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What kind of bottles should I use if my baby has cleft lip and palate?

We we told our baby was going to be born with cleft lip and palate. We are in the process of trying to find bottles to use now seeing how we are due in two weeks. The bottles we originally ordered were no time use only. They were from Mead Johnson


The hospital should be equipped and ready to show you how to use them too. They'll get you set up. You're a good mom for thinking ahead and wanting to get the best all lined up!  (+ info)

if your baby has a bilateral cleft lip what are the chances of having a cleft palate?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and was told my child had bilateral cleft lip. I was wondering what kind of chance does he have to have a cleft palate too.?

Hi there.
We found out at 19wks that our daughter would be born with a unilateral cleft lip/palate. I had a 3D u/s about 4 weeks later that confirmed it.

About 1/700 babies are born with a cleft. I'm not sure about the chances of babies born with both cleft lip/palate.

I wish you all the best. Do you have a cleft/craniofacial center near your hometown? Get in touch with one now, before the baby is born, so you can meet with a cleft team. We met our daughter's when I was about 8 months along.
Your little one will be fine, I assure you. :)

I'm glad that the other responder mentioned the help available. I should also add to it that there are insurances that do cover the surgeries/services needed for cleft lip/palate, but only up to a certain limit (not sure how much ours is). My husband's insurance covers quite a bit every year, and then my daughter is covered under a medicaid plan. Whatever my husband's ins doesn't cover, medicaid does.

Our daughter will be 6 next month, btw, and has had 7 surgeries so far. She's doing beautifully. :) She's been in speech therapy since about a year old, and has progressed wonderfully.
If you have any other ?s, let me know!  (+ info)

If you knew that your girlfriend had a cleft lip but looks fine and not noticeable would you get turned off?

I want to know if someone knew that they're gf had a cleft lip when she's born and now it's all fine better healed a little bit but just has a little scar would that turn him off? I'm asking for your opinion. Thanks!

if you are really shallow maybe, but someone actually worth going out with wouldn't care  (+ info)

What is the scientific basis of the existence of harelip or cleft lip as a consequence of accident?

Harelip or cleft lip is a consequence of an accident when the baby was still in the womb

UGH! Harelip? PLEASE please PLEASE do not use that term..My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and that term is no longer used..  (+ info)

Does any one live in Qld with a child with a Cleft lip and palate?

We are moving from WA and would like to hear sum feed back about Qlds hospital system our youngest child is 8 and has a bilateral cleft lip and palate and we are worried about getting in to the system over there n knowing what its like etc can any one help?

I recommend that you join the group Cleft Advocate (www.cleftadvocate.org) and join the Family to Family listserv. While most members are in the US, there are families from around the world who will hopefully be able to answer your questions. Good luck on your move and finding a good team for your child.   (+ info)

what are my chances of this one having a cleft lip?

My first child, a son, was born with an isolated unilateral cleft lip. He had 2 surgeries to correct it and you can barely tell. He is gorgeous. My second child, a daughter was born perfectly healthy. I have since divorced and am 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child, another boy, with my fiance. What are the chances he will also have a cleft? I'm a little worried because it's a boy also, but does the fact that there is a different father help at all?

From what I understand (my daughter was born with an isolated cleft lip and palate, unilateral as well) is only about 5-7%..Pretty slim..They do have the statistics on www.cleftadvocate.org as well...Ella was my 4th, and last..I have 3 step kiddos as well lol..If we didn't already have enough kids for a sports team, I would have loved to have had another..Enjoy your pregnancy..I don't think this one will have that gorgeous wide smile!  (+ info)

Would cocoa butter heal my cleft lip scar and my dog bite scar that are on my face?

I'm 13 and I have a cleft lip, I was wondering if cocoa butter would heal it or if you have any suggestions, I was also bitten by a dog under my lip when I was about two years old so i'd like to fade that one too. Thankyou.

Try BioOil....you can buy it at stores like Target, I really helped my knee surgery scar heal up nicely, and it's a big scar. The stuff comes in a pretty little bottle, but because it is oil, lasts for a long time.  (+ info)

I am looking for an excellent surgeon to repair a bilateral cleft lip and palate?

Please help me find an excellen plastic surgeon who is experienced in bilateral cleft lip / palate repair for my 2 month old daughter.

It would really depend on where you live. We have great surgeons in Brisbane at the Royal Childrens Hospital. They have a cleft palate clinic that helps with all aspects of Cleft Lip & Palate. Check with your local hospital as they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck. It might be scary at first but it gets easier. My son in now 4 and had may surgeries and you wouldn't even know that he was a cleft palate child unless I told you. Hope this helps anyway.  (+ info)

Bilateral Cleft Lip- Searching for experienced and great surgeon?

Our two month old daughter has a bilateral cleft lip and palate. We are looking for a surgeon who is very experienced in repairing this and has excellent results. Please help.

My son was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. We take him to a plastic surgeon who specializes in pediatric craniofacial anomalies at UW Madison. My suggestion is to take your daughter to a University Clinic to someone like my son's doctor, who does clefts often. Don't take her to just a regular plastic surgeon!

Here is a link from the cleft palate foundation, click on the letter of your state and it will show you a list of surgeons!

http://www.cleftline.org/team_listings/choose_team_listings  (+ info)

Why do repairs to cleft lip/palate not look like normal faces?

I have seen cleft charities trumpeting their success and showing the faces of children whose cleft lips or palates have been repaired. But they make sure to use a small picture for the "after" photo, and when you get a close look at the child, the face, although no longer cleft, still looks scarred and deformed. Is it impossible to fix the cleft so that it looks normal?

After any surgery there is scar tissue and this will be present for ever. Scar tissue does not grow in the same way as normal tissue ie it doesn't expand and thus the patient will be left with marks.

Early repairs lead to better speech but worse appearance, late repairs worse speech but better appearance (less growing still to do). Any help?  (+ info)

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