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What problems can you have, when you do not have a gallbladder or bile duct?

I have had both of them removed and also a part of my pancreas.
I have been getting sick lately, like my food is not digesting.. My mouth goes dry, too and I want to pass out--until I throw up and/or go until I have diarrhea. Can anyone help? Thanks

I can help!!! I too had my gallbladder removed and all my food went right through me. The reason this happens is that your liver produces bile (a green liquid substance that helps your body to digest fats). Once the liver produces the bile, it stores it in the gallbladder. When you eat a meal with fat in it, the gallbladder squirts out as much bile as your body needs to digest the fat from that meal.

Your liver still produces bile regardless that you have had your gallbladder removed, however now it has no where to store the bile that it is producing. So what happens is, once the liver produces the bile it goes straight to your lower intestine and sits there in a pool. Once you eat a meal, it hits the pool of bile (which is more bile than is necessary to digest that meal) and you have diarhea.

Being the research queen that I am, and doctors being as useless as they are (because no doctor was willing to acknowlege this problem or offer me advice, even though EVERYBODY I have ever talked to that has had their gallbladder out has had this problem), I have found the antidote.

You must take Calcium suppliments every day. I find that the calcium carbonate works better than calcium citrate (although I have heard the exact opposite, you have to find what works for you). Calcium once digested becomes like a powdery chalk which absorbs the excess bile sitting in your lower intestine. If you do this, you will never go through this again. I take two 600 mg tablets every morning and this works for me. You have to play with the dosage for yourself to see what works. If you take too much calcium you will become constipated, so once you find your dosage stick with it.

I was very happy to come upon this question and that I was able to help you. I promise you that this works. Good luck!

P.S. They sell a very large bottle of calcium carbonate at Walmart and it lasts me a long time :)  (+ info)

I had to have an ERCP done for a gallstone that got stuck in my bile duct when I was 6 weeks pregnant?

What will the doctor do throughout the rest of my pregnancy to montior the gallstones and the baby? I'd love to hear about other peopel's expierecnes.

I developed gallstones when I was pregnant too. I had symptoms after my second pregnancy but was only officially diagnosed when I was about 16 weeks with number 3. Pregnancy is a risk factor for getting them. Mine were not in the bile duct so fortunately I didn't need an ERCP. I found the symptoms got less as the baby grew (perhaps because the baby pushes the gallbladder up into a different position). I didn't have any monitoring during the pregnancy and was advised to wait until at least three months after the birth before having my gallbladder removed by laparoscopy (in the end it was 8 months). The operation was straightforward, if a bit sore afterwards (tough when you're going home to three young children). Since the op, I have had no symptoms and no complications. Hopefully your ERCP cleared the stone? and all will be plain sailing. Best of luck.  (+ info)

What are common infections causing heart diseases or inflamation?

What are symptons of these infections? any prevention?
Few people I knew in 20s-40s had agina attack real bad, but negative blocked CAD or GERD; etc. and still unknown cause except for suspected infections.

untreated strep or staph infections can cause endocarditis and myocarditis/cardioneuropathy. There are others.  (+ info)

How long does it take to cure bile duct cancer through ayurveda?

You'd be dead from bile duct cancer and wouldn't have to worry about continuing that "treatment."  (+ info)

What are the most common diseases in older folk that cause blindness?

Perhaps give me at least one disease that is often lethal, and one that isn't

Bacteria and fungus  (+ info)

What kinds of diseases or parasites could a common pet mouse carry that could be passed on by blood or fluids?

I got bitten a few times today by my mouse that I've had for a few months and it bled a bit. I just cleaned it and put some Betadine. Just wondering is i should get checked.

you should definatley get it checked. you could be in risk of encephalitis, hepatitis, or scurvy. If you value your health, scurry on over to a doctor. Now, sonny!  (+ info)

What are the most common hemotological disorders and diseases?

Especially those causing low blood count, temors, and vomiting of blood. Any disorders are helpful.

Leukemia- cancers in the blood forming tissues.

Hemophilia- genetic illness that causes dysfunction in one of the blood's clotting mechanisms.

Hemorrage- Internal bleeding (can be caused by several things)

HIV- The virus, which causes AIDS, one of its ways of transport is via blood cells.

Hepatitis B and C- Different viruses which bring disease of the liver causing liver inflamation which can later turn into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Malaria- Transmitted by mosquito bites, the parasite causes fever, anemia, chills, flu-like illness, and in severe cases, coma and death.

Trypanosomiasis- "sleeping sickness" Inflamation of the lymph nodes, and if symptoms spread they include anemia, endocrine, cardiac, and kidney diseases and disorders. The symptoms of the second phase give confusion and reduced coordination, the sleep cycle is disturbed with bouts of fatigue punctuated with manic periods progressing to daytime slumber and nighttime insomnia.

Sickle cell- Disease refers to a chronic hemolytic anemia associated with sickle cell hemoglobin, either homozygous or in combination with thalassemia or with another abnormal hemoglobin (such as C or F).

Exsanguination- Total loss of blood by lack of coagulating factors, such as hemophilia.

etc...  (+ info)

How can a stent in the bile duct become blocked with blood?

Is this quite bad when it happens???

Sometimes the stent can get blocked. Then, you may have it replaced, is it for gallbladder cancer or bowel cancer where the small bowel is blocked by a tumour? There is a lot in the cancer uk website that explains your question but you would be better getting professional advice as it depends on the exact problem and what stage it is at.  (+ info)

Where can I find articles on the common diseases prevalent today and prevention tips?

If I find such a site, is it OK to put the link on my site?
Are there any writers who write such stuff?

If you ever use material from another site, you must cite it, or else it amounts to copyright infringement. Why don't you hire a content writer? There are many content writers who write original articles. You can call writers I know at http://www.freelancewritingdesk.com and tell them where you live and where these articles will be published. They have written a number of articles for my website on diabetes, obesity, etc. They should be able to get these done for you.  (+ info)

What are common diseases that can be picked up in Spain?

And what vaccines can you get for them?
I'm writing a story and this would help a ton.
Please and thanks!

Spain is a developed country in Europe and member of the European Union, not a banana republic in the Third World!!!  (+ info)

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