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Can you please show me a picture of a cleft lip before surgery?

I have a cleft lip that was made normal looking after surgery. I just want to counsel young women with the same experience. I am looking forward to talking with someone about this. The thing I most want to say is that "You can marry who YOU are in love with...the person YOU are attracted to. A repaired cleft lip is not as ugly as YOU think it is. It is true. I hope to get in touch with someone I can help or someone who can help others. Please contact me.
My name is Julie and I have been married 35 years.
I am 54 years old. My first surgery was in 1951 when
I was 3 months old. Then at 21 a surgeon fixed it up
a little better.
Another thing I need to say is DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE FUN OF YOU. I used
to be called stich lip. I let that affect my dating later on. I never felt worthy of love. I ended up
marrying the boy who loved me. But I was in love with someone else. The 18 years of severe depression
that happened to me was the result. PEACE




All of these websites provide detailed pictures. Hope it helps  (+ info)

In Mississippi is a child with a Cleft Lip and Pallate eligible for SSI Benefits?

She has had two corrective surgeries so far and will need several more in the near and far future. She will also need speech therapy when the time comes. She is currently 18 months old.
Can Someone please answer my question. Thanks

There are 2 qualifying parts, medical and financial. For financial, you have to have less than $3000 in assets and be on the lower end for income, they use a formula to decide.

Medically, probably not. There is a manual that lists all of the conditions that SSA sees as disabling in children. Cleft lip/palate is not listed. I'm sorry that she needed surgery and that she'll need therapy but her condition is not serious compared to other conditions. I know, personally, several children that have far greater disabilities that are not qualified medically. If you are haveing trouble paying for therapy or other medical bills, contact your state, they may be able to help.

FYI- SSI for children with disabilities is really to offset the insane costs of raising a child that needs extensive help. My youngest, who is now deceased, required a ventilator 24/7 via a trach, gastro-jejeunal feeding tube and was markedly delayed. She still could not receive SSI because of our income.  (+ info)

Why won't my baby take formula from the syringe after his cleft lip surgery?

He had surgery on Oct. 15th. He will take pedialyte from syringe but not formula. He screams and screams when the formula goes into his mouth.

You must talk with your physician. Our child had issues swallowing thicker medicines and formula. The reason for us was the tongue was very swollen. The tongue was clamped during the surgery and then it swells afterwards.

Talk to your doctor about it. we found cooler formula helped because it contracted the tongue allowing her to swallow. We also thinned out the medicine in pedialyte etc..so she could swallow.

Of course this was my case, you need to talk to your physician, there may be some other issue going on.

Good Luck!  (+ info)

Is there financial help available for cleft lip/palate facial repairs deemed as non medical-necessities?

I was born w/ a cleft lip/palate, & my reconstructive surgeries/repairs are still on-going. Unfortunately, my father is very sick, & a single parent, so we don't have the financial resources to pay for my care. I'm receiving a state-provided health insurance plan, & have gotten a blessed amount of help from this. My problem is that, understandably, they won't cover anything that isn't a medical necessity, & at best with this, my face will continue to be "less than acceptable" to the rest of "normal society". My additional facial problems include a slightly recessed chin, nonsymmetrical lips (coarsely called a unilateral "hare lip"), & abnormal lower orbital septums (meaning: I've always had bags under my eyes, which shouldn't occur in young people).
I AM thankful for God's gift of life, & I don't want to come across as superficial, but the cleft has caused alot of emotional scars. I don't expect perfection; I just want to look normal! Are there any organizations that could help me?

Check out "operation smile" and see if they owuld help.  (+ info)

If my man has a cleft lip does thatmean this kid will too?

Also his nephew has learning issues (he is 8) and is just a little bit mentally challeneged NOT MUCH, but a little doesnt look like he does either, he looks normal, but i am wondering if its his (my guys) family genes that are messed up, cause I have akid from an ex and that kid is perfectly healthy and fine.

No, Cleft lip is a congenital disorder that can be from many different factors but is not usually genetic.  (+ info)

Questions for parents of babies with a cleft lip / palate?

When your baby was born, did they have to stay in the hospital longer than you (or the baby's mother?) I know there will be feeding issues so I was just concerned about whether or not babies with cleft problems have a longer initial hospital stay.

Unless there are other complications, or you have feeding issues that you need help with, you should be able to go home the same time as other mom's and babies. I recommend joining Cleft Advocate for support and advice. Be prepared when you go to give birth - take a couple of different style cleft bottles (practice with them before the baby is here), and you should be good to go. I have heard of mom's and babies staying longer because the hospital had no idea of what to do regarding feeding. The more you know the better things will go.

Good luck and CONGRATS!!  (+ info)

Do all babies with cleft lip have cleft palate as well?

At my 19 week ultrasound, I was told my baby has a cleft lip, and that because of her positioning they couldn't see her hard palate. Nothing was mentioned about her soft palate, though or anything wrong with her palate..

however, what are the chances that my daughter is also affected by cleft palate?

do all babies diagnosed with cleft lip have cleft palate as well?

No. However, cleft lip and palate frequently are seen together. It is more common to have clefting of both.

"About 50 percent of children with clefts have clefts that involve the lip and palate. Another 25 percent have clefts that involve only the lip and the remaining 25 percent have clefts that only affect the palate."
http://www.uihealthcare.com/topics/medicaldepartments/otolaryngology/cleftpalate/index.html  (+ info)

How do I find a surgeon with a lot of experience repairing bilateral cleft lip and palates?

Hi Julia
I saw from one answer that you are in Australia? I can't speak from experience, since we live in the US, but many children's hospitals have a Craniofacial team that includes everything from a Plastic surgeon to a nutritionist. I would suggest calling the hospitals in your area to ask if they have a craniofacial team.

Also, you might want to join www.cleftadvocate.org. They have members from around the world, and include cleft affected adults, teenagers and parents of kids with clefts. The members are terrific resources, and it's also a great place to vent. Debbie Oliver, the founder is an amazing woman.

My husband and son were both born with cleft lip and palate. My son is now 6. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you want to chat.

Take care and good luck! I am sure you will find answers. Congrats on the birth of your child!  (+ info)

Does anyone have a child that was born with a cleft lip and palate? Can you help?

My little girl is seven. I'm just wondering if you have had to go through the surgery yet to repair the gum line, and what was it like for your child. I don't know what to expect. I would greatly appreciate any insight to prepare us better for this.

I haven't personally been through this, but....... I know that the surgeries are more successful with an infant and heal with virtually no long term visible scarring. A friend of mine had a cleft lip and palate all of his life until he was in his 20's. He had SEVERAL surgeries, including one that involved having his jaw wired shut for a while. His surgeries have helped him a lot as far as function, but the scarring is pretty bad. Best wishes to you and your child.  (+ info)

any information on having a child with a cleft lip and palate?

my child is going to have a double cleft lip and i would like some information if anyone can help me. I am going to be a first time parent.

All of the above are right.. All I can say is I am so glad that you are getting prenatal care and they found this before the baby was born! Look at pictures so that you can prepare yourself for it... it can be quite a shocking sight when you're not expecting it. Also, when the baby is born DO NOT let it stop you from holding, cuddling and bonding with your baby!!!! It can be fixed and is pretty routine now! Just remember that your baby will look perfectly normal and if this is the worst you ever have to go through then count your lucky stars!!!  (+ info)

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