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How is supination made difficult with a radius fracture near the wrist.since in originates at the elbow.?

I broke my wrist (Colles fracture) and am having a horrible time regaining strength and motion... especially supination.. I had surgery and the pins which were sticking outiside the skin and in the bone under the cast were removed.. it has been about 1 month since the cast was removed and I have much stiffness and pain. I am in therapy, but it is slow.. any suggestions or ideas on the recovery time.. thanks for any imut..

i have something similar right now. radius fracture with volar plate and screws, had pt evaluation today - doctor never gave me any info about what or how long things would take! now i have to wait for insurance to ok more PT, i cant move my wrist or straighten the last 3 fingers. also lots of pain in wrist, elbow and shoulder from muscle atrophy. and now pain in my other arm/wrist from overuse. no one will give me any idea on how long recovery will be - including this forum. i cant even get hold of my surgeon anymore!
we should keep in touch and compare notes to try to get better quicker. i was told to buy pineapple/juice and something that has enzymes in it for helping rebuild muscles or helps clear out scar tissue - sorry dont exactly remember what was said. but i bought today a bottle of BROMELAIN 500MG (is a proteolytic enzyme) aids in digestion of proteins, WOBENZYM systemic oral enzyme formula supports the bodys own defense, then some more vitamins. somewhere i read b-6 b-12 is needed too.
the pt gave me some exercises to do- but i would rather be there doing them. home is impossible! here is my email - if it is allowed. [email protected]  (+ info)

What is the difference between a fracture and a hairline fracture?

I've seen where at different times people want to know if they have a hairline fracture. I am wondering what is supposed to be the difference between a hairline fracture and a fracture, aren't they really the same thing? Or is there such a thing as a hairline fracture? I couldn't find it in any of my medical books. And if there was such a thing, would it be painful or not? I know bones don't have feeling sensors to them so they don't feel pain, so why if someone is in pain would they call it a hairline fracture?
So why isn't anybody answering why a hairline is so painful when bones don't have any sensors in them?

no a fracture is where the bone is a clear break snapped like a chicken bone..
a hair line fracture is where the bone is broke but not separated and it is just cracked and when you look at the x ray it looks like a piece of hair (the crack)..

I have broken my arm, my leg, my elbow,,and yes each one of them I was in extreme amount of pain.  (+ info)

How common is it to fracture your tailbone during labor?

This woman I know gave birth about two weeks ago, and she fractured her tailbone during labor. She is trying to get a lawsuit on the hospital, which I think is dumb. Is it common to fracture your tailbone during labor? Can having an epidural increase your chances? And is it a body thing, or can it really be the delivering doctor's fault that her tailbone is fractured?

I've only heard of one other case - I don't think it's that rare. Since doctors don't have a 100% way of knowing the baby's size or in what position it can come out (some babies can turn right at the end or come out with a hand beside their face, like my little girl did) it's impossible to make sure nothing at all goes wrong during labour. I doubt she'll win her case!  (+ info)

How likely is it that fracture of the 5th and 6th ribs will cause heart failure?

The fracture occured when a person karate chopped a person in the chest. This can lead to cardiac contusion, but I suppose only if hit in a certain area. Will fracturing the 5th and 6th ribs cause significant bruising to the heart?

T-5 and T-6 disruption in this region will effect general circulation,liver,stomach,and solar plexis.The shock of the blow to the ribs radiates to the spine and could bruise a large portion above and below these ribs to create possible breathing and heart problems.Could also effect the pancreas,spleen ,and duodenum.I am not a Doctor and know from a back injury on the job that the injury can effect above and below.Retire from this sport and enjoy your family.Good luck to you.  (+ info)

Stress Fracture; How long can i play through at what cost?

Is it possible to play 8 months of intense sports with a stress fracture without worsening the injury? I'm talking senior + rep teams

I got the original fracture in may, and then they said it healed, then i re fractured it, then it healed again then i re fractured it again.

