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common cold?

what are some remedies for a common cold? I don't feel like visiting a doctor & being told i simply have a common cold. that would be a waste of a visit
here are my symptoms:
watery eyes
sour, dry throat
dry lips
my ears hurt
runny noses

NyQuil is my favorite for when I'm trying to get some rest. Drink tea for the throat, and use honey, I don't like lemon b/c it works against my dry throat b/c its so sour. Definitely chicken soup, and no the condensed kind, the $3 a can kind! Oh, and try to keep your nose lubricated, I usually use my Chapstic, b/c it really hurts after wiping it a thousand times. I hope you feel better!  (+ info)

Common Cold?

What cold remedy does the doctor recommend for treating a cold?

What affect does taking Vitamin C have on a cold?

Why hasn't a vaccine been developed to prevent the common cold?

What cold remedy does the doctor recommend for treating a cold?

The common cold is a viral infection that affects the upper airways including the nose, voice box, throat, windpipes and the lungs. There are more than two hundred viruses that can cause colds and are commonly known as rhinoviruses or the nose viruses. These viruses cause inflammation or swelling of the mucous membrane lining the airways.

Colds are very contagious. The viruses are airborne and are transmitted when one sneezes or touches infected objects. Anyone can get a cold. Children are more likely to get a cold than adults because they are not immune to certain viruses that cause the cold.

The main causesof cold are

The cold virus is spread via air particles that are expelled while coughing or sneezing. It also spreads when someone with a cold rubs his eyes or nose and then touches an object such as a doorknob, towel, bed linen and other such commonly used articles.

Symptoms generally show up about two days after a person becomes infected. Early signs of a cold are a sore, scratchy throat, sneezing, and a runny nose. Other symptoms that may occur later are:


Stuffy or runny nose

Watering eyes



Cough and congestion

Sore throat

Fever and muscle ache.

The symptoms generally last for 2 to 7 days and in some cases may last for weeks.

There is no specific test to diagnose common cold. The diagnosis is based on the symptoms reported and the physical examination made by the doctor.

Managing the symptoms is the best that can be done for the cold, as there is no specific treatment. A runny nose can be treated with antihistamines, such as diphenyhydramine or clemastine, and decongestants, such as pseudophedrine. Fever can be treated with drugs such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. The use of aspirin should be avoided in case of children. Antibiotics will not cure colds, as they are caused by viruses and not bacteria. A person with a cold should drink plenty of fluids and take rest.  (+ info)

Common cold?

I know you cant cure the common cold but can you reccomend anything cause I have been looking forward to this day and i dont want it to be ruined anything i can take pls help its my birthday celebration!
I hate to be a pain but I'm leaving here between 9-10 am anything quicker, thanks for the advice you all are great :)

Nothing can accelerate the course of a cold. A bucket of vitamins, 3 hives of honey, a grove of lemons and a health food shop full of Echinacea will never help.

Take paracetamol for fever, a decongestant for catarrh and then gargle with alcohol and swallow it.  (+ info)

How long does the common cold usually last for?

I've had the common cold since tuesday, and i've been treating it pretty good. I've been getting a lot of rest, drinking A LOT of organic ginger & honey tea, and juice boxes (that have 100% vitamin c.) Im also blowing my nose often, and I've been taking Tylenol for cold. My sinus has also cleared quite a bit too. How much longer to do you think it will be till my cold is gone? Do you think it'll be gone by tommorow? Do you have any tips to treat it?

The average length of the common cold is 9 days. Of course that all depends on the individual could be longer or shorter. You've been treating it well but if you have any questions or want some more help on treatment you can visit: http://www.familyresource.com/health/cold-and-flu-remedies/conquering-the-common-cold or contact your doctor.  (+ info)

How common is it to be allergic to the cold?

I have cold urticaria, also known as "cold hives". When ever I'm exposed to the cold, wether it be cold weather, snow, or ice, I break out in hives all over my body. How common is this? I know its rare, but statistically, how common? Thanks.

I am sorry I cannot give you any statistical data. I have been a RN (hospital based) since 1975 and I have not come across a single case which was clearly diagnosed as your condition. I know I have not answered your question. For rare conditions, statistical information is hard to compile and research.  (+ info)

What is the difference between the common cold and the flu?

