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Which common household items would be the best thermal insulators to keep food cold?

I want to keep frozen meat cold without a cooler. Bubble wrap has been suggested to me, but I don't have any. What else could I use that would provide the best insulation?

I have tin foil, freezer bags, wax paper, plastic wrap, newspaper, and various other common items.


Hi. The thing to remember is, it isn't the material that you are wrapping around the meat that keeps it cold, it is the layers of air that you trap. The more layers of air the longer it will last.
Lots of layers of newspaper are best but you need a layer of something clean and waterproof between the newspaper and the meat.
Once you have wrapped the meat in newspaper put the wrapped parcel in a plastic carrier bag or bin-bag and tie the handles to make an airtight sack. This will keep your parcel clean and tidy and will stop condensation forming in the outer layers of paper.
The colder the meat is to start with the longer it will take to thaw so freeze it at your lowest setting. Including some frozen cool packs inside the newspaper will help considerably.  (+ info)

What are effective ways to treat the common cold?

Hi, I' sick with the common cold (sore throat, stuffy&runny nose) and I'm going to cuba soon, and being sick is the last thing I want! So does anyone have tips so I can feel bettter?

Sore throat - there is not much you can do, can take ibuprofen to releave pain associated with sore throat. Also you can dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle several times a day.

For stuffy nose you can use a decongestant like pseudoephedrine or phenyleprine (but don't take them if you have heart diseases, high blood pressure, thyroid problems or diabetes)

For runny nose you can take antihistamines such as Benadryl (diphenhydramine), claritin or Zyrtec (cetrizine). Benadril is the strongest one, but it can make you sleepy.

Also drinking hot liquids (tea, chicken soup) would help getting rid of your cold faster.  (+ info)

What are some common household tips to cure common cold?

I have common cold and my head is buzzing, I feel like Marlon Brando is dancing on my head.... I want some household tips/medicines etc, I can't go out.
Thanks author, I will get well soon
I am drinking Haldi Wala Doodh

well ma mom told me to tell you dat.......
i mean milk with turmeric.
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●๋•gєт ωєℓℓ ѕσση!!!!!!!●๋•  (+ info)

How can I get rid of my common cold in a week + prevent getting one?

I have a common cold and have had one for two weeks. I have been to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and said I had a nose infection. My cold isn't getting any better. I still have a cough, stuffy nose and I have had 8 blood noses in four days. I have a really bad immune system as I've already had seven colds this year. Vitamin C only gives me a cold. I wash my hands very frequently. I'm going to Italy in 7 days and would really like my cold to go before then so I can feel my best. How can I get rid of it?
Also, everybody around me has colds, including my mum so I really need to prevent getting a cold when I get rid of it. How can I prevent getting another one? Thank-you for all your help. Molly.

You should not be given antibiotics for common cold, change your doctor if this is how he treats a cold!
You can find some useful advice about cold treatment in Wikipedia:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_cold  (+ info)

What is the best remedy for curing the common cold without using any of the modern tablets?

I hate taking tablets and drinking the typical lemsips. I normally stick it through and let it fade on its own but I'm tired of waiting for it to clear for almost 5 weeks and wondered if anyone out there had a faster way of clearing the common cold at all.

yes..good or you not taking these OTC drugs

Schulze says his patient's tell him this is the cure for the common cold.


But you can make it yourself (but he uses 100% oprganic)..just take habero peppers (cautuin hot..may want to start with something not so hot first to see if it helps as these are the hottest peppers in the world..just astart with jalapenos or something first only going to habereros if it doesn't work, so mix these in a blendar

hot peppers hot garlic hot onions (not heated just spicy hopt)
fresh horseradish root (will need to chop it first if you don't have a vitamix like me as it will break the blender) and raw apple cider vinegar )or regular if you must)..blend and strain and take juice or eat it..maybe you could add some salsa for taste..

also juice fast using fresh squeezed/juiced produce, herb teas and potassium broth (see recipe here) http://curezone.com/schulze/herbal_5day_kidney_cleanse.asp

once I had a cough for months and I went on a juice fast and it was gone in three days..I also did a lung mucus cleanse with it

In this book http://www.healthyhealing.com/product.esiml?PID=539 is the lung - mucus cleanse  (+ info)

How do you fight a common cold?

What is the quickest way to fight a common cold by using natural remedies?