Basically, can i play through a stress fracture for 8 months, of senior basketball, and volleyball and rep basketball, without any major consequences, and how long am i looking at in a cast?

depends on the bone some bones heal faster, and how bad it is.

major consequences are, when it heals it will heal in an odd position, and cause pain until you have surgery. (that is if the fracture progresses)
you can try taping in during games and practice, and use crutches when you're not playing, to prevent and other stress on the fracture.

a cast now would probably be 4-6 weeks.  (+ info)

How long does a stress fracture in the back take to heal?

The fracture is not on the typical L-5 vertebrae, but on L2 and L3. Please only answer if you have some sort of knowledge in this field. I've heard with fractures of the shin (the most common kind of stress fracture) it can take around 8-12 weeks. I know stress fractures in the back take longer but does anyone know how long?


All stress fractures will heal within twelve weeks as long as it is completely rested.

However and sorry but its all bad news from here....

Back weaknesses never go away. The weak spot in a spine will always recur since we put so much stress and strain on it and that is without the lifting we all have to do.

The longer you can go without straining or restraining your back the stronger it will heal and im talking months without lifting or accidents if possible

Best of luck  (+ info)

How long does it take an avulsion fracture in the 5th metatarsal to heal?

I rolled my ankle and fractured my 5th metatarsal. I've been in a boot for about 4 weeks, but I have walked around on it sometimes. I've also been swimming. I recently had my foot x-rayed, and the fracture has not healed. The pain has gone away for the most part, and I can walk around barefoot for a few hundred meters without pain.


I am a physical therapist. This type of fracture is called a Jones fracture. Fractures can take 6-8 weeks to heal. I would not walk or exercise without the boot until the fracture has healed. If the ends of the bone are intact but healing is just occurring slowly, longer immobilization may be necessary. If the ends of the bone are not connected and no progress is made, surgery may be necessary to pin the ends of the bones together.

For more information about injuries, go to www.joint-pain-solutions.com

Good luck!  (+ info)

What are some stretches and exercises to help a stress fracture?

I have a stress fracture in my right shin and I am a runner in my free time but this has stopped me from running for 2 moths already. I want to start doing something that will help my stress fracture heal faster and I would like to know some exercises I can do that will strengthen my legs but not make my stress fracture worst or stop it from healing.

Once the fracture is healed then you can start a gradual return to running. You might want to start with a good pair of running shoes with lots of cushion. Start with some theraband exercises and then progress to more dynamic exercises like an incline to help build your muscles. Then after you get your strength back start with a treadmill and go slowly to running starting at one mile. Once you feel pain back off with a day of rest and then go back out the following day.

There's one theory behind stress fractures in that it starts with muscle fatigue. When your muscles are no longer supporting your legs then the bone takes over and it is absorbing everything. You're basically pounding the bone with no supporting soft tissue to help reinforce the bone. Many a marathoner has crossed the finish line collapsing and breaking their femurs after a grueling run. Unfortunately they aren't aware of what they are doing until the bone snaps. I remember a female marathoner that did just that after running the Boston Marathon.  (+ info)

How will doctor fix my thumb after my fracture being undiagnosed after 5 weeks after accident?

Just got x ray yesterday, doc rang my mom. Its a slight fracture. I have been playing basketball on it for 5 weeks and im only gettin it treated now.. Will i have to get surgery for a slight fracture? How will they fix it after 5 weeks?

  (+ info)

How long does it take for a hairline fracture in the ribs to heal?

One day I rode my bike (stunt riding), lost balance and a jumped off my bike and the fence next to the obstacle broke my fall and put a hairline fracture in my left rib.

I let it heal for about 8 days and then I lightly jogged, lifted 2.5kg weight plates so that my muscles would not suffer atrophy.

Rode again yesterday and it began hurting a lot again causing discomfort. I can't jump my bike and do rigorous movements without feeling discomfort again.

I've been drinking milk lately as well to get more calcium to my bones.

How long does it take for a hairline fracture in the ribs to heal?

Rib Fractures should heal within two months time.  (+ info)

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