I am a 28 year old female and I don' t think I ever had the flu. A friend says I might have had it and thought it was a cold. How does the common cold differ from the flu? What are the symptoms of the flu?

david covered most of the different symptoms ,fevers, Sickness , are some of the differences, another is every Bone in you body aches, ive just spoken to my doctor on phone as i have a really bad strain of flu right now and have developed a serious lung infection and am having difficulty breathing, fevers, been seeing visual distortions and everything, also was coughing and chucking up for about 48 hours.

Another bad sign is that i wasnt able to pee for the first 3 days, it didnt matter how much water i drank and kept down, i was that dehydrated.

You know when you have the proper flu, on tuesday, i wasn't able to walk without snacking my head into wall or tripping over stuff, i was almost incapacitated and drifting in and out of consciousness.

Doctors talk about a £10 dollar/pound note test, they say if u drop a note in front of someone with flu they wont be able to pick it up, but as i'm a Scotsman, i would need to have 2 broken arms to stop me picking up the note.

They tell u theres no treatment, but i was having fevers and coughing till threw up even this morning, doctor was about as usefull as a used peice of toilet tissue, so i made up my own meds, have stopped couching, managed to drink 4 litres of water and even eat and i havent thrown up since i took the mix.  (+ info)

How to treat a regular morning common cold?

See, when I wake up in the morning I always have common cold and when it is daytime the common cold goes away. Isn't this a strange problem?? And again see when it is dusk it again comes back | Oh my god this always makes me tired in the morning and I cannot even do my work properly.
How to treat this regular morning common cold?

Hi- are you sure it's a cold? I suffered from sniffles at night and realised it was hay fever - possibly try taking an antihistamine and see if it helps.  (+ info)

What are some of the common remedies for cold, flu and respiratory problems you grew up with?

I currently have a presentation I am working on for my Pharmacy 1065 class covering “Over the Counter” medications (OTC). I am currently working on Cold, Flu, and Respiratory Products. One of the things my professor would like us to figure out is, “What are some of the common remedies you grew up with?” Maybe something your parents believed was the cure for the common cold, flu, or resolved allergies, and asthma. Some of the remedies I have heard about are “Drink a couple of hard shots of liquor to try and burn the cold or flu out of your system.” Another is the take a lot of Vitamin C, or Echinacea. Unfortunately the Echinacea has been proven not to work, and the vitamin C only helps a little bit according to some articles on Pharmacytime.com. One I heard about allergies is that if you eat a lot of foods that are grown locally to the area your currently living in will help you develop a tolerance to the pollens, and plant allergies of the area. Any thoughts would be help full.

I am from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,where there are many different cultures so i have many. but 'trinis' use alot of 'bush' medicine such as 'fever grass','chandiler'and a mixture of honey,lime and onion followed by a good beach bath  (+ info)

Can a common cold die out before it progresses with all its symptoms?

Can a common cold die out before it progresses with all its symptoms? Lets say you have a cold and you have a soar throat and a runny nose, and you sometimes sneeze. You take a lot of vegetables and healthy meals into your diet so that your cold won't last as long. But do colds still run ALL the way through there course before dieing off or can they die off before all their symptoms occur?

Yea colds can die off you just have to fight them with medicine or with a strong immunity from your body, its been done.  (+ info)

How to make the common cold pass?

Is there any tips/advice on how to make the common cold pass over?
I've got a sore throat, one sure sign that the cold is on it's way and more symptoms will appear.
My friends have had a cold so I know that I'm getting one.
I want the common cold to pass ASAP.
I've got an idea Norzo, how about YOU do it first and let me know how it feels since your dumb enough to suggest it.

There is nothing in the world that will make a cold pass any faster. It is a virus, and your own immune system had to deal with it. The over the counter medications can help control most of the symptoms, but really you do best if you rest, drink and eat well. If you insist on going on full steam and burn the candle at both ends, you will just overtax the system and make it take longer to fight off. If you have the sore throat, that's your clue to drink lots of fluids. The moister you keep the throat the less sore it is. If you happen to stumble on a cure, let the rest of the world know. The pharmaceutical companies will beat a path to your door, and you will be a shoo in for the Nobel Prize in several categories. Meantime, buy the tissues with lotion, lots of juice and lots of soup, rent some good movies,get out your ratty, comfy pajamas, and settle in for a few days.  (+ info)

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