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Does any blockage in the bile duct causes pain and what are its effects?

does any blockage in the bile duct cause pain?if so where does this pain appear?And if a blockage in the bile duct is to be diagnosed,what are its consequences on the body?

Sometimes it causes pain and sometimes it doesn't ... if your passage there is blocked due to cancer(usually with pancreatic cancer) then you will most likely feel pain. I think the most damaging effect of a blocked bile duct is the inability of the patient to break down food in the stomach and absorb nutrients for the body. Another possible effect of blocked bile duct is that the patient would be more inclined than normal to throw up food (even liquids).  (+ info)

What are some common genetic diseases?

I am working on a research paper on Genetic Diseases in Humans and am trying to compile a list of common genetic diseases. I am not looking for specifics, but the names of common genetic diseases would be helpful...I can take it from there.

down syndrome
cystic fibrosis
sickle-cell disease
hope this helps :)  (+ info)

What is the most common contagious infections, diseases, etc. in dogs and cats that humans can catch?

I am doing a science project on dogs and cats and I was just wondering what the most common contagious infection, diseases, etc. that humans can catch from being around dogs and cats?

I am unsure of how common it really is, but humans are able to get diseases from cats. One that is known well is called cat-scratch fever which is caused by a bacteria named Bartonella henselae. These bacteria live in the intestines of cats and can be transmitted to humans via a bite or scratch. It is found in about 40% of the cat population so I would consider it pretty common. Basically it targets lymph tissue in the human and results in swelling around the bit or swollen glands, fatigue, fever, and body aches. It's fairly easy to treat with antibiotics such as doxycycline or erythromycin. I hope this helps!  (+ info)

What is an artifact in the bile duct?

My father is having pancreatitis because of the presence of gallstones. The doctors delayed the surgery because they found an artifact in the bile duct, but provided no more information. Is an artifact dangerous?

Artifact is a word used when they see something on an xray but are not sure exactly what it is, or if it may be something outside the patient. I suspect they may have done a test that put dye into the bile duct and saw a space where the dye did not run, a "defect", caused by something that may or may not be a gallstone, the "artifact." The doctor may be hoping, if this is a stone in the bile duct, that it will pass by itself without needing extra surgery besides taking out the gallbladder. Then when they get the gallbladder out, there will be no more stones to go into the bile ducts, and hopefully the pancreatitis can be cleared up.  (+ info)

what is the name of the check up if the bile duct blocks the passage of bile from the liver into the intestine?

if the jaundice results from obstruction in or about the liver; usually a stone or stricture of the bile duct blocks the passage of bile from the liver into the intestines. what is the medicine for this ?
write the name of the medicine and suggest me how to take it.

it is an investigative as well as therapeutic procedure  (+ info)

Is wrapping asbestos in duct tape a common method of abatement and is it effective?

We recently found asbestos in the exposed piping in our basement. It is wrapped in some sort of cloth, but the cloth is torn in several places, leaving the asbestos exposed. The property management company with which we deal as renters sent its maintenence crew out and they simply wrapped the asbestos in duct tape. Does anyone know if this is a common practice and if it is safe and effective? Thanks!

Short answer: encapsulation is a valid and common practice. But it doesn't sound like it was done well in this case.

It is legal to have asbestos in buildings, but in some cases (where is it is "friable" - making airborne fibers), it should be removed (carefully by trained people) or encapsulated.

One way to encapsulate it would be to wrap it in 6-mil or 10-mil polyethylene sheeting (heavier than what painters use) and secured with a good tape. 10-mil pipe wrap (2" wide, black with white writing on it) or the 6-mil stuff for vapor barriers (2" wide and red) are both good. Alumimum tape for use on actual ducts is fine too but not needed (it is more expensive).

"Duct tape" is not to be used on ducts (says so right on it) and it is not a good long-term solution. The adhesive only lasts a few years (a few months outside) and it doesn't stand up to UV exposure.

In the short-term, the duct tape would stop more fibers from being released. However, the fibers already released and the ones disturbed during their work (unless they sealed off the area and operated negative-pressure blowers), will remain in the area for months, based on controlled studies.  (+ info)

What are the most common types of eyes diseases a dog can suffer?

My dog's eyes occasionally water and the tears are sometimes pinkish. So I am keen to know the most common types of eyes problems for a dog.

It.s the Three Cheats at it again.
Stop spoiling it for those that are genuine subscribers,  (+ info)

What are some of the common diseases for the respiratory system?

Ok another project.My teacher wants me to find out about diseases that can infect the respiratory system.Please help.I'm looking forward to some good answers.I already have bronchitis and I need about 7 more because I need at least 8.Does anyone know how to help me?I really need to get an A+ !

This isn't too hard... let's see:

1. Asthma
2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) eg. emphysema
3. Bronchiectasis
4. Pneumonia
5. Interstitial lung disease
6. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
7. Pneumothorax
8. Cystic fibrosis
9. Mesothelioma
10. Tuberculosis

If you're looking for just infections, it's harder:

1. Bronchopneumonia
2. Lobar pneumonia
3. Bronchitis (which you already have)
4. Empyema

Listing by pathogens is easier: Streptococci, Adenovirus, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Legionella, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, RSV, Tuberculosis.  (+ info)

How common are diseases spread by kissing?

Okay so my boyfriend and I kind of kiss...a lot. But I started to get a little curious as to what kinds of diseases could be spread by kissing, because I wouldn't want to get one of those... Are there any serious kissing diseases? And are they commonly transmitted by kissing? I love kissing my boyfriend, and I don't want that to be ruined by worrying about catching a disease.

mono flu cold  (+ info)

What are the three most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

I am writing an article for my journalism class, and I would like to know what the three most common STD's are, and the two most unknown STD's. Please also list source's where you found/know the information from.

The three most common I would say is HSV, HPV, and chlamydia.

two most unknown gonnerea, syphylis?  (+ info)

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