentage of my next child having 1p36 chromosome deletion? I am 2 months pregnant with another child. My first child has 1p36 chromosome deletion, can my next child have it?

That depends on what kind of 1p36 your child has.

Sometimes the 1p36 arises randomly -just like any other monosomy or trisomy. It is just an error in the sperm or egg, or an error that happens when the two sets of chromosomes combine when the egg is fertilized. This is called "pure 1p36" and doesn't effect other chromosomes and is NOT inherited.

However about 20% of cases ARE inherited, which of course means there is a chance the next baby will have the same problem. It seems to be about a 10-15% chance.

But that's just what I can find online. You should really speak to a genetic counselor who will be able to tell you if there are any tests they can run to determine your risks.

http://www.orpha.net/data/patho/GB/uk-1p36.pdf  (+ info)

Can anyone help me find a colon cancer chromosome graphic?

For my biology project, I need two chromosome graphics on colon cancer. Would someone please help me find two pictures of a colon cancer chromosome graphic. Help is greatly appreciated.

Try-----Genomics Image Gallery  (+ info)

How to get an extra chromosome/Down Syndrome?

I am wondering if there is a way to gain an extra chromosome, hopefully resulting in getting the Down Syndrome condition. Or just a way to get Down Syndrome directly. I believe in Retard Supremacy and I believe that all cogno-normatives are soon to fade from existence and I would like to receive the gift of retardation before this happens. No I am not joking, I am serious so please don't troll me. I just want to be a retard, the more severe the better. I wish I had Down Syndrome.

.....uhhh......wtf?....i think in posting this question...you've reached ur goal of being a retard...  (+ info)

What disease affects a mutated 17th chromosome?

The mutation is on the long arm of the chromosome.

  (+ info)

What is the syndrome called when a female is born with no X chromosome?

it is common in female twins, where one twin only has a Y chromosome, and the other twin has an extra X chromosome, the female lacking the X chromosome cannot have children, but posses maternal instinct,

turner syndrome..... i think ... just google female missing x chromosone, found it on wikipedia  (+ info)

There MIGHT be a chromosome abnormality in baby?

I just had my 18 week ultrasound, and got a call that it looks like maybe there could be a chromosome abnormality in the baby. They also said not to worry, it could be nothing, like a shadow or fluid that confused the transcriptions. I am so nervous... I am 26 and my husband is 36 and we are both healthy and have good genetics... What are the chances that baby is normal and this is just nothing? Has this happened to anyone else? I took the triple quad screening test today. When do I get the results?

This is one of the reasons I hate getting ultrasounds. When I was pregnant with my last baby, I had to see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, so I had about 10 ultrasounds. There were several times that they found something and had to sit me in the waiting room, so I could wait for the doctor to come and tell me the possibility of an abnormality. Turns out, our baby was perfectly normal. There are so many things that look suspicious in ultrasounds, and there are SO MANY times that they cause more worry than comfort. Because of this, I get completely nervous before each one.

Just because of experiencing unnecessary worries in previous pregnancies, I decided to skip the triple quad screening because there are a lot of false positives. And, that would drive me nuts and ruin my pregnancy. Chances are, your baby is normal, especially if they told you not to worry. They don't usually say that if they are certain that there is an abnormality.

But, the results should be in within a week. Good luck, and try to relax. I know it's tough!  (+ info)

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