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How can I pass a color vision test?

I need to pass a color vision test, but I am red green color blind. Not that bad but just enough that I cannot pass the test. I need to do this inorder to get a job position that I have been doing but now they finally want to train me on it. Any thoughts are a help!

The whole point of a color vision test is to make sure you are NOT color blind! These tests are only given if it is crucial to your job that you are able to differentiate colors! If you are not able to, you should not be doing that job. Being able to notice very slight differences in color can dramatically influence your ability to perform certain jobs to company standards. Don't try to 'slide through'- standards are in place for good reason. Try to find another position that you can excel at! Good luck!  (+ info)

Why are my color contact giving me blurry vision?

I just got color contacts 2 days ago and I see this hazy fog whenever I have them in. The doc says this is normal and it will go away, but what causes this? Right now I only have a trial pair, will my actual contacts give me blurry vision too? I really like them and would like to continue wearing them, but how long do I have to see this fog?

Your eyes could be getting too dry with them. If you think that may be the case, try some eye drops that are safe for use while wearing contacts (make sure the box or label says that). The drops will help add some extra moisture to your eyes. Some drops also help clear the lenses of debris and protein buildup, which can also cause blurry vision.

Since you've only worn them for 2 days now, it could also be that your eyes just aren't fully adjusted to wearing contacts yet. It can take some people up to 2 weeks to get used to wearing them, colored or clear. You should be able to see fine with them after you get used to them. If things haven't improved after 2 weeks, go back and see your eye doctor, to see if he/she has any other recommendations like trying a different brand of contacts, etc.

The trial pair you were given are the exact same as the ones you will receive when you purchase a box. The only difference is that some of the trials are marked "demo" or "test" on the lens; the ones you buy will not say that.  (+ info)

Non prescription color contacts make my vision blurry?

I js started wearing non prescription color contacts
&& when i wear them its not nearly as clear as when im not wearing
them. Like when im wearing them theres always a blurry spot in my vision
its never totally clear. Is this normal?

Could be due to poor-fitting contact lenses, dirty lenses or some sort of corneal infection. Never wear lenses that have not been professionally fit by a licensed optometrist/ophthalmologist (even if they are non-prescription lenses, they still need to fit your eyes properly for optimal vision). Make sure you use a cleaning/disinfection regimen that is suited to the type of lenses you have. For soft lenses, clear care or optifree are too good choices. If the lenses have been worn past their recommended time-frame, dispose of them and use new lenses or you risk damage to the health of your eyes.  (+ info)

Can long hours on the computer effect ones color vision? How does it effect ones vision?

I'm probably taking an FAA color vision test called Soda. Currently I spend quite a bit of time online, and I'm wondering if my eye vision (or color perception) could change due to this....?

I know that when i put in long hours in front of the computer, everything else seems dimmer. I credit this to staring at a mostly white, *active display screen for hours and hours.

Since the eye has both rod (light) and cone (color) cells, it would stand to reason that if you overstimulate one, it will affect the other. By looking at a computer screen, you are in effect staring into a light source. Think about when you look at a bare 100W light bulb. When you close your eyes, you can see "aftershocks" of the light source as your eyes recover.

*Active means it emits enough light to read by in a dark room.  (+ info)

How much do color changing contacts cost that do not enhance your vision?

I have no trouble seeing but i want to get the contact that change your color and i was wondering how much they cost and what kind to get?


Keep in mind that even if you don't need correction, you still need to see an optometrist for a contact lens fitting. No reputable places will sell you contacts without a written prescription from a doctor.  (+ info)

I want colored contacts with prescription,(my vision:17/20)Where can i get them and what color should i get?

I have 17/20 vision and i REALLY want color contacts. My eyes are a dark brown but up close, sometimes it looks a like an amber red color mixed with brown.What color should i get and where can i get some?

  (+ info)

Is there any way to correct color vision without surgery?

I am tired of not being qualified for the job I want because I can not pass either of the tests for color deficiencies. I can see most colors, my problem is that I can not always tell certain shades of greens, browns, or reds. I can easily tell you if your bananas are green and need to transition to yellow before you can eat them. Any suggestions?

no theres not. Its a defect, you need surgery to fix it. It would be like me having a tumor, how do i get rid of it without surgery, i cant bc its a defect, it needs surgery. I know u dont want surgery on ur eye(s) but, ask if they can put ana-stashia and ALOT of numbing. Im sorry but theres no other way. Unless you want to wait till they come out in like 50 years from know  (+ info)

When do babies get their color vision?

When do babies normally get their color vision. They are born with black and white vision and I want to know when they can begin seeing the colors in toys.

Although an infant's color vision is not as sensitive as an adult's, it is generally believed that babies have good color vision by five months of age.  (+ info)

Does the color of your eye affects your eye vision or sight?

In my science fair I need to prove if your eye color affects your sight, i really don't know much about eyes so I need help. Please Help!

no it doesn't because it's the black pupal that sees, not the colour of the eye.  (+ info)

Is there a such thing as contacts that change your eye color but doenst improve your vision?

I want 2 know is there a such thing as contacts that change your eye color but tht doesnt improve your vision?!! if any1 knows can u tell me and where can i find some and for how much!!!

Yes, you can purchase them from your optometrist. They have no Rx (plano). They could be a different color (only darker) than your eyes, or a special Halloween design. If you have dark brown eyes, you could not wear a blue pair to make your eyes look blue. Your eye color will show through whatever color you choose. Since blue is lighter than brown, it would not work to make your eyes look blue.
You would need to have a contact lens fitting, so that you get the correct base curve and diameter for your eye. Contact your eye care professional for the cost in your area.  (+ info)

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