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How long does it take a metacarpal fracture to heal?

I fractured my third metacarpal last sunday and my hand is in a soft cast. Is there any way of quickening up the healing process, is it best to keep the hand elevated and how long does a typical metacarpel fracture take to heal?

it takes up to 1 year to fully heal  (+ info)

How strong is the neck after a fracture and subsequent fusion?

I broke my neck between c3,4 and 7,8. The c7 and 8 fracture healed on it's own with the use of a rigid neck brace. The fracture at 3 and 4 required surgery and the use of cadavier bone.
Will my neck ever be able to safely handle the stress and impact of competing in Jiu Jitsu, again. I miss the sport, exercise and competition, but not enough to become a parapallegic.

I would be really careful about this. A naturally healed bone is stronger than before it was broken, but you had a fusion. The fusion changes the natural mechanics of the neck. I would seriously consult with the MD who performed the procedure. The fused levels might be OK but the level above and below tends to become more mobile, so these levels with the increased load of Jui-Jutsu may not handle the increased strain well. You sustained a very serious injury, I again would highly, highly recommend speaking with the MD, before returning to competition level Juio-Jitsu.

Not to be nit-picky either but if you damaged the spinal cord in the cervical region you would become a full or incomplete Quadriplegic- meaning - no arm, trunk or leg function.  (+ info)

What is the difference between shin splints and a stress fracture? And what are symptoms/ways to treat it?

My right shin has been hurting for about 2 months. I just got it checked out by my trainer and they said its possibly a stress fracture, but I'm not sure they really know and they haven't made a complete diagnosis. They also are just trying random things to make it feel better.

In order to identify what condition you've been affected by, both of these things must be determined.
Begin by standing or sitting still for a moment to identify exactly where the pain is coming from. If you know the pain occurs after a particular activity, engage, gently in that activity for a 5-10 minute period (or less if too painful).

If you are suffering from a shin splint, you are likely to feel aching, discomfort and perhaps some pain that extends up and down the full length of your lower leg (generally in the front). Although the best treatment for a shin splint is resting the affected limb, properly bracing or taping the leg can lessen the pain while going about day to day activities. These treatments can also be employed (though are not generally recommended) if an athlete wishes to continue training for a time.

When suffering from a stress fracture, generally, you will feel a sharp pain that is precisely in or around a bony area. It will not extend up and down the length of the leg, rather it will be localized, within a 1-2 inch width of bone. It is essential, in the case of a stress fracture to consult with a doctor or athletic professional for propor diagnosis and treatment.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have an untreated orbital fracture below the eye?

Several years ago when I was in high school I got hit with a thrown baseball below the eye. I went to the doctor the next morning but they never took xrays, and said it was a contusion. However, ever since there's an on and off slight tightness below the eye after I touch it.

I went back to a couple of doctors the past couple of years, but they refused to take xrays.

Do you think it could be an untreated fracture?

go to the doctor and shove a needle up his A** if he doesnt give u an x- ray  (+ info)

What causes your leg to turn black after a knee fracture?

My husbands leg turned black below his knee after a knee fracture. What caused that and how to doctor it.

is it a bruise?  (+ info)

What are the chances of surgery for a hip stress fracture?

I am a 14 year old guy and i have been told that i have a stress fracture in my right hip. This happens to almost everyone on my moms side of the family, but usually not until their 40's. I play football and lift weights regularly to train for it, and i was wondering if that sped it up? What are the chances that i will have surgery?

Because of your age I would think the Drs will want to 'wait and see' .often times these fractures do not progress at all and sometimes not for many years t(hink of a crack in a windshield- some spread and break down others don't) but it sounds like yours may advance quicker because of the fooball activity. By working with the Dr who can monitor any changes wit hxrays over time hopefully you won't need anything for a while..good luck  (+ info)

What is the fastest way to get rid of a stress fracture in your foot?

I am not sertain that it is a stress fracture but it hurts to walk and stand and such. The pain is in my right foot, on the right side of it and it is right below my ankle and on the under side of the right side of my foot. I would really appreciate knowing how I could fix it.


From your description it is impossible to tell what is the condition of your foot.
It can be anything from a stress fracture to a condition called "Plantar Fasciitis"

In order to provide you with the best possible assistance and diagnosis, please answer these short questions.

1) Do you have pain in the heel of your foot (below the ankle)?
2) Did you hurt your foot in anyway recently?
3) Is there any redness or swelling visible?
4) Does the pain go away after resting?
5) Does it also hurt when you are not standing/walking?
6) Is it sensitive to the touch?
7) What kind of shoes you usually wear?
8) Do you have high or low arches?

Here are some suggestions for things you can do right now.

* Ice your foot/arch at least 4 times a day - You can roll a frozen bottle on the floor with your foot.

* Buy off the shelf gel inserts that you can wear in your shoes.

* Stretch your legs and feet before activity or before getting out of bed in the morning.

* Avoid wearing "cheap" shoes like flip flops - they provide no support for your arches.

* Don't use your foot for a few days, let it completely rest and see if there is some improvement.

Again, if you can answer my questions above I will be able to help you further.

You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my profile.

Good luck and feel better!  (+ info)

What do they do for fracture in lower lumbar spine?

What do they do for an older person that falls and has a compression fracture in their lower spine?
How do they diagnose this? If it is Xray can MRI pick up more breaks that Xray missed? How long would they usually give a person OFF work to heal? Would they use a back BRACE or therapy or something? What would the pain exactly feel like?
If you can answer all these questions- u get 10 pts!

They usually use an X-ray, but sometimes MRI's are used for more difficult cases.
Depending on how severe the injury is, Im going to say from 6 months to a year.
Yes you will wear a brace and possibly physical rehab and a chiropractor.
The pain can range from a constant dull ache to very sharp pains, the pain is usually constant.

If you think you have broken your spine please go in!! You could cause further damage by putting this off!!  (+ info)

What would happen if I had a stress fracture on the side of my foot and I kept playing on it?

What would happen if I had a stress fracture on the side of my foot and I kept playing on it? I play soccer and after practice two days ago the outside of my feet were killing me... I went to the doctor and got x-rays and they said they couldn't determine it through those. They want to do a bone scan and I want to know if it was a stress fracture and I played on it what would happen? In short and long run.

I'm dealing with the same thing. I might have a stress fracture in my fifth metatarsal from soccer.
Playing on it more can progress it to a full fracture which means a longer recovery time. When doctors take an x rAy for a stress fracture they won't actually be able to see the fracture until they can see the callus on the bone which means the fracture is trying to heal.  (+ info)

How is a fracture different from a rupture?

I ruptured my right ankle's ligament while coming downstairs. The Doc says its not a fracture, but a rupture. But still he plastered my ankle with POP.

So what is the difference between a fracture and a rupture?

The term 'rupture' is associated with soft tissue, while a fracture (or break) typically refers to harder tissue such as bone. You can rupture a blood vessel or a ligament, but you can't rupture a bone. Similarly you can fracture a bone but you can't fracture a ligament.

The ligament is what connects the bones in your ankle to one another, holding them in place. A fracture of the bone or rupture of the ligament will both feel quite similar and both will likely to be rendered immobile as they heal, hence the cast.  (+ info)

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