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What types of medications are used to treat collagen diseases?

In Alternative Medicine, the approach is to treat the underlying cause FIRST and the symptoms only as needed to alleviate suffering. In auto-immune disorders, the typical treatment would involve cleansing the liver with milk thistle seed extract, supporting the kidneys with dandelion root, speeding the blood purification process with burdock root. One might also bolster the immune system with one of the Ginsengs. It is import to look at diet and lifestyle and make changes where needed, using vitamins and minerals to speed healing. These are serious disorders and should not be treated with home remedies. I recommend you seek the advice of a naturopath in your area.  (+ info)

What's the disease where your body doesn't make collagen correctly & you and up with rubbery skin?

& joint pain too. I don't have it, I'm just wondering.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome causes easy bruising, loose joints, skin that stretches easily and weakness of tissues. Would this be what you are thinking of?
I hope that helps!  (+ info)

What are some good ways to boost collagen production in the skin?

Is there any way I can boost the collagen production in my skin without undergoing expensive procedures or using skin creams with collagen in them?
I don't want to use creams with collagen, because collagen is an animal byproduct.

The only way I know of without expensive procedures or collagen creams is to use retin-a. Retin-a is known to boost collagen production by 80% in the first year of use. After that, I am not sure.  (+ info)

Do topical collagen creams work? Can collagen be absorbed through the skin?

At first glance it seems like a good idea, except if the collagen only sits on top of the skin, then it seems pointless.

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At what age should I start taking collagen supplements?

Collagen supplements help the skin maintain its elasticity, therefore reducing aging effects on skin. I'm 15, therefore my skin still has big amounts of collagen. At what age would it be appropriate to start taking collagen supplements?

Natural collagen production decreases when we reach our 20s. From then, we can start taking collagen supplements.  (+ info)

How long should one take collagen supplements for beautiful, soft skin with no aged looks?

I am 31. My face looks aged, my skin lost its radiance. so I started taking collagen supplements (DHC collagen) since two days. Can the soft and radiant skin can be obtained using this?

Who Knows? Who Knows?
I know what treatment quite dramatically did that for me and many others on Answers who have used it. It's the best proven safe and natural way.
I had so many severe skin conditions that would not respond to medicines and that lead me to experiment with natural, safe remedies. These not only healed the conditions but gave me an unbelievably flawless, healthy, young looking, vibrant skin so that I am often thought to be countless years younger.To maintain healthiness of skin and keep it young looking there is no better or safer way then thoroughly massaging with essential oils. They naturally benefit skin in countless ways. They feed skin essential beneficial nutrients. Thoroughly massage into skin and you will see marked results even in one day. Massaging quite vigorously is even better for skin tightening and giving you a vibrant, glowing and blemish fee skin. Don't be afraid of doing it vigorously. If done right it is only beneficial as many users on Answers will testify(see my B.A.'s) There is no pulling or stretching of skin as you have to tighten face muscles in order to tighten or flex skin in the part being massaged and in doing so it actually exercises and conditions many of underlying face (and some neck) muscles - thus combating aging and weakening of muscles that eventually leads to sagging and wrinkling and lines. Vigorous massage is best done by using a forward and back motion using finger tips and front and sides of fingers. Circular motion is less effective. In just a few days skin will visibly tighten, look and feel smoother and have a healthy glow . I promise you that it can to totally revitalize and rejuvenate skin and face. Try it - you will be happy that you did!

SOURCE(S): 20+years research into safe, natural treatments/cures to enhance skin, heal conditions and anti aging/rejuvenation treatment  (+ info)

Will an aloe vera and collagen drink do my skin good?

There is a drink in the supermarket which claims to have natural aloe vera bits, 500 mg of collagen, vitamin e, and 200 mg l-carnitine in every 350ml bottle. They say its really good, but is it safe to drink and will it be good on my skin?

I will tell a little about the Aloe Vera that I use.

Aloe-Vera-Benefits the skin. When used on the skin, Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate the deepest body tissues, some seven layers deep, unlike most lotions, liquid substances and water that penetrates only two layers of the skin.

It has been proven by research that the Aloe-Vera-Benefits comes from its active ingredients. Aloe Vera has over 75 known active ingredients that include: Vitamins, Mineral, Enzymes, Sugars, Anthraquinones, or Phenolic compounds, Sterols, Amino Acids that perform specific functions in the human body.

Explore more on aloe vera's uses, health benefits, side effects by visiting: http://www.aloe-vera-juice-online.com  (+ info)

Do lotions with collagen and Elastin really help your skin?

Do body and face lotions with these things really make a difference in your skin, or is topical application not enough? Is the collagen absorbed through your skin?

Yes and no. Yes, it will absorb, but the product that you are using it needs to be a highly concentrated form. And its expensive. So if you buy something is cheap...most likely it will be the 40th ingredient in it and not concentrated.

The best thing for collagen, vitamin C serum. That stimulates your own collagen in the skin.  (+ info)

What kind of school do you go to for collagen or botox injections?

I understand that only doctors can administer botox, what about collagen? Are there any other plastic surgery type jobs that dont require so much education? Im very interested in the beauty industry, but not interested in going to cosmetology school for hair or nails. Thanks :)

you can join any beauty clinic as a assistant  (+ info)

what is the best cure for eliminating redness from collagen injection?

my friend has had her nose enhanced by collagen. It has been 5 years but until now the redness on her nose has been very prominent. She resorted to some temporary remedies just to cover it up coz she finds it very annoying. Recently she watched Rachael Ray and one featured product which is very effective to cover body marks or redness. Anyone who could help her?

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