I use Zicam. You need to use it at the first sign of a cold. Don't use the nasal spray because it can impair your sense of smell. They are currently taking that off the market. But it also comes in tablets. It works so well. I have told many friends and family about it and they all tell me that it works.  (+ info)

How do I cure my common cold completely within 12 hours?

Tommorow I have to go to hostel so I want to stay fresh but for my ill-luck i have common cold. How do I cure it within 12 hours maximum.

Sorry, but you can't cure a cold. A cold is caused by a virus and it has to run it's course. You can alleviate the symptoms by several means.
Sleep plenty, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids, such as fruit juices and water. Take some vitamin c tablets. Rub some Vicks on your chest at night, it will help with unblocking your nose and throat. Drink plenty of hot thyme with honey and lemon juice in it. Thyme is a powerful decongestionant. You can do a steam treatment to help clear your head. Pour boiling water into a bowl and add several drops of an essential oil, such as thyme, or eucalyptus. Put a large towel over your head and bend down over the bowl and breathe in the steam for five minutes. do this three times per day. It works wonders. You could also take a couple of pieces of peeled, fresh garlic and put it in a saucepan of milk. Bring to the boil. Leave to infuse, then after five minutes take out the garlic and drink the milk. Don't worry, it's pleasant to drink, it has a sweet taste. The only problem is that the next day you will gas everyone around you, but your head will be clear. I have tried and tested this method and it worked. You can take paracetemol if you have a headache. Fresh chicken soup is supposed to be good if you have a cold as it makes you sweat out the toxins.  (+ info)

what causes a common cold and how many different kinds are there?

I got the cold and the flem that comes up my throat hurts really bad. it only hurts one part of my throat though. i have no clue how i got it because i'm healthy and haven't been around anybody that's sick. No matter what medications i take i still keep coughing. i want to know more about the common cold, how you get it, how many different varieties there are, and what the difference between them is.

A virus causes the common cold. This is a fact, but why some people develop symptoms and others do not is unknown. There are only theories. No one knows why the common cold duration is longer in some people than in others. Again, there are theories, but no one really knows.

Although a virus that causes the common cold cannot reproduce outside of the human body, it can live on the skin and other surfaces for as long as three hours. These viruses become airborne when an infected person sneezes and to a lesser extent when he or she coughs. The next person becomes infected when he or she inhales the airborne secretions or touches the face after touching an infected person or a surface that they touched. Common cold duration can be as short as two days or as long as two weeks.

Researchers have made some attempts to understand the differences in common cold duration among otherwise healthy people, but there is still no clear understanding of why this occurs. The average adult has two to four colds per year, but some people have less and others have more, according to information provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. School age children may have as many as 12 colds per year and their caregivers typically have more colds than their fair share. Asthma sufferers have more colds than the average person and in these people the virus often leads to hospitalization by aggravating their chronic condition. A recent study showed that those people who have asthma produce fewer anti-viral proteins than the average person, possibly indicating that immune system function is a factor.

Myths about what causes the common cold include getting overheated or chilled. Researchers have studied the affects of cold weather on common cold duration and frequency. Those people who live in colder climates do not appear to have more than the average number of colds per year, nor does common cold duration appear to be longer.

If weather plays a role, it is believed that spending more time inside, where you can be exposed to more people who are infected (such as a school), is more relevant than the outdoor temperature. Studies of a virus that causes the common cold have shown that the virus is more “active” in lower humidity. But whether the weather is hot and humid or cold and dry, studies indicate that if a person is exposed to a virus that causes the common cold, he/she will become infected 95% of the time and develop symptoms 75% of the time. Hope I answered your question.  (+ info)

What foods could i snack on when i have the common cold?

I like to snack on chips and chocolates all the time.But when i have the common cold i know oily foods like chips and chocolates just irritates the throat. So i would like to know what foods could i snack on when i have a cold.

Soups(NOT Cream type), Tea,Sprite,Vanilla Wafers,Saltines,Jell-O, and Ice Pops.  (+ info)

What is the best medicine to use for the common cold?

I have the common cold and have an extremely stuffy nose and sore throat. I tried tylenol but it didnt help.

Sudafed is behind the pharmacy counter and also comes in 12 and 24 hour. The 12 hour is strong enough and will help and keep you alert. You will need to show your driver's license to a pharmacist. For nighttime, Actifed knocks you out and you will feel better in the morning, but you might want to start with a half a pill because it makes you pretty drowsy. Feel better :)  (+ info)

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