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What are the cause and effects of hemorrhagic diseases?

It would be best if you could also include the nature of these diseases and prevention methods. Examples of hemorrhagic diseases would be appreciated :)

put everything about hemorrhagic diseases if you can :) THANK YOU!

A hemarrhagic disease is any disease that causes bleeding.

There are thousands of hemorrhagic diseases - way too much for Answers.

Best you narrow things down a bit.  (+ info)

How many people die of diseases each year?

In the world.

I know the word "disease is pretty vague but I mean all types of infectious diseases.

Please give me a source so I know you didn't just make a large number up. Thanks!

i think i heard that 12 million die a year  (+ info)

What color bra would a girl want that is functional?

I am going to get my gf a vic sec bra for xmas. Another girl suggested some new one they have that adds size. But, I don't know what color to get. There all "sexy," so what color would be most functional? Nude? Black? Etc?

Nude...you can practically where it with anything. Black shows through...yeah colors are fun, but it is annoying to make sure bras don't show through.
props with getting her a bra. I like guys who are confident enough to do that :)  (+ info)

What makes certain diseases more likely to be frequent and widespread epidemics?

like cholera, the flu, dengue fever, and the plague. there's a list of epidemics on wikipedia and i'd like to know what those diseases have to make them so popular (in relation to deaths/occurences/etc) throughout history.
Thank you.

Interesting, isn't it? These diseases are living right alongside humans. Humans and these diseases grew up together - evolved together - perhaps we're dependent upon one another in some mystical way. (Read "Guns, Germs and Steel" J. Diamond).

So on the day you don't enforce the health laws (as we often don't in these recent times of republican "deregulation"), these diseases wait in the wings to step up and start killing people - we just saw this with the salmonella in the peanut butter.

Li'l Bush killed the food inspectors - the money had to go to his rich friends instead for more bottles of champagne. And now people are dead from this - and we're damned fortunate it wasn't worse.  (+ info)

What are some diseases that can develop at a young age due to an unhealthy diet?

I'm writing an essay and I'm looking for some diseases that can develop at a young age if you don't eat healthy. Thanks!

diabetes  (+ info)

Can you gain muscle relatively fast from functional training ?

I am starting to train for hockey, so functional training or strenght training, I just want to know if I should train more like a bodybuilder to get some muscle, or will I gain more from functional training ? Thanks

  (+ info)

What types of diseases could some one get from working with dirty sewer water?

My husband just moved departments with the City and now he's in maintence in water but sometimes he may have to deal with dirty (pee and poop) water! Couldn't he get diseases from this? How to prevent them?

Hope he is wearing proper kit while on his job; like gloves, long boots etc. He must have a proper shower with soap after his work.
The water borne diseases include Dysentry, Diarrhoea, Hepatitis-A, Typhoid, skin diseases, infections in the eyes & ears etc..  (+ info)

What sort of diseases might cause slight limps but no deformity of the leg?

I need to know of a few diseases that a child might catch that would render her with a slight limp for the rest of her life, but no physical deformity.


The most frequent cause of limping in an otherwise normal youngster is the childhood disorder "transient synovitis of the hip." It is presumed that a virus produces inflammation in the lining of the hip joint since most affected children had a mild cold before they suddenly started limping. This self-limited condition usually occurs in boys between 2 to 12 years of age (average 6 years).

Legg-Calve-Perthes disease is a rare condition that always has to be considered when a child limps. It develops when, for unknown reasons, something happens to interrupt the blood supply to the top of the thigh (femoral) bone. This results in destruction of bone’s top causing pain when the child walks. Boys ages four to ten are five times more likely to be affected than girls. X-rays of he hip may be normal at first but repeated studies and bone scans make the diagnosis apparent.

Another cause of limp in children is "slipped capital femoral epiphysis." For unknown reasons the top of the thigh (femoral) bone slides into an abnormal position causing an abnormal fit of the hip joint. It is most frequently seen in overweight male teenagers (10-15 years of age). There is often a history of slight injury and pain may be first felt at the knee, even though the condition afflicts the hip.

The link to information provided is below. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

What is the maximum number number of diseases a person can carry at one time?

I tend to read a lot about people having 3-5 different diseases and dying, but what is the record for the person carrying the most diseases at one given time?
I didn't see a Guiness World Record for it either. Might be an interesting addition, though.

I've never heard of having 3-5 diseases at the same time. I have read, though, that people can carry a certain "virus" and never get sick with it, such as bacterial meningitis, herpes (oral) virus, and a few other's, but I can't remember them offhand.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a penis via surgery, yet still keep a fully functional vagina?

My girlfriend is wanting to get a penis, but the only thing holding her back is that we both want kids, and she wants to keep her vagina functional and the ability to give birth, I have looked up gender reassignment surgery before but haven't seen anything about this. Is it possible to have both? even if the penis isnt fully functional, we atleast want her vagina to be.

Interesting question you might want to ask a plastic surgeon about it. I would think it is possible by trying to extend the clitoris into a small penis and still leaving the vaginal cavity intact.

The penis probably wouldn't enlarge much and would probably be pretty much useless unless she took testosterone supplements,but then she would start growing a beard, excess body hair and things like that.  (+ info)

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