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Does anyone know of a forum for parents with babies with clubfoot?

Just wondering. My Daughter was born with clubfoot and I would like to be able to talk with more people who went or are going through this with their children.

hey i found this http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/nosurgery4clubfoot/


i'm sure she is soo cute, u should put a pic up ;)  (+ info)

What type of baby carrier is recommended for a child with bilateral clubfoot?

Hi T-Law,
My Baby Jett has unilateral clubfoot, his left foot is effected. He had 12 casts (Ponseti Method plus a big grower, LOL) and is now wearing his brace 16 hours a day at 10 months just yesterday.

I've used a wrap and ring sling with him in both the casts and brace.

Not sure what stage your baby is at, but yes, you can wear your baby, just consider how to adapt to compensate for the bar or casts.

The Baby Wearer has threads about babies with special needs, and lots of parents wear their babies on the clubfoot yahoo list I am on. I pay special attention to care with the ties for wraps, so he doesn't slip down, and I am on alert for the feel as well.

Ring Slings work OK, I tried not to wear him long when he was in them full time.

It won't be long before they are in the brace only 16 and then 12 hours a day, and the flexibility with carriers increases. I am delighted to be using my mei tai and pouch more often now. I could use the mei tai with the brace, but it meant undoing then doing up the bolt to put him in!

You can see Jett being worn on this page:


I have the new Dobbs Brace, which can be extended out for baby wearing - it is SO COOL!

Good Luck


P.S I've added links to the sites I've mentioned below.  (+ info)

Does anyone have advice for children being treated for clubfoot?

My son just got his Dennis Browne Bar and shoes and he completely hates them. He cries and can not sleep in them! He's supposed to wear them full-time right now, but he really isn't getting used to them. Are there any other alternatives?

I know it might not be the same, but my daughter had to wear shoes attached to a bar for 1 year, to straighten out her feet, because they both pointed in. I would use them at night, this way she was more comfortable and no one seen her. Then during the day I could slack of a little when we went out. But I was determined to make sure she used it. She grew up and her feet were beautiful. It was well worth the tears, and fighting and aggravation we went through.Think of the outcome and how he is going to be when this is done..  (+ info)

Does anyone know what causes a clubfoot?

My son was born with a clubfoot. It has been teated with surgery, casts, & a brace. He is now 2 1/2 & you can't even tell that he ever had a clubfoot, besides the scar on his ankle) This doesn't run in either of our families. Does anyone know what causes this? Each one of his doctors have given me a different answer. I am a little worried because I am expecting again.


Ok. the article above seems to think that, though the cause is unknown, it could be hereditary. Then again, if the cause is unknown, it could be ANYTHING. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

My friend has 2 boys. One had a club foot, the other did not. Her doctor seemed to think that her first son's club foot was caused by intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) from too little amniotic fluid while she was pregnant (oligohydramnios).  (+ info)

Is clubfoot treatable at 22 years of age?


I am 22 years old and both of my feet are affected by clubfoot, I would like to know if there is a successful treatment at my age?

Any help is appreciated.

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What causes a baby to be born with clubfoot??

ok then how come its not on either side and the dr. whom delivered seems to have had more babies with clubfoot in the last 6 months then anywhere Ive heard of??

Genetics. It runs in the family. It's on the other side of my family. It does skip generations, it doesn't mean you will definitely have it.  (+ info)

has anyone else had a child born with clubfoot?

my son is two now, and still undergoing surgeries and still wearing corrective shoes. he got his first casts when he was 5 hours old. his feet were touching the insides of his legs. pretty severe. im just scared the baby i am pregnant with now is going to be born with clubfoot. i couldnt watch another child of mine go through the misery my son has...im just wondering if anyone else has a child born with clubfoot, and if they had another one and how it came out.

Club foot has been not been specifically connected to a genetic inheritance passed down from family lines.

It has been connected to uterine crowding more than it has been connected to genetics, especially in twins because obviously there's little room for one child, let alone for 2 children.

The good news is that I'm sure you're aware that clubfoot can be diagnosed as early as the first trimester so should the occasion arise that there needs to be treatment for your second child, it can be treated.

Honestly, the percentage of having another child with this particular situation is slim to none.  (+ info)

Can moderate clubfoot be treated by just massaging?

My son is 3 weeks old and I'm scared to cast him..

I would check with a doctor, if they don't think so I would go ahead with the casting. Clubfoot is really something you don't wan to mess with.  (+ info)

I'm pregnant and my baby has clubfoot, is it okay to have sex?

Im 38 weeks pregnant, and was wondering if its okay to have sex at this stage in my pregnancy with my baby having clubfoot.

Sure. That would cause no harm, as long as your practitioner hasn't recommending avoiding sex for other reasons.  (+ info)

If my husband was born with clubfoot will his children be born like it too?

Im not going to be bothered either way just having children with him will be the best thing in the world, I just want to know the possibility before hand. has anyone been in that situation before, thanks in advance for your answers
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if its in the genes quite possibly ..if it was due to amniotic band syndrom ..then no  (+ info)

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